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I Dare You To Warm Up To This

While not the worst product on the market, this certainly is not the best. Those with sensitive skin should avoid this lube altogether as the warming sensations may be too strong for some. However some may not feel them at all. Readily available at many grocery stores and other retailers, this is a decent start for people looking to experiment with sensations.
L-Arginine and Paraben free.
Runny, Greasy, "warming" is there sometimes and too strong at others.
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There are so many different ways you could use this water based warming lube from Durex: for massages, hand jobs, or aiding in the insertion of some toys and penises.

I think it would work well for those without sensitive skin, as the 'warming sensations' could be a bit much for some.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Aside from the oddball readings I get from the warming sensations in this water based lube, this is where this failed the most for me. It's runny, it's kinda slimy, it doesn't stay where you want it to, and it leaves me feeling oily and greasy.

I don't know about you, but after a nice massage, I just wanna lay there and keep relaxing, not hop in the shower to get myself to stop feeling oily.

On the plus side, even though this is rather runny, the dispenser is a pump top (more lubes need this), which makes it much much easier to control how much you want. Even so, I still end up with this all over me.
    • Greasy
    • Oily

Taste / Aroma

One of the few shining points to this lube, there is no scent. At least not a very noticeable one. I could smell something that I just couldn't put my finger on, but it wasn't offputting.

As far as the taste, I can't tell you personally since I didn't want to ingest whatever makes this lube warming. I figured if it was meant to be ingested, it would have said it was edible. But other reviewers have said that it tastes like nothing really.


Vaginally as a lube, this wasn't horrible. I've only used it a few times this way as the warming sensations tend to feel a bit burn-y for me, but I never felt the need to reapply vaginally.

For massages this gets sticky and greasy at the same time. So fail, it's almost a win. While being used to massage, it seems to sink into the skin rather quickly, requiring more lube to be added. However at this point, your skin is still fairly greasy from the lube, so adding more, in the long run, results in a rather nasty massage.

This seems to work best for manual stimulation of the clit. It didn't burn, didn't feel too greasy here, and was pretty easy to clean up.

I have found that no matter where this is applied, there is almost always a very strong urge to wash the hands as soon as possible. Mine are always left feeling like I've put on way too much lotion, only it takes much longer for that feeling to go away. However clean up is pretty easy, just warm water and soap.


The packaging is what, like most others, drew me into this product to begin with. It's a really pretty shade of red with the durex logo towards the top, the 'line' of play in the middle, and the name of the specific lube, warmer, at the bottom.

The back not only tells you what it's designed for: pleasure enhancement, making lovemaking a more sensual experience for both partners by creating a warming sensation on contact, with a long lasting formula that is water soluble and safe with condoms and can also feel warmer when you blow on it. It also gives you directions for use, telling you to just twist the pump to open, apply desired amount to area to be lubricated, if using with a condom apply to condom while already on, reapply as often as necessary, and excess can be removed easily with water. There are also cautions such as discontinue use if irritation or discomfort occur.

You also get ingredients! In your lube is Glycerin, Purified water, Propylene glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzoic acid, Sodium saccharin, and Sodium hydroxide. Please keep this in mind if you have any allergies.

The top is a 'locking' twist pump. Basically you twist it to the right to lock it, and to the left to unlock it. While unlocked you just press down on the pump to dispense. When not in use you should lock the top and store. I've had problems with mine unlocking, so you should probably keep yours in a ziploc bag just to be safe
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Leaky container

Special Features

L-Arginine and Paraben free. Warming sensation.

Personal comments

We've used a different lube from the Play line for anal, and this one is another one that probably shouldn't be used for it. If you get a tear, I really wouldn't want anything that causes warming to get inside of that.


For me, this product did nothing as massage oil. It left my skin feeling really sticky and left my hands so oily I couldn't shut the bottle until I washed them. I could feel a slight warming sensation when my skin was blown on, but otherwise the only "warming" I felt was some tingling that I found to be more of a bother and a distraction than a pleasurable addition to my massage.

For vaginal sex, it didn't warm. It burned. To the point that I made him stop so I could wash up and we could try again with something else. I tried it a few more times to see if things changed at different points during the month, but I had the same effect every time. So no more vaginal use of this lube for me.

I have used this many times for manual stimulation of my clit during sex and this is what it gets used the most for. I don't really feel much of a warming sensation most of the time, but when I do it isn't painful or bothersome. This is really the only redeeming quality of this lube for me.

The locking pump is ingenious in theory. But I've owned 3 different bottles of this stuff that all ended up in ziploc bags after opening and dispensing all over the inside of my drawer. And with how greasy this stuff gets, I was really unamused at that.
Follow-up commentary
I was going through a drawer and couldn't believe that I still had a bottle of this. So I figured I'd give it one more go, just to make sure, and it's definitely made its way to the trash can.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    I have yet to find a warming product that is 100% satisfactory. Nice review!
  • Jul!a
    Thank you!

    I think due to the nature of the product, there will never be a warming product that everyone likes. Which sucks, cuz it's a neat idea.
  • deceased
    Great review totally. I hated this product though.
  • Kayla
    We've played with this for years now, and honest-to-god, never noticed any warming. Great review.
  • Jul!a
    Misha, I first started using it when I was around 18 with little to no experience with anything like it prior. I never knew what wasn't supposed to be happening, so I kept using it and I'm not all that fond of it either, lol.

    Mistress Kay, sometimes, I swear it's like I didn't use it at all, and sometimes it's like I'm burning. No bueno.

  • Sammi
    Great review!
  • ......
    Very nice review!
  • Jul!a
  • married with children
    good review, thanks for sharing. I always wondered about this lube, now I know.
  • Jul!a
    Glad to help.
  • watchingtherain
    I never liked this either, just feels uncomfortable to me. Good review though
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