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Harmonious orgasms? Why not? Let's make beautiful music together!

The the musical "theme" for this line of toys by Close2you is a bit cheesy, but this toy is definitely great quality. With the eight vibration modes, the bulged end on a G-spot curve, and the firm but flexible shaft, the Harmonia makes it possible to create a multitude of amazing sensations. It's sure to make any one's body sing!
Safe material, easy to clean, easy to use, and versatile! Great for beginners!
Others may want a more firm and powerful G-spot vibe.
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While I think pleasure from the Harmonia could be had for any one, I will focus more on beginners in this review. This vibrator would be great for beginners who are looking to experiment with G-spot stimulation. The look and feel of this toy is not intimidating at all. It comes in two pleasing colors; a deep pink/rose, and a light green/lime. I chose the lime, because green is one of my favorite colors. It is made to stimulate the G-spot, but feels great all over the body, especially the clitoris. While the instruction booklet says that this toy can be used anally, I must caution you that is does NOT have a flared base. The "handle" is larger at the bottom, but there is no ridge or anything to keep this from sliding all the way into your rectum. That being said, if one was experienced enough, it is long enough to get a good hand hold. The bulge at the top may be pleasurable for the male prostate, and could be pleasurable for anal stimulation for a woman as well.

I've read a lot of reviews that recommend vibes for beginners. Usually they are small, low powered, jelly or plastic, and cheap. I'm not saying this is the case for all reviews, but it is common enough, that I felt I should mention it. Now, I do understand that beginners may not want to spend a lot of money to try something out that they may end up not liking, but come on! Do we really want to recommend to a beginner something that is made of cheap and usually unsafe materials, and will probably break after a few uses? Also, just because you are new to sex toys, doesn't mean you want a small clitoral stimulator, or a vibe that only has one or two speeds. Beginner's want options and versatility as much as us experienced toy users! The reason I am ranting about all of this, is that I feel that the Harmonia is a great beginner's toy, and I will continue to explain why throughout this review. How I wish something like Eden Fantasys was available to me when I was a beginner! Had I had a vibe like this back then, I would have saved tons of money on various toys I purchased trying to find one that did all that this one does.
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Material / Texture

Reason #1 for me recommending this vibe to beginners: Safe Material.

The Harmonia is made out of non-porous, Phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, latex free silicone! Silicone is by far, one of the safest materials out there for sex toys. If you wash your toy before and (especially)after each use, you should not have any problems with skin irritations or bacterial infections. It also has no smell or taste. Another thing about silicone is that it retains temperature nicely. Just run hot or cold water over it, and experience nice temperature play.

Reason #2 : Smooth Texture.

While this toy is not as smooth as plastic or glass, I find that I need very little lube when using it. Silicone can cause some friction, so if you have sensitive skin, you may want to use a little more lube. Speaking of lubes, only water based lubes should be used with silicone. Other than the bulge on the end for the g spot, this toy has no textural nubs, bumps or ridges; just smooth sleek silicone.

Design / Shape / Size

Reason #3: Perfect Size.

The size is just right! Not too big, but not too small. This vibrator is 8 and 3/4 inches long, with 6 and 1/2 inches insertable. It is only 1 and 5/8 inches in diameter at it's thickest point. The bulged and curved end goes in smoothly. After about an inch inserted, the shaft tapers in the middle and then gradually flares out to it's thickest at the bottom, or "handle". I am an experienced user, who likes my toys a bit on the larger side, but this toy gives me a nice full filling if I insert it all the way.. I would say that the size is great for beginners, keeping in mind that to hit the g spot, you need only insert it a few inches, depending on the individual.

Reason #4: Flexibility.

Although it does not lock into place when you bend it, the silicone shaft of this vibrator is quite flexible! I can take the shaft and almost fold it in half, making the bulb end touch the bottom of the vibe. Why does this matter? Well, my dear beginners... this allows you to insert the curve end, hitting the g spot, and flex the shaft up until the end's side is pushed against your whole clitoral area! This can be VERY nice indeed! The silicone transfers the vibrations very well through out the entire shaft, but the actual vibrating mechanism feels like it is closest to the "handle". This will put the strongest vibrations on your clit. While I am lucky enough to be able to orgasm from all types of stimulation to different areas of my body, most women need direct clitoral stimulation to climax. If this is the case for you, then the Harmonia will deliver!

