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Stronic Boom Boom!

Fun Factory takes a sharp turn away from mainstream vibrators with its innovative "Stronic Eins G-Spot Massager", a thrusting love machine with a technology so special, it's patent pending! The instructions may be the most confusing thing about this toy, but once you start using it, it gets easier. It's a solid construction and felt great, but on its own, it didn't produce the final result that this user was hoping for.
Innovative, silicone, waterproof, quiet, rechargeable, easy to operate.
Expensive, not enough clitoral/exterior stimulation.
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The "Stronic Eins" is a (waterproof) G-spot thrusting massager, created for vaginal use only. It very different from a typical vibrator that simply provides buzzy sensations. When turned on, the Stronic simulates strong pulses or thrusts. This technology is what makes this toy stand out from the competition. It can be used with a partner's assistance, but it's much easier to enjoy solo, so you can be in control. Since it is a luxury toy, and being that not every woman orgasms the same way, beginners and/or the budget-conscious may want to keep experimenting until they discover what works for them. For those that know they have G-spot orgasms - or for those that are curious and can afford to try this one, keeping in mind that additional stimulation may be needed - then the Stronic may be a nice addition to your collection.

Material / Texture

The sleeve is made from 100% medical grade, non-porous silicone, which covers 2/3 of the toy. The remaining 1/3 is the handle, made from heavyweight, matte black plastic. The silicone is matte in appearance, feels warm to the touch, and has a smooth texture, no seams, with a lot of drag that has a very "dry" feeling to it. It isn't sticky, but it will attract some small bits of lint. Hairs, however, didn't cling to it. Be sure to lube this up with an additional water-based lubricant before inserting so it does not snag on the delicate skin of the vaginal opening. There is no smell or taste to the toy. Only the tip is slightly flexible, but the remainder of the toy is stiff because of the internal components.

Design / Shape / Size

Stronic Eins weighs just under a pound and its size is generally comparable to any other mid-to-larger-sized G-Spot vibrator, with an overall length of 9.5 inches, a circumference of 4-1/4 inches at the tip and closer to 5-1/8" right before the "knot". The insertable length is around 4 inches max, which is plenty to reach most women's G-spots, which are generally located 2-3 inches deep on the upper wall of the vagina. The remaining length below the insertable portion makes up the "knot" (or the bump that stimulates the external area) and the handle. The "knot" most likely will not stimulate the clitoris directly, however it will provide some sensation to the outer vagina just below the clitoral region. The tip is slightly curved in an upward fashion to hit the G-Spot.

Aesthetically speaking, the overall look is a very simple, no frills design, which is perfect suitable for this toy, as the user isn't paying for looks, but rather the engineering behind it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Stronic is a battery-free, rechargeable toy that comes with a magnetic adapter/AC power unit. There are two magnetic contacts on the base of the handle to which it connects. Out of the box, the toy is partially charged, so the functionality can be tested immediately. It will take several hours to fully charge and you will be able to tell when the 3 function buttons stop flashing in a wave-type pattern. The diagram instruction manual indicates that it could take up to 16 hours for the toy to fully charge once it's on empty. The "standby" time is 3 months before it needs to be charged, assuming it hasn't been used at all during that time period.

A small, colored, multi-lingual instruction brochure is included for visual learners; however, don't fret too much over it should it not makes sense. The toy is much easier to operate than the instructions make it appear! There's a lock function to prevent accidental activation during transport/travel. To lock the toy from the OFF position, simply press the red "FUN" button AND the "-" button at the same time and hold for a couple seconds until both lights flash quickly. To unlock, press the "FUN" and the "+" button in the same fashion.

All three buttons, the red power "FUN" button and the two cycle buttons, - and +, are backlit so it's easy to operate the toy in the dark. The main purpose of the - and + buttons is to scroll through the 10 different modes. NOTE: The intensity of each mode/pattern is fixed and cannot be increased or decreased, so do not assume that "-" means weaker and "+" means stronger.

The 10 modes are divided into three sections. Whenever the toy is turned on by pressing the "FUN" button one time, it always starts in the default mode, known as "sales mode" in the instruction diagram. Each mode looks like wavelengths in the diagrams. By continuing to press the "-" button, the user can access the three "ALGORITHMIC MODES", which feel somewhat like a heart beating fast, slower, and very slow. Pressing the "+" button cycles back through each ALGORITHMIC mode to the default start mode. Exploring the other 6 modes is as easy as pressing the "+" button. The next three modes are faster variations of the default "sales mode", which make up the "CONSTANT" modes. Modes 8,9, and 10 are the "DYNAMIC" modes. Mode 8 is a decelerating pattern, mode 9 is accelerating, and mode 10 is a mix of thrusts with shorter and longer intervals.

The sound of this toy is very quiet, since it's not creating vibrations but rather pulses. Think a jackhammer, but not as noisy and not with quite as much pressure, but nevertheless it's a moderately powerful sensation. The toy will "jump" in your hand, but isn't strong enough to jump out of it. Either way, secure it tightly just to be safe.

Care and Maintenance

Obviously, do not use the toy while it is plugged in to the adapter. There's even a little diagram showing that this is a no-no. And after it's charged, be sure to unplug the AC adapter from the wall. The toy is waterproof, so don't worry about using it in the shower, the tub, or when cleaning it under running water. The fastest way to clean it without damaging the toy is with antibacterial soap and warm-water or with a spray cleaner. DO NOT STERILIZE IN BOILING WATER OR IN THE DISHWASHER!

Only a water-based lubricant should be used with silicone. Store away from heat and light. It only comes with a recyclable box that could be used for storage, but it's a bit bulky and not travel friendly.

There's no mention of Fun Factory's warranty with the packaging, however their website indicates that they have a 2-year warranty on their vibrating products that are sold directly from their site or through an authorized re-seller, so hold on to your receipt and take care of your toy!


From the moment I turned this toy on, I was amazed at how different the sensations were. I've tested many toys and I have to say that this is like NOTHING else. Now, I'm not normally a G-Spot gal, so after lubing up the toy and inserting it, I thought it was "cool" , but it felt like normal intercourse, pleasurable, but not enough on it's own to take me over the edge. So I whipped out my new Fairy Mini Mini wand and applied pressure to my clitoris. Within 3 minutes, I climaxed. Maybe the next generation of this toy will be more like a rabbit, with a clitoral stimulator and STRONIC's awesome thrusting sensation; then I'll only need one hand instead of two.
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