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A traditional vibe that is not intimidating to beginners, and is a safe alternative to other toys made from more unhealthy materials. The fun this toy provides can be enjoyed in the shower and tub. The ridges are stimulating, and the toy is very versatile, making it a toy you are likely to turn to over and over again.
Takes AA batteries, is phthalates free, waterproof,ridges.
Button for speed is located at the end of the toy.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
My first impression when I looked at the silver tin, with the desire patiently waiting for me inside, encased within its black felt foam was AWESOME! In fact, I thought I should wear a tiara, I felt like a princess who has found her royal scepter. It is that magnificent. Thanks to Victoria and EVOLVED!

The desire is made of non-toxic, phthalates free ABS plastic and it is covered by a velvety coating reminiscing that of velvet coat. It is very soft although the toy is very rigid. I didn't smell anything when I initially used it, but after a couple of uses it has a burnt plastic smell coming from the battery compartment, but it is really faint. Otherwise there is no scent.

The ridges are prominent enough to be felt, but not enough to be overwhelming or uncomfortable. Most nerve endings in the vagina are in the first few inches, so the ridges on this toy are excellent for stimulating these. In fact I love placing the vibe so that it points downward, and I rub it up and down within my labia to stimulate my clit. The ridges create wonderful sensations that really help to turn me on. I mainly use vibes on my clit, rather than for internal stimulation, but both are enjoyable.

The toys dimensions (length: 7 inches 1/4, diameter 1 inch 1/4) are likely to suite most, except for those who are looking for something with a lot of girth. The toy has no seams, which also make it wonderful for penetrative sexual activities.

One issue some may have with the toy, is that the push button is located at the end of the toy. Using this toy for thrusting may cause one to accidentally push onto the button. However, when I have used it for thrusting, I usually have the end of the toy in my palm rather than have my finger tips at the end. When it is in my palm, the button doesn't get pushed in. If I use my fingers it's easier to press the button by accident.

Although this toy is waterproof I haven't tried it in the bath yet, but I intend to. I hope one day I will be able to learn to orgasm standing up so I can use it while I shower.

In terms of performance this toy is great. The noise level is not super loud, but it is louder than a cell phone. It's not loud enough to be heard through a closed door while it is underneath bed covers. The vibrations are located in the tip, but due to the rigidity of the toy the vibrations travel down the shaft pretty well.

Cleaning was rather easy, the ridges didn't cause any problems. I had not used any lube while trying this toy (I usually don't) but water based or silicone based lubes could be used with this product.

There are 3 speeds. To channel through them you simply push on the button at the end of the vibe to go through each level, and after the third speed it turns off. The first speed is mild and good for getting things aroused before sexual activities. It could be good for teasing a clit on the verge of orgasm during torture play. The other two are medium and strong, and sufficiently satisfying. It isn't for those who enjoy jackhammer like strength from vibes. I used it on my neck and shoulder area, on strong, and it helped to relieve tense muscles rather well.

This toy was not conceived to be used for anal purposes since it has no flared base, however a careful anal connoisseur can derive a lot of pleasure from slowly inserting and pulling out the vibe to stimulate the sphincter muscle. Be careful, ideally it shouldn't be used for this purpose (the zing could be a wonderful alternative because of its structure and quality).

Compared to other traditional vibes the safety features, and the fact that it takes AA batteries, make it a wonderful vibe for beginners. Also it makes it a great toy to move up to, for someone who usually uses only bullets or the cheaper plastic traditional vibes. Overall it is a wonderfully constructed toy, that will be enjoyed by beginners and toy addicts alike.
Follow-up commentary
I love this vibe!!! After a good time using it I have come to love it most. It is more discreet than other vibes I own and it is so soft. I use this vibe every time I need to use a vibe. It is my new favorite vibe.
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  • Contributor: Mamastoys
    I liek how the Evolved comes in that it is waterproof and uses "regualr" batteries.
    thanks for the review..
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    I like that it uses AA batteries bcs they are the most common and can be recharged therefore are more eco friendly. Thanks for yor comment.
  • Contributor: LicentiouslyYours
    Is it weird that one of the best things about Evolved toys for me is the box? I mean, obviously it's not all that important to the actual performance and yet, I adore them so much more because of the tins they come in. lol

    Didn't seem like you forgot anything to me. Winking Great review.
  • Contributor: Juliettia
    ^ I love the boxes they come in as well Tongue out.

    Erm, your "Desire" has a burning smell from the battery compartment? That would cause some concern for me.
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    I love my Desire. I find myself reaching for it just as often as my more expensive toys simply because the ridges are sooo nice.

    Good review!
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    Maybe the box makes it feel more high end? In any case I love it. I always have a burning smell from the battery compartment with my vibes, prob due to the fact that when I use them I do so for a long period of time in one shot. So thats why I am not too concerned. However if the vibe starts melting I will be concerned. Thanks for your comments y'all!
  • Contributor: Liz2
    Great review! Performs all the functions expected of a vibe and the price is great!
  • Contributor: Sammi
    This is such a great color, too.
    Good review!
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    Liz2 - Thanks for the comment

    Sammi - It really is a wonderful color. I am more one who loves pink, black or red toys but this shade of blue is quite pretty. Besides ass long as a vibe functions the way it is supposed to color is not that important Tongue out
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    I think the cases do make them seem more high end but both the cases and vibes seem a little less "awesome" when they're separated.
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    I guess I have been lucky enough to receive one that has satisfied my needs (I have read other reviews about other evolved toys not being up to others expectations) so it iss still awesome when out of the case. I guess it is a sale tactic and it works.
  • Contributor: lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
  • Contributor: Bravo
    Very helpful review!
  • Contributor: Darklyvan
    Great review
  • Contributor: lzee
    Thank you so much for reviewing!
  • Contributor: Peres2013
  • Contributor: Lovely Jubblies
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Dawnwill
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