When you want a rabbit vibrator that has so many functions that it's amazing it's a sex toy, the OhMiBod Freestyle W will fit the bill. With a music mode, compatibility with the BodyHeat app, and manual mode, this two-motor rabbit vibrator is easy to operate, body-safe, very versatile, wireless, rechargeable, well-designed, and quiet. When you want a quality rabbit vibrator that can change functions depending upon what you want that night, the OhMiBod Freestyle W can deliver.
Wireless music capabilities, classy packaging, pleasurable shape, very versatile abilities.
Moderate vibration.
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The Freestyle W is a rabbit-style vibrator that vibrates to the beats of music like other OhMiBod toys do. As far as I know, the Freestyle W is the first rabbit-style vibrator that has music capabilities. The music capabilities on the Freestyle W are also wireless which means that the vibrator does not have to be tethered to cords. As it is a rabbit vibrator, it can be used for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and since it has a clitoral arm it could also be used as an anal toy as long as you were careful to sterilize it before using it as a vaginal toy again.

Along with having the music capabilities, the Freestyle W also can be used as a regular vibrator with the manual program mode. While in the manual mode, this rabbit vibrator has 7 different modes including three steady vibration modes and four different patterns.

Another addition to the OhMiBod family is the BodyHeat app which can be purchased off of the Apple store. The vibrator is compatible with that app which allows you to control the vibrator's strength via the application on your phone. For those that always have their phone with them, it's an interesting way to combine pleasure and technology.

This rabbit vibrator is also rechargeable, so it does not require any batteries for use. The charger (and multiple regional adapters) comes standard with the toy. The Freestyle W is splashproof for cleaning purposes, but it is not waterproof so do not submerge this toy.

Material / Texture

The Freestyle W is made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. The plastic is the white portion where the controls and your hand will be, and the silicone is all of the blue portion. Neither the silicone nor plastic have any smell or taste, and the silicone portion is free from any texture, ridges, or bumps. There is a very slight seam that runs along the top and bottom of the shaft and clitoral portion, but this seam can barely be seen, and it can not be felt during use.

The silicone material is not very plushy, and it does not have the same tackiness that many other silicone dildos have. It is also not as smooth as LELO silicone. It's in the middle. It does have a slight drag to it, but it does not attract lint nor require lots of extra lubricant because of the drag. The silicone does not have any plushiness to it, and it seems like there is a firm inner portion (probably the motor) that keeps the silicone from giving too much. The only plushy portion on the Freestyle W is the slight spots on the shaft where there are two little bumps.

Silicone is a body-safe material that is non-porous. This allows it to be sterilized for multiple-person use. The silicone on the Freestyle W has no odor, is very smooth, and has a very slight drag.

Design / Shape / Size

The Freestyle W has a typical rabbit vibrator design. It is about nine inches long with a diameter of slightly over an inch at the widest portion. The diameter is smaller than the average rabbit vibrator which can be a good thing if you aren't one to enjoy too-large of diameter on your insertable toys. The toy has a very slight upward angle which can hit the g-spot if your g-spot is very, very shallow. Instead, it seems like the focus of the insertable shaft was the two bumps that are located on the upper portion of the shaft. These two bumps can be barely felt during insertion and thrusting, but they do feel pleasurable, and as the most sensitive part of the vaginal canal is the first three inches, these two bumps do help stimulate that.

The clitoral portion is attached at a perpendicular angle to the shaft of the Freestyle W. The clitoral portion has no specific design or texture attached to it, and it is a basic clitoral shaft. It does have its own motor, and it does bend slightly. It bends enough to make it comfortable while still keeping pressure comfortably on to fully enjoy the vibrations that it provides.

The controls for the vibrator are "up-side down" compared to the typical vibrator. This is because, when the rabbit sex toy is inserted, the controls on the shaft will actually face the user. The control panel also has a white backlit LED light that lights up when a button is pressed. This control structure is very helpful if you tend to use the toy by yourself, but it can be confusing if your partner is using the toy (as they won't be facing the control panel the correct way). Luckily, the controls are very easy-to-learn, and once you have used them for a bit, they are very easy to continue to use without needing to see the buttons.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The control structure of the Freestyle W is extremely unique. It has a flower-like control pad at the base of the toy, but unlike other toys the control structure is actually backwards! This means that, while the toy is inserted, the icons on the control pad are right-side up instead of being upside-down like many vibrators end up being once inserted. The control pad has five different options: Off, Up, Down, Music, and Manual. The buttons can be a bit difficult to push down at first, but once you get used to it, it works fine. "Off" keeps the vibrator off, and in order to use the vibrator, "Music" or "Manual" must be selected first. If Manual is selected, the user can then use the Up and Down buttons to control the vibration strength.

If "Music" is selected, the intensity/sensitivity to the music will be controlled via the Wireless Transmitter. The Wireless Transmitter has a headphone jack that plugs into any music-capable item including a laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, or handheld video game console. The Wireless Transmitter has to be plugged into the headphone jack, but no cords will run to the rabbit vibrator itself as the wireless technology will transmit from the Transmitter to the rabbit vibrator. Adjusting the volume on the MP3 player or on the side-dial on the side of the OhMiBod transmitter will adjust the sensitivity to the volume.

