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I'm happy to say that the Stronic Eins is pretty much everything it's cracked up to be. I had my doubts but Fan Factory happily proved me wrong. While I'm sure the future will bring more toys with this technology that will suit more bodies, this toy is more than decent and a lot of people will enjoy it. Is the Stronic Eins worth the high price? Well, that entirely depends on how much you love thrusting and hate doing it yourself.
It really does thrust, it's waterproof, and it's rechargeable.
It's a little awkward finding a good way to keep it in place. There's also no clitoral stimulation.
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The Stronic Eins looks like an unassuming, insertable vibrator but I assure you that you've never inserted anything quite like this before. Instead of merely vibrating, this toy rocks back and forth to mimic thrusting. No more tired wrists! On the higher levels of power and on some of the settings it feels more like vibration so if you're a fan of that this will give you a bit of that too.

The Stronic Eins is basically geared towards people who enjoy vaginal stimulation. Could it be used externally like on nipples, the perineum, labia, or a clitoris? Well, there's nothing stopping you but I don't think it would be particularly amazing. This isn't the kind of toy you buy hoping it can wear several different hats during playtime. This is the kind of toy you buy because the one thing it does well is something no other toy does. If I wanted a massage or external stimulation, I would rather use something like a small clitoral stimulator.

There is an increase in girth and a sort of bump on top of this toy that might hit some people's clits, but reports on this actually working have been somewhat dismal. Your body is different and unique though, so it might just work on you.

People are asking all over the place, can they put this toy in their ass? Well, many of us sex toy reviewers go a little overboard with caution. Yeah, it's not a good idea to put something up there that doesn't have a flared base but not every flared base seems large and flared enough to make much of a difference, and if a toy is three feet long or something it seems unlikely that it's going to land anyone in the emergency room for getting stuck inside. That said, I'm still going to say don't do it with this toy even if I think a lot of people could get away with it. Just don't do it, people.

Why? Because the manufacturer makes it pretty clear that they don't see this as a good anal toy. Not only do they warn against in the instructions, they are also coming out with a second model with this technology that appears to be very much geared towards anal use, as in it has a flared base on the insertable portion.
So, if even Fun Factory thinks your butt and the Stronic Eins shouldn't meet, they probably shouldn't. It's better to be safe and patiently waiting for a safer Stronic to put back there than to end up needing medical treatment for a play session gone terribly wrong.

The Stronic Eins is waterproof and very quiet. You know what that means? Get excited. It means you can use it anywhere pretty much. Baths and showers are fine, and I would feel more than comfortable using this with roommates around given I had a blanket over myself or a closed door between me and them. The way this thing sounds, even if someone did hear it, they probably wouldn't know it was a sex toy. It doesn't sound like any vibrator I have ever heard, that's for sure.

This isn't a particularly good travel toy due to the size, but in case you absolutely must travel with it, it does have a locking feature.
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Material / Texture

The shaft portion of this toy is of silicone, while the controls portion is plastic. The silicone is matte and the texture varies all over the shaft. Most of it feels like the velvety silicone I love from Fun Factory but there are a few patches that feel almost gritty. Water tends to bead up on the silicone portion and the best way to dry it off after cleaning is by patting it dry, to keep lint off it. The silicone is really terrible about stuff sticking to it. If I lay it down for a half second, I can see tiny particles all over it as soon as I pick it back up again. It drives me a little crazy. The silicone's texture also makes it require a lot more water-based lube than other silicone toys I own, and makes it just seem overall larger inside someone due to the dragginess.

Most of the shaft is inflexible, since the motor is under the silicone. The tip is somewhat bendable. I personally think this toy would be twice as awesome if it had some more silicone covering it to make it a little squishier all over.

The portion of the toy where the control buttons and charging area are located is hard, black plastic.
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

I can't say that I find the design particularly spectacular, but I don't dislike it either. I definitely like the upward curve at the tip that sends this toy lunging into my g-spot on every thrust. I don't like the large increase in girth between the tip and the end of the insertable portion. I think it would be more comfortable with a larger head and smaller shaft like most of the toys I own, but I wouldn't call this toy uncomfortable either. I also don't like the random knob that is apparently supposed to stimulate one's clit but did nothing of the sort for me. All it did was cut down on usable length that I might have liked to have. Your anatomy might fare better with it than mine did.

Is the Stronic Eins nice to look at? It's not bad. It's not beautiful either. I care more about the function than the form here but I'm glad it looks okay. It comes in bright pink and a deep purple. I purchased the purple one. I would love it if Fun Factory offered this toy or at least future variations in more colors, as they do with many of their other unique offerings but this shade of purple is a lovely one so I didn't gripe too much over it.

Would I consider it a realistically shaped toy? Well, I guess I would. It looks kind of futuristic. It's not exactly penis-shaped but it does scream "sex toy." It's not discreet in design and the size makes it even less so. This isn't easy to hide, but a shoe box would work. It's not easy to travel with either due to size and weight.

The size and shape definitely place this in the category of toys that will be enjoyed more by advanced users than people who are just starting out with toys. It's not small by any means, both in use and to hold. It's got a lot of weight to it.