HOWEVER, this toy is made for g spot stimulation. This is where the first potential "con" comes in. Since the vibration is seated in the "handle" and not the curved end, many women will find that the vibrations alone aren't enough to give them a g spot orgasm. A lot of women, like me, require either very powerful vibrations focused directly on the g spot, or very firm stimulation through thrusting or rubbing with direct contact to the g spot, to be able to have a "squirting" g spot orgasm. In order for me to have this type of orgasm with this toy, I had to do some pretty tricky angles and positions. That or have my partner do it for me. I will explain more about this later, in the Experience section.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Reason #5: Simplicity.

The Harmonia is simple in use. There is one button to turn it on and off, and another to cycle through the vibration modes. These buttons are not activated so easily that you would accidentally turn it on or off, or switch modes at the wrong time. Still, they aren't complicated and are simple to use, even in the "heat of the moment". There are no complex and intimidating "bells and whistles", like the many rabbit style vibrators out there. This toy has one function and that is to vibrate.

This toy is also simple in looks. No exaggerated details of a realistic cock, no rotating beads, no creepy looking smiling faces, and no flowers or cute creatures.
I know that when I first started using toys, I was too embarrassed to introduce them to my lovers. I didn't want them to laugh at my sparkly butterflies and fairies. I also didn't want to intimidate them with big realistic looking dildos, or loud neon pink jelly vibes. I was afraid that it would make them feel uncomfortable, inadequate, or even worse; jealous! If I was brave enough, I would usually pull out the smaller, quieter toys, like bullets and clit stimulators. Sometimes, though I wanted more! How can you begin to act out some of those threesome fantasies without having something that will fill you up in one place or another? The Harmonia is great for this! Not only is it plain and simple looking, but the size isn't going to make anyone but the most insecure man jealous. It is also very QUIET. It can barely be heard under blankets, let alone a shut door. He might even enjoy the gentle vibrations himself, on his balls, shaft, or taint.

Reason #6: Versatility.

This vibrator has 8 modes of vibration. Yes you read that right, EIGHT modes of vibration. The first mode when you turn in on is the lowest, the second mode is a bit stronger, and the third is the strongest. All three are just steady vibrations with out any pauses. The fourth is a gradual but quick ascent from low to high that keeps repeating with a slight pause in between: zzzZZZ zzzZZZ zzzZZZ, etc. The fifth is at top speed but constant quick pulses: ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ, etc. The sixth is a combo of 4 and 5 : zzzZZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ zzzZZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ , repeating over and over. The seventh is six very quick buzzes flowed by a longer buzz: Z Z Z Z Z Z ZZZZZZ. The eighth and final mode is a long buzz followed by three quick buzzes and then another long buzz: ZZZZ Z Z Z ZZZZ, etc. repeating over and over like the others.

The Harmonia has great vibrations, especially at the curved end. They aren't extreme, but more like a gentle caress of a skilled lover. This makes for a relaxed and gentle experience. Perfect for alone time, or use in places where you don't want your toy to be heard, this vibe is also great for sharing with a partner.

This brings us to another potential "con". If you are looking for super powerful vibrations, you may want to look elsewhere. That is not to say that all the vibrations are weak, but they aren't even close to the type of vibrations you would get from the Hitachi. This toy runs only two AAA batteries, if that is any indication for you of much power this toy has. I have used this four times at about 10 to even 30 minutes at a time, and the batteries are still going strong.

Reason #7: It is WATERPROOF!

I used this in the tub, while it was completely under water. After my play session, I opened the battery compartment and it was dry. There was a small amount of moisture right around the seal where it separates, but not much. I made sure to wipe around both parts and let them air dry before closing the battery compartment.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning is a breeze! For quick cleanup, antibacterial hand soap and warm water will suffice, as well as your favorite toy cleaner or toy wipes. For more thorough cleaning, especially if you choose to use this toy anally, it can be sanitized by using a 10% bleach and water solution. Because of it's electrical components, this toy can NOT be boiled or put in the dishwasher.

