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Frisky is my Homeboy

Frisky is an adorable little kitty cat who, while being a bit loud, provides quite a bit of power for a one-speed toy powered by a AA battery. The battery compartment can be a bit frustrating at first, and I'm a bit concerned about waterproof claims, but otherwise, Frisky really is a good pet.
Pretty strong, adorable, "collect them all", interchangeable caps
Bit loud, battery compartment goes 2 ways, water-resistant - not waterproof
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The Bzzz Buddies toys are adorable little pocket rockets made by TME Products. They are made from plastic (like all pocket rockets) and come in different "varieties" (aka animals) such as Frisky, Paws, Pandy, and Shivers. I own the Frisky which is a kitty cat. Frisky comes with four interchangeable tips that are standard to most Pocket Rockets. Frisky is about six inches long (with two inches being the "pet" on top). The toys look a bit like the LittlePetShop toys which is a bit odd, but it's cute as well.

The packaging made my boyfriend a believer. Quite really. It reminds him a bit of the Pokemon fad. The backside of this plain plastic, see-through packaging shows a picture of all of the Bzzz Buddies pets. (See the Video. These four are only the beginning.) He's already picked out which ones he wants and says we have to own them all. Great, thanks for starting this Bzzz Buddies. The packaging also has a "life story" for Frisky on the backside that explains Frisky's "love" to play. Frisky and the interchangeable heads are stored in a plastic tray that pulls out. This packaging is suitable for storage and gift-giving.

The design for these is adorable. I mean, really. Each one of the Bzzz Buddies is just a regular pocket rocket with an adorable little "animal" sitting on the top of it. For those who are curious, no, the pet does not detach. He seems to be pretty toughly superglued onto the top of the toy which means you'd probably break him if you tried to pull him off. The pet on top varies upon the one you buy, and the colors also vary as well. On the body of each toy is the "pet" playing as well as the Bzzz Buddies logo.

Each one of the Bzzz Buddies comes with four interchangeable tips. The tips included are the standard Pocket Rocket tips. There is one with strong by few spikes, one with many and small spikes, a completely rounded tip, and one with little bumps. The spike ones are not good for genital use unless you like a bit of pain with your pleasure. The rounded and bumped ones work okay, but honestly, I usually used the side of the toy anyway, so I never felt much of what was on the tips. The spikes and more "extreme" ones are meant for more erogenous use like on the nipples.

Frisky takes one AA battery. It's not included. The battery can easily be inserted by a twist of the bottom control cap which will allow you to pull off the cap to insert the battery. Because of the waterproof seal at the top of Frisky's battery compartment, Frisky is also water-resistant. He claims he's waterproof, but when I'd screw on the battery compartment certain ways, the seal wouldn't be completely there, so I wouldn't submerge Frisky. Plus, cats hate water anyways.

The battery compartment design was not well thought-out. I wasted about three batteries by tossing them in the trash thinking they were dead, and I was about ready to e-mail the administrators saying I had a dud when, miraculously, one of the batteries worked! What was it? Well, it turns out that the manufacturers made it so you can secure the battery compartment in two different directions. One of the directions has the battery's contact pads while the other direction doesn't. Just make sure you line up the two inner battery contact pads for it to work.

The controls for Frisky are typical Pocket Rocket controls. The battery compartment controls the vibration levels. Turning it to one way will remove the compartment for battery insertion while turning it the opposite way will turn on the one-speed setting that Frisky has. There's a little design on the backside of Frisky that will point down to the setting you are currently on.
Frisky ends up being a pretty good vibrator, but Frisky also isn't perfect. The setting it provides is moderate-strong in strength which was enough to satisfy me, but I also felt myself wishing that Frisky had an addition setting to "move up" to. However, the moderately-strong setting is not bad, so people who are looking at this for a first toy (or prefer lighter vibrations) will actually enjoy Frisky's vibration level. The neat thing about Frisky is that, unlike most pocket rockets, you can hold onto the body of the cat for a really easy handlehold on the toy - even if your hands are lubricated. It can be a bit problematic to turn off Frisky with lubricated hands though, but that's a problem with all Pocket Rockets. Frisky isn't amazingly quiet - he could easily be heard in the same room, but he could only be heard through a closed door if someone was intentionally trying to listen in.

Frisky is water-resistant and easy to clean. Just use warm water and antibacterial soap. Since he's non-porous, he can be shared with others, but make sure to sterilize him with antibacterial soap first. I recommend storing Frisky in the original packaging. Frisky is compatible with all different types of lubricants. Frisky does get a bit warm after a bit of use, but it didn't seem to be much of a problem for me. It got warm, but it wasn't painfully hot.

Frisky ends up being a relatively good Pocket Rocket. He doesn't seem cheap at all and seems built to last. I thought Frisky was a bit expensive, but no, looking up EF's prices, he's actually about in line with the price of most Pocket Rockets. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants a non-threatening first toy, enjoys moderately-strong vibrations, or just wants something collectable and downright adorable.
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