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Just leave it in your parents' nightstand.

Even without the allergic reaction, I would rather spend a few bucks more on a really fantastic lube that I don't need to keep reapplying. If I need lube, I need lube dangit! It works just fine for many people though, and due to the relatively cheap price I would say it is worth a try if you are new to the world of lubes. Overall it is not that disappointing- I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and for under $10 I think this is acceptable.
Glycerin/Parabens, Sticky
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Ingredients: Purified water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Gluconolactone, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide.

You can use this water-based lube for anything, though it would not be good for water play. I personally would suggest not using it for anal because it is not very long-lasting, but I personally have never tried it for that.

I think this would be better if you just need to insert an object, and not do a lot of thrusting. It's used by doctors as far as I know, and it's pretty ideal for what they need it for- quickly and easily get something inside you for a bit, then easily remove it afterward. However, I think there are much better lubes out there that are just as easy to obtain.

It contains glycerin and parabens and should not be used if you have problems with these ingredients.
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This lube is very easy to squeeze out of its tube. It does slide around a bit from the area you place it on, but not as bad as some other lubes. I find it dries up and feels sticky very quickly. The texture is pretty watery for me.
    • Sticky

Taste / Aroma

This lube has no real discernible scent. If you get it on a large area then I do notice a slight odor. It's not bad, just rather lube-y if that makes any sense, but it does tell me I wouldn't want to lick it. This is very true- KY Jelly has quite a bitter taste.
    • Bad taste
    • No smell


I find this product does not last very long. For me, it gets super sticky within minutes and requires reapplication. I also feel it is a bit difficult to wash off. That squeaky clean feeling doesn't come right away like with some other water-based lubes I've tried. I suppose this could be a good or bad thing.

It contains glycerin and parabens, which can be irritating. I suspect the glycerin and I do not get along, because I've always regretted using this lube. If I don't wash every little bit off in a timely fashion (leaving it on for 2hrs is too much for me) then my skin will break out. I know I have an even harder time washing it out of my vagina and if I use it two days in a row I do end up with an unpleasant odor. I will not ever touch KY again.
    • Allergy concerns


KY Jelly comes in a handy little flip-top tube (the cap can also screw off), which is very nice for easy dispensing. The only type I think I like better is pump bottles, but you can really squeeze every last drop out of a tube! I also like the tube packaging because it is easy for travel. The cap can screw off but there wouldn't be any reason for this to happen during travel, and though the flip-top is easy to use it is not easy to accidentally open.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly

Special Features

Let me say it once more- this lube contains glycerin and parabens. This is probably not a special feature, but definitely something to watch out for if you have sensitivities.

This lube is marketed as being hypoallergenic and a moisturizer. I feel this is very misleading, as I had to find out the hard way what glycerin does to my body and it does not seem to be a terribly uncommon allergy. I also feel this lube is not usable as a moisturizer, as it dries with a sticky film if you leave it on your skin. I could understand it being used as a vaginal moisturizer if you have extreme dryness, but I also feel there are much better products out there made to be used in this way.

Personal comments

There are much better lubes out there. If there is nothing else available, I would probably opt for spit before letting this get on me again. I would use nearly any other lube before this one!


In the past when I have used this, both my partner and I broke out wherever this product touched us if we did not wash it off quickly and thoroughly. My partner would just wipe off and snooze for awhile and always ended up with pimples in his groin area (and especially on his upper thighs if any got there), and my skin may just be more sensitive because I'd often get them even if I washed with soap and water immediately afterward.
Follow-up commentary
I was forced into trying some more KY, and it's still terrible. If you regularly use lube, just buy something decent. I think this is cheap and ubiquitous for a reason.
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  • Contributor: Danielle1220
    Great review! Very simple basic lube. I don't like the fact it has to be reapplied a lot, dries up too quickly. But, it is a great option for people on a budget.
  • Contributor: Midway through
    Sounds gross, not something I would ever try!
  • Contributor: potstickers
    Sorry about your reaction! Sounds like a decent lube if you don't react to it or are on a budget.
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    When did EF start selling KY? This is the one almost everybody starts with because they sell it EVERYWHERE. Thanks for pointing out that there is better stuff out there because this does leave a lot to be desired. That reaction sounds particularly awful though. You think it's the glycerin?
  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    Ugh. KY. I've never tried the original, but I've tried some other KY products and yeah. They suck just as much.
  • Contributor: I'll Miss You EF :(
    I haven't ever really like using KY, I tried it once and I'm never trying it again.
    Good review!
  • Contributor: 0letitgrow
    Agreed on all points!
  • Contributor: The Curious Couple
    Great review! Thanks!
  • Contributor: callsignhusker
    Nice title lol
  • Contributor: Siryn
    I definitely agree completely. I HATE THIS STUFF. It leaves a mild burning sensation too.
  • Contributor: Vanessa Weiss
    I'm in the "it burns us, precious" crowd. Thank you for the great review - sorry to hear you've been through the same "Oh god, owwwww!" experience that I have with it.
  • Contributor: ijako9
    Looks like this isn't a good option thanks for the review
  • Contributor: bayosgirl
  • Contributor: tortilla
    i guess you get what you pay for
  • Contributor: mrssnyder
    nice review
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