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Rubbin' it on my boobies!

I really love this lube! It does a great job for thrusting in between breasts and leave your feeling smooth at the end. Washes off with warm water and so far has come out the sheets with just a regular wash. Can be used as regular lube or a massage lubricant if you are in a pinch. An all around great lube.
Smooth, consistency, skin feeling silky, washes off easy
Taste, may need to just more than one application
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The bottle says it all, "Titty Fucking Lube". Just slather this lube on your chest and get ready for a good boob job. Even though this lube seems like a novelty, it actually is a great lube. If you've got any bit of cleavage, you've got a great night going for you. Even if you don't feel like going for a boob job this lube doubles as regular lube! Safe to use with condoms and your toys, as the lube doesn't contain glycerin, silicone, or oils. This is all around good lube to have handy!

It works great for as boob lube because it slightly more viscous than regular water based lubes, allowing for a little more to sit on your chest than run off. It absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and dry versus sticky and wet. When my partner was thrusting between the ladies (good ole' 40 D's), I felt that lube created a silky sensation; arousing me beyond belief. I was utterly ecstatic at how he enjoyed himself, everything about this lube just rock our world.

We also found that since it goes on nice and smooth that we could use it for massage purposes if we happen to be out of oil. Great use since if you go from a nice massage to sexy times its an all purpose lube!
    • Massage
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I found this lube to be a really great feeling lube. Smooth to the touch, absorbs nicely into the skin, and a little thicker than most lubes. It feels a bit thick when you pour it on your hand or breasts, but once you spread it out it gains that wonderful feeling. With the slight thickness of the lube, it stays in place better than most lubes I have run into. The only real problems I have with it is that when you really get thrusting you do have reapply ever so often. This can get annoying because I had to reposition my slippery hands more than I would like. Other than reapplying I felt that is lubes consistency and texture was really great!
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Sticky

Taste / Aroma

Warning: this stuff tastes nasty! Please don't try to use your mouth for any reason unless you have cleaned up. I thought, "Oh what can a tiny taste do?". Well folks, I bit that fowl bullet for you and am passing on the wisdom. It's gross. Don't do it. Also, there is a slight smell, but you really have to get your nose in the bottle to make heads or tails of it.
    • Bad taste
    • Light smell
    • Strong taste


The performance on this lube is great! It comes out of the bottle nice and thick, allowing you to drizzle it on in a sexy manner for your partner. Then you get to lather up your breasts with it, creating that sexy "oiled" glow from it. Now you just hold on tight and get to thrusting between some delicious titties!

I found that I had to drizzle on a little more every few minutes while we went to town. Since it is slick stuff, I had to reposition my hands a good deal before I found the right spot to keep them. This action took away the lube from my cleavage, creating a drier environment as each thrust took a little away as well. I didn't mind at all because we could get that fresh shiny look and new feeling of wetness. I absolutely love the fact it gave the look of oil without being oil! The only compliant I have at the end of the day with the feel of this lube is that it does get a bit sticky after a while. It was mainly keeping my hands in one place to hold my breasts. When I moved them to reapply lube they felt a little sticky, but it quickly went away when I got more lube and started to really move my breasts with my partner's thrusts.

When we were finished, I hopped into the shower. This stuff washes off with just warm water! After a good minute or so of just standing under the shower almost all traces of this lube was gone. Now, if you do use the lube for vaginal sex, I would make sure you wash heartily with warm water and soap!
    • Gets sticky
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The lube comes in a 4 oz bottle, featuring a woman's cleavage and the slogan "Titty Fucking Lube". The color scheme is a sexy pink and black background with white writing. The bottle has directions, but they are as simple as "apply to breasts or genital region". Other than it, it came in a little plastic baggie in case of breakage. I feel this bottle will last us a while and it is easy to travel to with since the it is pretty sturdy.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Travel friendly
    • Very informative packaging

Personal comments

I really like this product! It has made things a lot easier for us to use for boob jobs, but I wish it came with a taste. It would be really nice to use my mouth, but you just can't with the taste.
Follow-up commentary
As a boob time lube, this stuff is still amazing, but I have found a problem. Anytime I try to use it for vaginal lube, or it finds it way down to my lady bits I end getting a UTI. I used it once for lube for sex, and knew I had a UTI an hour later. I know that sounds weird, but that's how quick it was. I refrained from using it for anything but my breasts. One time it got heavy usage and before I knew it found my way down there. Another UTI within a day. I have no idea what the mater is because this has never happened with any other lube. So when I use it, I wear pants/shorts/skirts, use only as much as I need, and clean up right away.
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