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The Life Raft is a large position pillow made of dense foam, and it acts as a platform that provides lift and support for any number of sexual positions. No longer should you worry about awkward angles, disproportionate body sizes, or strained muscles. The Life Raft is the life saver that your sex life has been desperately waiting for.
Firm support, quality construction, includes storage bag.
May be too firm for some, huge size.
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Position pillows are designed to provide support during various sexual activities that regular pillows simply can't do as well, and the Life Raft is no exception. This large (24"x48"x9") pillow is made of a dense foam that should easily support the weight of any couple. As such, it can be used in a multitude of positions to improve angle of penetration, relieve muscle strain from awkward or hard to maintain positions, and it can even help to bridge problems associated with size differences between partners.

Use it as a pillow to lift you up, as a support to lean against, or in combination with other position pillows. In fact, because of its large size, you can even use it alone on the floor as a platform. This pillow is wonderful on its own or as part of a collection of other pillows to increase your options. You are truly only limited by your imagination.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Life Raft is constructed with a high-density foam that is firmer than standard supportive pillows or memory foam. And while it has enough give to make it comfortable to lie on, it does not absorb impact as would, say, a mattress or regular pillow, so activities such as diving on it would not be recommended. As an example of the firmness and the amount of support it provides, a 150 lb body lying flat on the pillow barely causes any indentation of the foam. That same body standing upright causes the foam to compress approximately an inch or two at most. The benefit of this firmness is that you know exactly how much the Life Raft will support you, and whether or not those dimensions are compatible with you and your partner’s body size. With other pillows, you can never be quite sure how well they will work for you because support varies based upon the amount of weight applied.

Life Raft size compared to Ramp and Eleven:

The Life Raft has two covers over the foam core. The innermost cover is a soft, waterproof nylon that is designed to protect the foam from liquids and dirt. It has a heavy-duty plastic zipper that is easy to open and close, although you shouldn’t have to do so often. The outer cover has a micro-suede finish that gives the Life Raft a surface with friction to prevent it from sliding around during use. Although the finish is not very plush, it is soft to the touch and very comfortable to lie on. The outer cover also has the same heavy-duty zipper for removal when needed for cleaning. The construction of both covers appears to be sturdy and well done. There’s no reason to believe that they will not stand up to repeated use over time.


As a general rule, all position pillows are designed to provide support during sexual activities. The Life Raft works well as a platform on which you can lean against or lie completely on. As mentioned previously, there is very little give to the foam, so be sure that the dimensions are compatible with your intended use. Some examples of use:

-The pillow can be leaned against for doggy style penetration. Your partner can completely relax as the Life Raft can support all of their body weight in a comfortable position. Also, the pelvis is more perpendicular to the floor and less angled as with wedge style pillows. This slightly different angle offers a different experience for both partners.

-By having your partner lie completely on their back on the pillow, you gain better access for both cunnilingus/fellatio and rimming. No more uncomfortable neck angles trying to get low enough.

-The Life Raft can be used as a platform to raise both of you off of the bed/ground. Positions such as cowgirl are easier, since your legs are slightly extended and offset from the bed height. Cowgirl/Cowboy no longer has to be an exercise in squatting that strains your legs.

-Combine the Life Raft with other sex position pillows to further increase your options. The micro-suede surface helps to grab onto other similar materials to prevent slippage.

-The Life Raft would also work well as a massage table. The firm surface makes it easier to apply pressure comfortably. Also, it helps to protect your sheets from oil stains by lifting you up off of the mattress.

As position pillows go, the Life Raft is truly multifunctional and really only limited by your imagination.


The Life Raft comes with a fitted storage bag made of a soft nylon that feels similar to the inner cover. On one side there is a clear plastic window that displays some product information. However, the product information is a paper insert that can be removed to make storage more discreet. The storage bag has a heavy-duty zipper similar to the ones on the covers. It is easy to open and close and appears sturdy in construction. The bag has a handle on one side that makes it convenient to transport when necessary. Both the pillow and storage bag are discreet. Neither contains any identifying information as to the company or the product’s intended use, and could probably be left out in the open if desired.

An “instructional guide” is included with the Life Raft. However, it is a more like a product catalog and displays a few suggested positions for each of the company’s six products currently available. There are no specific care or use instructions provided. The guide is best recycled.

Care and Maintenance

As with all micro-suede, the outer cover has a tendency to attract dust, lint, and pet hair. While this is unavoidable, it can be cleaned rather easily with the simple brush of a hand. When necessary, the outer cover can be removed and machine washed in cold water separately. Bleach should not be used. Tumble dry on low and replace the cover immediately to prevent possible shrinkage. The inner cover does not have any specific care instructions included, but can be wiped clean using a wet, soft cloth. If necessary, the inner cover can also be removed and laundered.

The storage bag does a good job in terms of protecting the pillow from dust and hair when not in use. The main drawback of the storage bag is that, since it is fitted, it takes a few moments to get the pillow out and even longer to get it back in for storage. While this is a minor issue, it may make you pause the next time you think about using the pillow. Also, prospective buyers must consider the overall size of the pillow for storage purposes. It may be flat enough to store under some beds; otherwise, it will take up a significant amount of closet space. Despite its size, the Life Raft weighs only 15 lbs, making it fairly easy to carry and move around.

Personal comments

Once the covers were removed, the foam was noticeably stained purple along the edges. This is presumably dye leaching from the nylon cover. The staining should not cause any issues with performance and is more of an eyesore than defect. I did not attempt to clean the stain for fear of causing permanent damage to the foam.


I can not express how large the Life Raft really is. I thought I had a reasonable idea until this giant package arrived at my door. Here is a picture of it on our king sized bed. Notice how much of the bed it takes up.

Life Raft on king sized bed:

The other issue I want to mention is the use of the pillow on top of a mattress. It certainly can be used as such, but some caution should be taken. Because the pillow is so firm, and given that it is only 24" wide but 9" high, it truly is something like a life raft on water when you use it on top of a mattress. When testing it out in the cowgirl position, my wife was getting off of me to change to another position. In doing so, she momentarily lost her balance, which nearly resulted in both of us getting thrown off the Life Raft. Hilarious, but in hindsight also potentially dangerous, since it was not at all something we were expecting or prepared for. So when using it on a mattress, try to keep your center of gravity low and use some caution when changing positions.
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