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And Now for Something Completely Different...

This toy is totally unique. If you can handle the size and you love vaginal thrusting, but don't need clitoral stimulation, this might be your dream toy, provided you have a ton of lube on hand. I can honestly say it's like nothing else I own, and that alone is reason enough to give it a try.
Totally Unique
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We've all heard takes of full fledged sex machines, complete with a hydraulic arm which thrusts a dildo back and forth. This type of machine is usually demonstrated by a woman in a reclined chair that is vaguely reminiscent of a trip to the gynecologist. The woman using the machine sits with legs spread while the dildo moves rapidly forward and back. But what it you don't have the space to store a crazy huge device like that? What if it seems oddly mechanical and clinical? The answer is the Stronic Eins. It's a mini sex machine, complete with thrusting action.

I've had other thrusting toys before, but they operated differently. I've had rabbit vibrators with "thrusting" action, which involved the tip of the vaginal arm moving forward and back. It usually had some sort of motor noise that was loud and distracting, and made me feel like I was in a machine shop. The Eins feels very much like real thrusting, with none of that mechanical noise. It's a weighted movement; a strong, fast forward and back. It feel like a weighted cylinder is being propelled forward and back inside the shaft. And the noise? It's practically silent.

It may look like one, but it isn't a vibrator. There is not even a little bit of a buzz or rumble in sight. The only sensation present at this party is thrusting. The size might scare off some users, and the lack of clitoral stimulation might disappoint others, but anyone who enjoys focused vaginal thrusting should give the Stronic Eins a try. You can always add clitoral stimulation with a small vibrator or use the Stronic Eins with a partner during oral sex. What you shouldn't do is try to use the Stronic Eins for anal thrusting, as the manufacturer cautions against it. Fun Factory is coming out with a version for anal play soon.

Although the fairly specific function, size and cost work together to prevent me from recommending the Stronic Eins as a first toy, for those who know what they enjoy and know they can handle the size, it's a new unique sensation in sex toys and is worth a try.

As it's waterproof, you can take the Stronic Eins with you in the shower or bath, or even the hot tub or pool. It does require a lot of lube for smooth thrusting, and you can only use water-based lubes with it, so water play can be a little challenging.
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Material / Texture

The Eins is made of silicone and plastic. The insertable portion is silicone, and the handle is made of plastic. Silicone rates a 10 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. The silicone used on this toy is hypoallergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free.

If you've ever used any of the G4 vibrators from Fun Factory, this silicone is similar to those. Fun Factory silicone tends to be a little on the rough side. It has a rough, nearly sandpaper like texture. There is a lot of drag to the surface. I don't consider this alone to be a negative, as I generally enjoy the rough texture of Fun Factory toys. In this case, the rough texture means that you get some grabbing while it is thrusting. The silicone seems to grab and hold on to the skin at the vaginal opening and carry it along during the thrust. The only way to combat this is to use a substantial amount of lube. This does dim the sensation of the thrusting.

There is no texture aside from the roughness of the surface and the slight ridges that make up shaft. The silicone is a thin coat for most of the toy, which surrounds a plastic core, so it has very little give or flex. Only the tip of the shaft is a solid hunk of silicone, and has a bit of flex and bend.

The plastic used on the handle is smooth but matte. Plastic rates an 8 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. The buttons are made of a shinier plastic and are comfortable to press.

There is no smell or taste to any part of the Eins. There are no visible seams or imperfections in the silicone or plastic. Every part of the Eins is well made and high quality.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The Stronic Eins means business. The total length of the toy is almost 9 1/2", with around a 4" insertable length. The toy starts with a rounded tip, around 1" in diameter, which curves slightly upwards to aim toward your G-spot. The shaft is vaguely conical, getting larger in diameter the closer you get to the base of the toy. At its thickest point, it measures around 2" in diameter, and there is a raised nub that is designed for clitoral stimulation. As there are no vibrations, most won't be wow-ed by the clitoral stimulation it offers. In fact, many might never even insert the toy far enough to make contact with it. Because the toy is constantly moving, you aren't going to be worried about that nub much. The diameter just before the clitoral nub, which is the widest insertable part of the shaft, is 1 5/8".

The girth of the Stronic Eins is pretty substantial. I wouldn't say you need to be a size queen, but you need to know you can handle toys of this diameter comfortably. When it thrusts back and forth, the girth is keenly felt. It isn't really something you can ease into and still get the full effect of the toy.

As for whether or not it's discreet, I'd have to say it isn't. Although not realistic in color, and lacking veins and a pronounced head, it really looks much like a traditional vibrator. It would be hard to play it off as something else. If you leave it sitting out and someone notices it, they will know what it is.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Stronic Eins is controlled by three buttons: a plus, a minus and a "fun" button. To turn the Stronic Eins on, you press the "fun" button. It will begin on the "perfect start" setting. Pressing the "fun" button again turn the toy off. No matter what setting or mode the Stronic Eins is currently on, pressing the "fun" button will turn it off immediately.