The entire toy is nine inches long, with six inches of that being the silicone portion and 3 and a half inches being the handle/controls. I hesitate to call the entire silicone shaft the usable portion. The insertable length is actually only four inches unless you can somehow get the widest part with its thick fin of sorts inside you.

The very tip is about an inch in diameter. It progressively widens to around 1 and 5/8" just before the bump, where the toy is two inches in diameter (So, it's not absolutely impossible to insert that part, I'm just not capable of taking it and it wasn't exactly meant to be inserted that far.). The middle is around 1 and 1/2", so a more manageable size than most people think. I was under the impression that the girth was much wider than it actually is before buying it. I'm pretty much the opposite of a size queen so if I can handle it, I dare say most people who like medium-sized dildos will be able to handle it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who only likes smaller ones in part because of the texture, not just the size.

    • Futuristic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The most people generally seem to expect from a "thrusting" toy is a circular motion. Well, the Stronic Eins thrusts in a much more typical sense of the word. It shakes itself back and forth.

You push the big "fun" button (Easy controls, I love them!) to turn this toy on. The first setting is the medium speed. It thrusts faster than I do with a toy and my hand, so it's pretty quick. Pressing the "+" button causes it to go into a more powerful setting. The next two higher settings are like a jackhammer and I found them to be almost numbing. The highest steady speed doesn't even seem like thrusting it's so fast, it feels more like a very jittery vibrator. Pressing the "+" button again after the highest steady speed brings you to some patterns. The first is my favorite. It goes from a deep, shuddery vibration into slow thrusts. It feels nothing short of amazing inside. The one after that is pretty hard to describe but is basically short, slow thrusts building up to faster ones. What I don't like about this one is that the very start of the pattern and every time it repeats itself is underwhelming, as in I can barely feel it. For me to enjoy a pattern as more than just a tease it can't just drop off into nothing like that. The one after that is basically, well... Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! THRUSTTHRUSTTHRUSTTHRUST! Thrustthrustthrust. That one's pretty nice, I like the change in speed.

If you press the "-" button after turning it on instead it goes into the slowest modes. One of them feels like slow, steady thrusting and the absolute slowest one bores me a bit because it's about, oh, one thrust per second. I would probably like it more if it was the first speed that the toy went into when first turned on. As it is, the faster speed gets me wanting that instead of a slow, steady fucking.

On top of all the awesome features, did I mention this toy is rechargeable with Fun Factory's Click N Charge technology? Just line up the metal circles on the toy and the charger to get three hours of play per full charge. Be sure to put the toy and charger somewhere that they won't be disturbed as they get knocked apart extremely easily.

This toy is also waterproof and performs perfectly nice in the water. My only problem with it is that the draggy silicone needs a lot of water-based lube, and water-based lube doesn't stick around long in water. So, it could be more fun in water than it is but I'm very glad it's waterproof for easy cleaning if nothing else.

    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

It's time to get to the stuff most of you should already know by now!
1. Only use water-based lube with this toy unless you want a $199 toy to get destroyed on you and break your heart.
2. Silicone toys, including this one, are easy to sanitize. You can use toy cleaners, soap and water, or a diluted bleach solution on this toy. I wouldn't recommend boiling it due to the motor inside.
3. Don't store this toy with ones made of crappy material, it's too expensive to risk any possible interactions. I recommend putting it in a cloth storage bag.
    • Easy to clean


My Stronic Eins came in this large box. I felt like a little kid at Christmas. Well, a very naughty one anyway. It was about the size of a shoebox. I laughed at the picture of the white, heterosexual couple on the outer packaging. I'm not quite sure what Fun Factory is trying to say with that.

^ The outer packaging with the inner box which contains the toy. As you can see, the box is not discreet at all unless you remove the outer part. Not only does it have that aforementioned picture of a couple making love, it also has a giant picture of the toy on front.

The inner box was just cardboard and not particularly amazing for storage, though you could certainly use it for that. I didn't like that the toy and charger were just kind of floating around without much to hold them in place. A storage pouch would have been nice to include as well.

The little booklet is the main instruction manual. The magnetic charger is on the right. The Stronic Eins is in the middle and came with that strange cage over the control portion.
    • Not discreet


Some of the settings had my insides feeling numb while others had me moaning uncontrollably. Telling you which ones did it for me would be pointless since your mileage will vary, but I will tell you, the pattern that started with rumbly vibrations that I could feel all through my body and then devolved into slow thrusts? Yeah, that one was a doozy. I liked that one a lot and it's probably my favorite setting. The sensations this toy produces are completely unique and I'm really glad I bought it!

My only problem is that it's really hard to find a good way to hold this toy that doesn't prevent it from moving freely. It also doesn't seem to like my body very much, as it thrusts itself out of me extremely easily. So I'm caught between having to hold it loosely to keep it moving the way I want but also holding it tightly enough to keep it inside me. Ugh!
Follow-up commentary
I still can barely believe this is even a thing much less than I was able to get my hands on one. Thank you Fun Factory for existing. That's about all I can say. Of course I still like this toy.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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