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The Liberator Pulse is a great shape that allows you to have dual-stimulation with doggy-style riding. However, it may not work with all body types as well as it should.
Easy to clean, Dual stimulation, Fits a wide variety of toys, Rocks nicely
Not very versatile with positions, May not work with all body types
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To be honest, from looking at the product pictures, I scratch my head and wonder what in the world this is used for. We really wanted to know what this could really be used successfully for as I always stare at it and wonder what in the world you do with it. So, for those of you who are curious, here are the trials:

Doggy Style: Success! Doggy style seems to be what this shape was made for, and really, this is about the only thing that worked well for us. Even this did not work as well as we were hoping. (More about that later) This is where the majority of our testing was done as this seems like the only one that this shape works the best. We tried it with my body facing towards the front slanted area of the shape rather than the curved back of it. While LadyA seems to use it that way in her video here on EF, we had a sincerely difficult time with it as the shape would rock forward and take away the clitoral stimulation. Facing towards the clitoral ledge seems to work best, and it seems like this is the way this shape was meant to be used.

Girl on Top: Sorta-success! The only way to pull this one off is when, being like you would be in Doggy style, you take your hands off the floor and bend slightly forward while rocking gently up against the shape. If you rock too roughly or if you sit up too much, the clitoral holder of the Pulse doesn't press as well into your body.

Turning the Shape Around: Failure: When you try to angle your body with your butt up against the clitoral ledge and your front facing the curved portion, the shape doesn't stay put at all. This is not how the shape was meant to be as it doesn't stay stable and rocks way too much. This doesn't work for us.

Laying Down/On Your Side: There's really no way to use this shape while on your side or laying down. While on your side, you can use it sorta, but it's too bulky to use, and with the energy you put into that, you might as well just use two toys at the same time. There's really no way to use it, period, when laying on your back. You can sorta use it when laying on your stomach, but it's uncomfortable as the clitoral ledge juts into your body and there is very limited range of movement as you can't move much or it moves the shape too much to be useful.

In other notes, this shape is pretty darn wide. I think this may be half of the problem with why doggy style didn't work as well as it could. This shape is surprisingly wide. It doesn't seem like it would be, but it is. It's about three inches wider than the boyfriend's hips are. It's also a lot, lot taller than the boyfriend when he's laying down. These two things mix together to make it slightly awkward and a bit difficult to ride this shape. After all, it's really tall off the ground while also being pretty wide as well. Luckily, the Liberator foam is more flexible than a human being's hips, so the foam does crush a bit under the weight of your thighs. It crushes pretty nicely, but you can still feel the foam pressing up against your body.

It holds both a clitoral toy and a dildo. It actually holds two clitoral toys to be specific. There are two clitoral pouches - one on each side of the dildo holding spot. (Shown holding the LELO Liv in the product pictures) There's a clitoral pouch up against the clitoral ledge, and there's a clitoral pouch on the opposide side towards the back of the shape as well. This gives you flexibility on how to ride it and where to put your toys.

When it comes to the dildo pouch, it will fit ANYthing. This is because, while it has a neat little pouch that will hold down flared bases, it also offers a hold that goes into the center of the Pulse that will hold down baseless dildos and vibrators such as the LELO toys. So for the insertable portion, you can pretty much use any toy under the sun including flared-base dildos, double-ended dildos, any vibrator with a length over 5 inches and is long in shape, and a lot more. You could probably even fit a rabbit vibrator in here if you wanted, but it might not be comfortable. You can not, however, if it's a vibrator, change the vibration settings while it's being held by the Pulse.
For the clitoral pouch, you have a bit less in options. The pouches themselves are about three inches deep, four inches wide, and will stretch about an inch away from the shape. This allow you to use most smaller clitoral toys. The Form series, the LELO Nea and Lily, and other small bullet vibrators come straight to mind as toys that would work. Basically, you can't fit long, traditional vibrators or anything that's larger into the clitoral pouches.

When it comes to Doggy Style, I'm sad to say that, while it was the most successful, it also wasn't 100% successful. The dildo works well, and the width of the shape, while a bit too wide, does spread your legs nicely to ride the dildo. However, no matter how much I pushed forward, the clitoral ledge never actually hit the area it was supposed to, so the vibrations never actually touched my body. It might have to do with my thighs being thicker than the average girl's, but when I'm riding this, I can easily reach my hand down between the clitoral ledge and my body with space to spare, so I can't get the double-stimulation effect that this Pulse is for.

This shape can not be used for anal with our experience. A dildo will go really nicely into the dildo holder, but it's just too far forward in order to really experience it anally. Maybe if you found a toy that would curve towards the butt a bit more, but with our experience (and trying it multiple times with the boyfriend), you just can't comfortably do this with anal. Maybe you might have the magic body/toy combination, but we had no luck with it.

Cleaning the Pulse is extremely easy. Like all other Liberator shapes, this one comes with an inner, water-resistant layer and an outer, microfiber layer. When you get done using the Pulse, you just unzip the outer layer (which is very easy to do!) and toss this one in the washer and dryer. It comes out even softer than when it went in. We do this with all of our shapes, and despite having had some for over a year now, their microfiber layers look brand new when they come out of the washer. For storage, this little shape is a bit tall, so I don't think it will fit under most average beds. However, this should store pretty nicely inside a closet, and with the odd shape, I doubt anyone would know it was a sex toy anyway.

I wish I could love the Liberator Pulse more; I really do. However, it just doesn't offer the versatility that I'm used to in other Liberator furniture, and it just didn't work for my body shape. It's still a good, high-quality product, but much like a rabbit vibrator, I feel like the shape may not work perfectly for all body shapes. If the sides of the clitoral ledge of the foam had been chopped off a bit more, I feel like it would have worked better to allow the clitoral portion to hit up against me more comfortably, but as it stands, I don't think this one is the dream shape for me.
Follow-up commentary
Dislike, dislike! Despite multiple other attempts to make this work for us somehow, neither the boyfriend nor I could find any way that the Pulse made toy-play any easier or more enjoyable. We did end up giving it away to someone else. However, as other reviewers have had luck with it, it's possible that our issues are personal ones and that the Pulse really does vary widely in enjoyment from person to person.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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