There are two distinct modes with the Stronic Eins: the constant/dynamic mode and the algorithmic mode.

Once you press the "fun" button, and are in "perfect start" mode, if you press the "+" button you will enter the constant/dynamic mode. Pressing the "+" again will cycle you through the 6 settings in the constant/dynamic mode. If you wish to move back through the settings within that same mode, you press the "-" button.

The six settings in that mode are:
1-- Samba
2-- Rumble
3-- Quicky
4-- Rollerball
5-- Vienna Waltz
6-- Rumba

To turn the Stronic Eins off while in this mode, you press the "fun" button again.

If, after pressing the "fun" button to turn on the Eins, and you are in the "perfect start" mode, you press the "-" button instead, you will enter the algorithmic mode. Pressing the "-" again will move you forward through the 3 settings within that mode. Pressing the "+" will move you back through them.

The 3 settings within the algorithmic mode are:

1-- Rattle
2-- Gallop
3-- Dirty Dancing

To turn the Stronic Eins off while in this mode, you press the "fun" button again.

Once you get the hang of the controls, they are easy to use. You have the option of several speeds of steady thrusting, or some thrusting patterns, which is pretty unique. There is one very rapid rapid setting which is more like a flutter, and is the closest feeling to a standard vibration. But, be warned; this isn't a vibrator. The Stronic Eins is very quiet and certainly wouldn't be heard through a door or by your roommates.

The Eins uses the Fun Factory Click and Charge technology. The plug-in adapter has a magnetic disc that attaches to the toy. On the handle of the Eins are two small silver magnetic connectors, and when you hold the charger disc close to that spot, it clicks right on. When it's charging, the wording on the disc glows red. Be aware that it can be a little tricky to get it to stay charging. If the disc gets shifted it may lose its connection, so be sure to put it somewhere it won't be bumped while it's charging. Fun Factory warns you to not leave the Stronic plugged in and charging for more than 16 hours. It takes between 3-4 hours to charge, and I'm getting over an hour of use with each charge. Your use time will vary depending on the settings you choose.

You can lock the Stronic for travel, by holding down the "fun" button and the "-" button at the same time. While it's locked you can be sure it won't accidentally get turned on while it's packed in your luggage. To unlock the Stronic Eins, you press and hold the "fun" button and the "+" button at the same time.

The Stronic Eins is waterproof, and can be taken in the tub. I will warn you that although I really enjoy using toys in the tub, I didn't care for using this one while I took a bath. The thrusting action really need lubrication, and lots of it. I found that all lubes I used rinsed away too quickly in the water and left me with too much drag. That being said, it certainly didn't lose any intensity in the water.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

You can use a mild soap and water or a toy cleaner to clean the Eins. Because it has a motor, you can't boil it to sterilize it, or place this toy in the dishwasher. You should avoid using silicone lubes to avoid a negative reaction with the silicone of the toy. Any water based lube can be used with the Eins. You may need a quite a bit of lube because of the rougher texture of the silicone. I find that using a liberal amount of lube when you start playing works well, and helps make inserting the toy easier until I make enough of my own natural lubrication. There are no nooks and crannies that hide fluids or make cleaning difficult. I find the Eins an easy toy to care for.

The Eins can be stored in the box it came in, which is well designed for storage. If you choose to store it somewhere other than the box it came in, be sure to avoid storing it in contact with other silicone toys. If you store silicone toys touching each other, they will damage each other.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging is pretty standard for Fun Factory. There is an outer sleeve and an inner box. Within the inner box, the Stronic rests in a cardboard area, secured with cardboard spacers. The changer has its own little area to the side. There is a small instruction booklet which details how to operate the controls, how to clean it and how to charge it. As is the norm with Fun Factory toys, most of the information is conveyed through pictures, and no written words.

Although not particularly elegant, the package isn't trashy. There are several small pictures of men and women in an embrace, but they are not prominent in the package design. I use the box for storage, and it stacks easily in a toy box or drawer.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative


I'm glad that I bought this toy, because it really is totally different than anything else I own. I have a hard time remembering to apply and reapply tons of lube to avoid the drag sensation, which really kills the experience for me.

I don't like the sound of lube when it gets all gloppy sounding, and so I need to be careful to apply what I need but not too much. I don't generally use lube with toys I'm using clitorally or vaginally, so this is a bit of an adjustment for me. Without lube, this toy isn't usable to me. The sensation of having the vaginal opening dragged along for the ride during some pretty serious thrusting isn't fun. That being said, with the right amount of lube, the sensation is very very similar to actual thrusting. It's pretty impressive how the technology can mimic it.

You do need to find a balance between holding it firmly enough to not have it get away from you as it flies back and forth, and not holding it so tightly that you're hindering the movement. With a little practice, and some trial and error, you find a happy medium!
Follow-up commentary
The technology is so unique, that as long as you use this as intended, you're bound to be impressed. This is still working well, charging well and doing its job well. No complaints!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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