Y Did I Ever Think This Was A Good Idea? Not oKay

I really don't understand why doctors would recommend this brand. I can see why a doctor might use this. It's a thick, cushiony lube that makes insertion easier. But for sex or masturbation? NO! It dries up quickly and dries up clumpy. As a last ditch lube, this is acceptable, but unless you're desperate, I wouldn't recommend it. Plus, if you're sensitive to Parabens or Glycerin? Don't even bother.
Cheap and Easy to Find
Clumps Up
Doesn't Last Long
Parabens and Glycerin
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Ah, K-Y Jelly, the classic lube. I've heard the name K-Y Jelly mentioned in so many TV shows and movies that I've lost count. It's like 'rabbit' and 'hitachi' of vibrators, invading pop culture and everyday life. But unlike classics like the Rabbit and the Hitachi, the K-Y does NOT deserve the recognition. Quite simply, it is the worst lube I've ever used. It was my first lube and if I hadn't come upon Eden, it may have been my last lube as well.

K-Y may be the brand my Gynecologist uses...and it's decent enough for that purpose. It's good for making simple insertion easier and is a nice thick lube for anal and vaginal penetration. It's not unusable, but the quality is severely lacking. I admit, it made my first anal toy insertion much easier, but for thrusting, this just isn't a good choice.

It's a good last ditch alternative that's compatible with condoms and is good for inserting things into the vagina, rectum, and really anywhere else. For all that it's the #1 doctor recommended brand, it's not hypoallergenic at all. It contains both parabens AND glycerin, which have been known to irritants for some. If you're sensitive and/prone to yeast infections, run.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

K-Y Jelly is, well, a jelly. It's thick and opaque. It reminds me of hair gel, to tell you the truth. And a really thick hair gel at that. It's easy enough to squeeze out and stays put rather well. It is much thicker than typical water based lubes. This is probably the thickest lube I own. The only one that I've found that comes close is the Wet Synergy Warming Lube. However, the Wet Warming lube is a hybrid water and silicone lube and it also thins out once spread. The K-Y keeps it's thick consistency. It won't move unless you spread it out. It doesn't feel greasy, but does become sticky when it dries.

It tends to dry out fast, but can be 'recharged' with a little saliva or water. The viscosity lends itself well to anal play, but is a bit off putting as it doesn't really thin out when spread.

Taste / Aroma

It has no real smell, but it tastes AWFUL! It's like swallowing a mouthful of chemicals, YUCK! If you keep it in your mouth long enough, it even starts to taste sugary. Sweet chemicals. Yuck. Perhaps I'm sensitive to tastes. It's true, I've yet to find the taste of any lube appealing (except for specially designed oral lubes), but this is one of the worst. However, it's not really designed for oral sex, so if you keep it out of your mouth, you'll be fine.
    • Bad taste


The K-Y jelly is probably the worst lube I've tried yet. It does the job, but doesn't do it well. For some uses, it's actually quite good. It's good for straight insertion. I personally like to use it to insert an anal plug. I'm sure that this would also work well for inserting rectal thermometers, enemas, or tampons. It's a thick lube that provides a lot of cushion. But for vaginal thrusting or even anal thrusting, this lube fails. It dries out very quickly, which is kind of surprising given how thick it is. During a 30 minute session, I needed to reapply twice (not including the 'recharging')

The worst part about the lube is the stickiness and how it dries. It balls up and becomes lumpy and sticky. It dries solid! Instead of absorbing into the skin, a lot of the lube sticks to each other and form little balls of sticky lube residue. Not cool. However, with some water, it easily can be removed.

The one great thing about the K-Y jelly is that it's pretty much a universal lube. It can be used with all toy materials and can be used for many purposes. It's not great for actual sex or masturbation, but in a pinch, it's a cheap, easy to find lube that does the job.
    • Allergy concerns
    • Dries up too fast
    • Gets sticky

Personal comments

It's funny. I thought that all lubes were like the K-Y jelly before Eden. Knowing only the pharmacy selection I thought that K-Y and store brand was it! Even after coming to Eden, I thought, "how much difference can there be between two lubes". I realized that there is A LOT of difference between a good lube and bad. Good lubes are supposed to last a decently long amount of time and are not supposed to ball up. Even the Ultra Lube, which has gone down in my estimation as I've broadened my horizons, is 3x better than the K-Y Jelly. K-Y isn't completely defective, it does has its uses. But it's not something that I would buy again.
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  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    Your review is right on the money. Doctors may recommend it to each other as an office lube or to patients as a single insertion lube, but KY is not good for sex. Thanks for your great review.
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    Good review
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    Great review! Thanks
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    thanks for the info - i learned alot about this product
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    Good review
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