Each song will require slight adjustments to the sensitivity. The sensitivity is what determines how sensitive the transmitter will be to the music. With songs with lots of bass, the sensitivity needs to be turned down or the vibration will become a steady vibration. With songs with little bass, the sensitivity needs to be turned up or the vibrations will not be very frequent. Not all songs require large amounts of adjustment, and if you are listening to a bunch of songs from the same artist, it will usually require very little adjustment. It's only when you switch music genres that adjustments are typically needed.

The Wireless Transmitter takes two AAA batteries which are included. When not in use, the Wireless Transmitter should be turned all the way off (until you hear a click) as, otherwise, it will drain batteries as the Transmitter will be sending out frequencies. The rabbit vibrator itself is rechargeable. The charging port is at the base of the Freestyle W, and it is normally covered with a silicone stopper when it is not being charged. The charger plugs easily into the charging port, and it takes about two hours to fully charge. Once charged, a charge should last for about three hours, and it has a stand-by time of about 60 days where it will hold the charge without any use.

I do not have the BodyHeat app to test this vibrator with, but from doing some research, here's what I can tell you. OhMiBod developed an iPhone/iPad/iTouch app that allows you to directly control any OhMiBod's vibrations via the touch screen. You move your finger up and down the touchscreen to change the speed of vibration in real-time. You can then save and name your favorite patterns. Moving your finger left and right will strengthen and weeken the vibrations, and to turn off the vibrator, you just shake your iPhone.

The strongest vibration on the Manual and Music mode is moderate on the intensity scale. As a note, the clitoral piece and shaft vibrations can not be controlled separately. Both of them use the same control scale and will have the same intensities. The vibrations are buzzy, and as far as I can tell, there seems to be two motors. There is a motor in the very tip of the shaft, and there is another motor on the clitoral portion. The clitoral motor is more buzzy while the motor at the tip seems to be rumbly in vibration strength, but both portions are moderate at the highest setting. The clitoral portion's vibrations do seem to decrease when pressure is applied. At the strongest setting, the vibrations can barely be heard in the same room, and they could not be heard outside of a closed door.

Care and Maintenance

The Freestyle W is a silicone sex toy that includes plastic portions, and it is not waterproof. Because it is only splash proof, make sure to avoid submerging this sex toy in water or getting any water near the charging port. The charging port is normally covered with a silicone covering, but accidents can happen, so be careful.

After every use, this rabbit vibrator should be cleaned with mild soap and water. It should be dried thoroughly as well. It can be difficult to cover both the clitoral arm and the shaft at the same time for multiple-person use, but two condoms should cover it decently. The toy can be sterilized with a dip into bleach as well (ONLY the silicone portions; do not submerge past those portions), but do not boil or submerge this toy.

This rabbit vibrator can be stored in the white, satin pouch or in the original packaging. The satin storage pouch is barely large enough to fit the Wireless transmitter and the charger, but it will fit both. The cardboard box is sturdy enough for long-term storage, so if you enjoy the OhMiBod freestyle box, you could keep the Freestyle W in the original packaging instead of taking it out. The surface of the OhMiBod Freestyle W, while silicone, does not seem to pick up much lint or dust, so it does not require as much high-maintenance storage concerns like other silicone might.

As the Freestyle W is made from silicone, only use water-based lubricants with it. Silicone-based or oil-based lubricants could harm the silicone material.


The packaging for the Freestyle W is comprehensive and completes the idea of the Freestyle W being a luxurious toy. The packaging most resembles the packaging that comes with the Freestyle G. The box is a sturdy cardboard box that is white aside from the product information and the logos. The packaging is very, very stylish, and it would work well for storage as well as gift-giving. The packaging does look fancy, and it makes a good first impression.

On the inside of the packaging, there is the instruction book (which is large, in-color, and comprehensive), the wireless transmitter, the charger for the Freestyle W, the Freestyle W itself, and multiple adapters for the Freestyle W's charger. It also includes a 12" AUX input connector and a satin privacy pouch which can store the toy.

Unlike the original Freestyle, the Freestyle W does not include a plastic, high-quality case to store the Freestyle W. Instead, it does have the high-quality box that will work well for storage if you prefer to keep your toys in the original packaging. The packaging could be recycled, fits the size of the toy well, and it makes a great gift.

Personal comments

I don't know if I have to say it, but I'm in love with OhMiBod toys. I love the idea behind them, and I love the creativity that goes into each one of the OhMiBod items. I own the Freestyle, Freestyle G, NaughtiBod, ClubVibe, and BodiTalk for points of comparison.

I do keep waiting for the day when OhMiBod makes a wireless anal toy that will work with vibrations too as that'd be amazing. The Freestyle W is the closest they've come yet as this toy is the only one that has enough of a "base" (the clitoral arm) to be anal-safe.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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