As for storage, I have just been using the beautiful box it came in. If you don't have room to keep it in this box, you could always wrap it in a lint free cloth or put it in a plastic zip top bag. Silicone does pick up lint and dust like crazy though. Also, I would avoid storing it in direct contact with other toys, so there is no potential damage to the toy or other toys.


I normally don't comment a lot on the packaging, but the box that this toy came in is AWESOME! It reminds me of a jewelry box, as far as it's form and function. It has a magnetized flap or "lid" on the top that allows you to view the toy through a plastic "window". The magnets hold this flap closed. The Toy is nestled in custom cut white foam, and is easily accessed by pulling out the first "drawer" on the side. The second, more shallow "drawer" holds the accessories. The generous people at Close2you provided free samples! Not only did it come with the two AAA batteries needed to operate the toy, it came with : A purple velvet drawstring storage pouch for the vibe, a 7.5 ml tube of water based lube, a disposable toy cleaning wipe, a purple silicone cock ring, and an instruction booklet that is written in 10 languages. The only complaint about the box is that it has a picture of a couple on the front, with the man holding the toy in front of the woman's face. Had they chosen to just leave it blank, it would have made a discreet gift or storage box.


Just a couple of points on my personal experience. I'm fully aware of how long this review is already!

As stated before, it was hard for me to achieve a g spot orgasm with this toy. That is not to say I didn't, but it was tricky. I tried getting the right angle just lying on my back with my legs up in the air, but the shaft was too soft and flexible to get it just right. Every one's anatomy is different, but I found I had to put a pillow under my ass and really get my knees as close to my face as possible. Even then, my wrist got tired from the awkward angle. Having already came twice just from the other stimulation, I was tired and ready to end my session with a squirting g spot orgasm. I chose to get on the floor in a squatting position with my knees far apart. I was able to thrust hard and fast at the right angle and FINALLY... I gushed!

The next time, I was with my partner, and he was able to get the right angle pretty easily. It was great. I don't want to discourage all the singles out there, but it is much easier with a partner. That being said, I was able to use a sex sling in my last solo session. This put my legs where they needed to be, without needing support from a partner or my hands. I added an extra pillow under my hips, to be more comfortable, and VOILA! Both my hands were free and I was in the right position to get at my G-spot. It was still tiring on my wrist, but I was able to switch hands when needed. I will acknowledge the fact that the above scenario is way too much work for an average solo session... but hey, it worked!
Follow-up commentary
The Harmonia is my vibe of choice if I want my partner to use something on me, especially while we are having sex. My other toys are much longer or firmer and he can sometimes hurt me with them. The Harmonia is the perfect size and shape and he can really get my g-spot with it. It's especially nice to have inside my vagina during anal sex. It hits my g-spot, gives me the feeling of fullness I desire, and makes my ass feel even tighter to him. He can also feel the vibrations from it through my body.

I have a hard time hitting the g-spot hard enough with it on my own though, so if I am looking for a good squirting g-spot orgasm while masturbating, I use something else. This could be due to my particular anatomy or the lack of rigidity in the toy itself. While I can have a g spot orgasm with it, it takes longer and it's not as intense. The flexibility of the toy makes it hard on my wrist and hand to hit the g-spot as hard as I would like. My partner can get the right angle while using it on me, and that's great, but I would like to be able to hit that spot on my own. Still, if it were rigid enough for this, it wouldn't be flexible enough to bend so that I could have it on my g-spot and clit at the same time.

***** UPDATE *****

I was reading a review about another toy where they recommended using newer and better quality batteries than the ones the company sends you. I had read this before, but had never received batteries with a toy before, so I forgot. The batteries you use with toys really make a difference. I replaced the batteries with new Duracell ones and it amped up the power quite a bit, which is great news for anyone, but especially ones who would have found this toy lacking. I won't say that it is super powerful, but it is definitely A LOT better with the new batteries. I am so excited that something so simple has made one of my favorite toys even better! Now I wander if this would be the same with the watch batteries that came with my last cock ring? Hmmm.... worth a try!
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