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Sliquid Sizzle is a good warming lube that is free of Glycerin, Parabens, L-Arginine, and Propylene Glycol. It warms nicely and lasts 15-30 minutes, making for some sizzling hot sex.
Great ingredients, nice warming, thick and slick, 100% vegan.
Could last a little longer.
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I had Sliquid Sizzle recommended to me after I had a horrible experience with a warming lube that just didn’t warm or do much of anything for me. First thing I noticed when I took my little bottle out of its plastic bag, was the fun bottle. I like the art on it as it is simple and attractive and not overdone or gaudy. The orange flip-top cap (which comes sealed) color coordinates with the label, and the bottle is not glaringly obvious of its contents until you pick it up and read it. The 4.2 oz bottle I have has a newer look than the pictures shown on this website, though quite similar.

I was initially very impressed by the smooth and slippery feel of this lube. It is no secret I like a thicker lube, and this one masters that feat as well. It is about the consistency of thinner hair gel. Think thick, just not Maximus thick. From the smell, it is obvious that this contains menthol, though you must rub your nose in it to notice it. Surprisingly, there is virtually no taste, just a hint of sweetness. When it comes to actual slickness, this lube is very slick. It has a very light and clean feel to it once applied, and it reduces all noticeable friction. This is perhaps one of the slickest lubes I’ve used, and would compare it most closely with Climax H2O. Being water based, this lube is safe for used with all toy materials and condoms. Water soluble also means a super easy cleanup with plain water.

This isn’t called Sliquid “Sizzle” for nothing. It is a warming lube, and it does this via menthol. If you’ve used other warming lubes with menthol you should already know what to expect. The warming is on contact and both rubbing and blowing invigorate the sensation, though there is a trick to blowing. Sharp fast blowing actually creates too much air flow and produces a cool sensation, whereas hot slow deep blowing (say “haaaa”) really gets the heat going. I really enjoy this during oral sex as it gives you a lot of control and allows you to switch from warm to cool and back to warm, making for a very fun time). The warming was pretty intense on my clit, so I would advise using it sparingly here until you know how sensitive you are to it. The warming was most intense on my clit, then my labia, and least intense inside of my vagina. When used on my husband, he noted that his glans (head of the penis) became much warmer than the shaft of his penis, so if you or your lover are like him and have a very sensitive glans, I would suggest just applying it to your shaft or your partner to avoid it becoming so intense as to be uncomfortable.

As with any lube, how long it lasts in very important. The warming seems to last until the lube dries up, and amount used affects this. When I used it more liberally, I found the warming was more intense, but also lasted longer. Even after sex I could feel a warming sensation inside of my vagina where the lube was still moist, but the lube that had dried was no longer warm. This lube slickness lasts about 15 minutes on average when exposed to air. The lube that is inside of the vagina lasts at least 30 minutes since there is natural lube to help keep it moist and no extra air flow to dry it out so quickly. That being said, you can always rejuvenate your water based lube by using a little water or saliva. When it comes to water based lube, it is not a good idea to keep applying more, as this just makes it tacky. Speaking of tacky lube, I thought the Sliquid Sizzle did very well. It only became tacky when I used excessive amounts. When I used an appropriate amount of lube (and did not reapply) it never got tacky and dried nicely, leaving nothing but a subtle hint of menthol scent on my skin.
One very awesome thing about this lube is the ingredient list. There are 5 ingredients in this and none of them are glycerin, L-Arginine, propylene glycol, or Parabens. The 5 ingredients are: Purified Spring Water, Plant Cellulose, Polyquat 007, Menthol, DMDM Hydantoin. This is a vegan product and is not tested on animals.

Overall I really like this lube. I think the warming works well, the consistency is nice, it lasts fairly well, super easy to clean up, and the ingredients are body friendly even for those who are sensitive. I think this is my favorite warming lube I’ve used so far, and I would definitely recommend it to others. Just keep in mind to not over apply, as it will get tacky if you use too much or keep reapplying.
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  • Contributor: Victoria
    Very informative - thanks for the great review!
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Thanks for commenting :)
  • Contributor: Ice Ice Baby
    well you did answer all of my questions regarding this lube. Excellent review Smile
  • Contributor: Emmaline
    But it says in the properties: "Purified spring water, sorbitol, plant cellulose, polyquart 007, methylparaben, propylparaben, menthol ". There are parabens in it. It says methylparaben and propylparaben!
  • Contributor: b0xergirliegirl
    Thanks for the great review, I've been looking for a "sizziling" new lube to spice things up a bit here and there.
  • Contributor: Valentinka
    Thanks for informing review!
  • Contributor: Valentinka
    Thanks for informing review!
  • Contributor: Kitty Grub
    Great review! Thank you!! =)
  • Contributor: Anjulie
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Cookie Monster Mike
    I was all excited when I read your summary saying free of parabens but in fact this lube does have parabens. Still a good review though thanks.
  • Contributor: fufucat
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: bananaer
    cool review
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    Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: ViVix
    Yay for vegan, and I just read that intercourse typically last around 13 minutes, so I guess that would be long enough for most! LOL!
  • Contributor: pestilence
    Thanks for the review - good to hear that this is paraben free, since the main description seems to think it has parabens. Changed recipe, perhaps?
  • Contributor: PassionCpl
    Nice job, thanks
  • Contributor: Apirka
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