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Bzzz Buddies

Pocket rocket by TME Products

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This Dog Bites!

If you are in the market for your first external teaser toy, this may be an option, since it is very discreet due to its design; however, not all of the tips are delicate-tissue-friendly and would be better suited for just kneading out muscle cramps or massaging the scalp.
Powerful, cute, and water resistant (waterproof claim is questionable).
Sharp tips, gets hot, not the best as a sex toy.
Rating by reviewer:
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Don't be sucked in to purchasing any of the Bzzz Buddies from TME Products just because of the cuteness factor. That's about all they have going for them, other than numbing power. I can imagine this being a first toy purchase for someone who is just beginning to explore their body and just wants to tease the erogenous zones, or for someone who needs to be as discreet as possible, or for someone who absolutely refuses to own a typical sex toy but still wants some external stimulation on the nipples, neck, buttocks. It would probably make a nice foreplay toy, one that wouldn't scare off your partner either.

Just because it's phallic shaped DOES NOT MEAN that it's designed to be used internally for thrusting, so I don't recommend it. This is a personal massager for external use, teasing in the bedroom, the shower, the kitchen, etc...

Note of caution! If you plan on using it to rub across your clitoris and labia, you may want to avoid select tip attachments that make it feel as if this dog is "biting". Getting off with this probably isn't impossible (well it was for me), but don't buy it thinking it will do that. It might, heck, I used to hump my stuffed animals, but I knew they weren't INTENDED for that kind of pleasure. Same goes for this toy. It's enjoyable as a massager, but if you can figure out how to use it otherwise, knock yourself out!

Material / Texture

The entire toy is made up of a very safe, phthalate-free, shiny plastic. To me, it just feels impersonal and cheap. It's hard, not flexible, and too slippery when lube it applied. There are so many other better-feeling materials out there, even ones that are less safe, that I can't even imagine this one being someone's first choice, unless again, it's simply for the "cuteness" and total discretion factors.

The main wand is smooth, with some noticeable ridges and seams. The plastic attachment tips would have been more pleasurable had they been made out of a softer and less irritating material such as TPR (see similar product below for an example), as play with these can cause some friction burns if you rub them too hard.

There's no smell or taste to it either in case that's an issue for anyone.

Design / Shape / Size

It comes in 4 animal styles: a kitty "Frisky"; a panda, "Pandy"; a polar bear, "Shivers"; and "Paws", the puppy, which looks like a pug. I received the latter, which is more of a turquoise blue color (more green in it than product photo) with white markings and labeling. The animal head sits atop of this approximately 6" massager and serves as a handle. It then tapers off in to a small wand of about 3-3/4 inches long and a diameter of less than 1 inch. So for those that need to be able to hide this or take it along in their purse, it's very compact and discreet.

One thing I did notice about this toy is that the waterproof gasket sits outside of the toy, so there's no way for water to leak to the battery compartment...BUT..there's a small seam just above where the tips twist on, so if one were to submerge this, it's possible some water could get in that way; although probably no more than a minute amount, but I don't think I'd risk anything more than shower play with it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

One thing this toy does have is puppy power! Unfortunately, there is only one steady level of vibration, and after a while, the lower wand portion/tip becomes hot. That's not good! Especially if you are using it on your clitoris like I did. None of my others toys get that hot so quickly! And the constant high pitch had me wishing there were multiple speeds, because it actually started to hurt my ears!

Switching the toy on is as easy as turning the head portion to the far left. It is labeled, from left to right, "on", "off", and "open". It only takes one AA battery, and you have to get it in just right for the toy to even turn on. Initially I thought mine was a dud, but after a few tries, it worked. With extended use, the white lettering will probably rub off, not that it will confound the user as how to operate the toy.

The main unit by itself just has 3 silver fixed balls in a triangular pattern, so the user can rub these on the body, although like I mentioned, even these will get warm and not because this toy is intended for temperature play. There are 4 optional plastic tips that just screw on to the main unit: a dome/rounded one, one with 6 slightly raised flat top circles, one with large spikes, and another with many smaller ones. Yeah, SPIKES, you read correctly. That is not something you want to rub across your privates unless you are into a little pain/discomfort. The only tip that was bearable for external clitoral play is the rounded one.

The buzzing is audible under the covers, but not behind a closed door, so I wouldn't worry about getting caught.

Care and Maintenance

Any type of lube or massage cream will work with this item without damaging it. Clean-up is a breeze whether you use warm water and antibacterial soap, or some type of toy cleaning wipe or spray. It can be left out anywhere or stored anywhere. Some one may even mistake it for a fat marker or pen like the kind they sell at the Sanrio TM store.


This was nothing more than a clear plastic box, and the toy sits in a tray, which is nice since it keeps all the tips separated. You'd be just as well off storing everything in a Ziploc too.

Personal comments

I was curious about this type of massager, so I'm glad I was able to try it, but I certainly won't be purchasing any more like it in the future. I'd rather have the skilled hands of my massage therapist working out the knots than trying to ease the tension with this toy. And I have plenty of other toys to get off with that don't hurt!


I knew as soon as I opened it that this toy was going to be useless, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyhow since many women have found that this can double as a clitoral vibe (again it's really NOT intended to be that, but trying it was worth a shot). I put on the rounded tip and disappeared in to the bedroom. After lying on my back and rubbing it around my entire body for about 2 minutes, I was bored. It felt nice, but not enough to make me squirm, and my nipples aren't the most sensitive either so I wasn't overly impressed, but not completely disappointed either. By the time I worked my way "down south", the plastic was becoming hot by the battery compartment. Also, my clit became desensitized to the strong vibrations, which is where where multiple speeds would have come in handy, just to change the pace, but this toy lacks them. Not to mention all I heard was this loud, annoying buzz tapping against my clitoral piercing. I gave up and pulled out an "old faithful" to finish the job. This one is getting sent to the "doghouse" where it belongs!
Follow-up commentary
This toy isn't really meant to pull double duty. Could it? Sure, but it's really more of a massager rather than a sex toy. I found that out the hard way. Buy it because you can't resist "adopting" one of these adorable animals or perhaps because you have a friend who is in to cutesie-poopsie stuff and would love this as a gift (even if it isn't the most useful thing out there), but save your money for a real toy if you are looking to pleasure your privates.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • LavenderSkies
    Thanks for the review!
  • PassionQT
    @Zoey Glass - I love kawaii too (I do deco-den crafts), just not on my toys . As far as the heat issue, I may have received a dud, but it's nothing I want to replace. Thanks for respecting my opinion, even if it isn't the most favorable.

    liilii080 (verified)

    I wonder how the tips with the pointy nubs would work for a scalp massage?

    Fine for scalp massage. It actually felt best there.

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    Great review, thank you!
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    Very informative review, thanks a bunch!
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    It looks cute but it's not for me. Great review.
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    I find it scary when toys get hot. Especially after little use.
    Thanks for the review.
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