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Not the best lube on the market.

K-Y is known across the world as #1 doctor recommended brand of lubricant. Well, K-Y is not recommended by me for sexual purposes because it's too tacky and needs to be applied often. It has parabens in it and can cause those sensitive to these things to have a reaction. I've always been irritated when I used K-Y and don't recommend it to anyone. There are much better lubricants on the market than K-Y. I think it needs to stay in the hospital and out of the bedroom.
Thicker than some water-based lubes.
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K-Y can be used for vaginal dryness, to lubricate condoms, or as a persoanl lubricant for sexual activity regardless if it's used solo or with a partner. It can be used with any type of material so you do not have to worry about avoiding it with certain toys. It is also used in hospitals for enemas and rectal thermometers.

Directions From the container "to open, flip up the cap. Squeeze tube to obtain desired amount of lubricant. May be applied directly to condoms. Reapply as needed. Snap cap closed after use."

Ingredients Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Methylparaben. As you can see, this contains parabens so if you are sensitive to parabens I don't suggest using this.

Warning This is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

It is very easy to pour out of the container. All you need to do is open the pop cap and lightly squeeze the bottle and the lubricant will come out. The harder you squeeze the more that comes out.

Here's a couple pictures showing the consistency of this. The first picture is of it on my finger and the second one is of it comapred to the Wet Original

It is thicker in consistency than other water-based lubricants but they consider this to be a "gelee" which I would consider to be accurate because it reminds me of a gel more than any other lubricant that I have tried. When applied to the skin it does not move anywhere at all.

Once applied to the skin, it can become very tacky feeling and clumps up into balls. When I applied it to my hand for this review, I let it sit for quite awhile and then when I placed my finger to the spot my finger wanted to stick to the area.

Taste / Aroma

This does smell somewhat chemically to me. It's not something that is overwhelming, but if you put your nose to the container or your skin where it was applied you can smell a slight hint of the product.

I do not recommend using this orally because it has a strange chemical taste to it.


It is the #1 doctor recommended brand of lubricants because it is considered to be safe and gentle and can be used for many purposes.

This doesn't work well for sexual purposes for me. The thick consistency is supposed to help make insertion of a penis or toys easier, but anytime I've used it, it has caused me to have irritation. You need to reapply often to keep the moist feeling and that's just not something that I like to do. I like to stay moisturized and this just doesn't make me feel that way as some of my other lubricants do.

It is very easy to wash off with soap and water after you are ready to clean-up. If you leave it on your skin for a long period of time, you can slide it off easily with the friction from your hand similar to those clear pull-off masks I used when I was a teenager.


I've had this forever and did not buy it here so I'm not sure what the packaging was like. The container itself is made of plastic si mostly white. The front and back have red and blue writing on it. K-Y comes in two sizes the 2 oz container and hte 4 oz container. My container is 2 oz. The back has the ingredient information and the directions written on it in two languages.


K-Y was the first lubricant I ever used after I was married in 2003, it's the lubricant I see in my mother-in-laws bathroom drawer, and it's the lubricant I saw when helping my mother-in-law and husband clean out my husbands deceased grandmas house. With that being said, K-Y is known by many for helping women with vaginal dryness. However, as I've learned more about ingredients and have become more sexually advanced K-Y is not my go-to lubricant. I have other lubricants that work better during sexual intercourse that do not contain parabens.
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