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The Heart Warmer cures my aches, pains, and stress. It stays warm for around a half hour which makes for a nice, long massage. I love mine, I use it all the time and can't imagine what I'd do without it.
It's only $8.00!
It's not that big.
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I have PCOS. It causes really bad cramps, aches, and back pain when I have my period. It also causes cysts which are incredibly painful. I hate having to rely on medication to stop the ache but since finding the Heart Warmer, it has made a huge improvement in how I manage my pain.

When you first snap the button, the liquid inside starts to crystallize. It's pretty neat watching it, like spraying your windshield with cleaner in the middle of the winter and watching the ice start to crust upwards. It starts off very hot, I have to leave mine on the bed and wait a few minutes for it to cool off. When it's at a comfortable temperature where I can touch it to my bare skin, it warms my entire body right down to the core. The heat lasts for about 30 minutes and when you want more, you just boil it for around 5 minutes (that's on my stove, yours may be different) and you can use it again.

On the days when my husband is home with me and I hurt, he'll boil the warmer until the chemicals inside are liquid once again and he'll massage my back with it. He actually uses it unsnapped first, when he takes it out of the pot on the stove it retains heat for around 15 minutes. The massager is hot but the insides are still liquid and makes the heart hard to use because of how floppy it is. When it's finally cool again, he'll snap it and away he goes. It stays squishy for a while, it doesn't get completely hard until a few hours after using it. Nestled under the covers, with the warmth radiating off of the massager as it moves over my back, makes me want to melt.

I love mine so much I just recommended one to my friend who just found out she's pregnant. I got an email yesterday where she was thanking me because she finally found a cure for her tender breasts. The heart massager really does have a variety of uses. You can even rest a dildo on top of the massager and let it warm up your toy to mimic body temperature.

I love this! I imagine I'll probably be giving these out next year for Christmas, the Heart Warmer|Heart warmer Massager by Pipedream is just an overall great gift; Not only does it lead to a fantastic massage but it takes away my pains and stress. It's well worth $8.00!
Follow-up commentary
Initially, this was bought with me in mind to manage my pain but with an extremely creative and kinky husband it's found a few other uses. While this is a feel good massager that helps to relax my muscles, tenderize my skin, and relieve my pain- my husband has realized it's also a torture device.

We play the game of 'Cold and Hot'. The cold involves ice cubes and the hot involves the Heart Warmer fresh out of the pot. He starts off with rubbing the ice cube against my nipples making them instantly erect, he then tosses the ice cube back into the bucket and switches to the massager fresh off the stove. It's the constant changes of cold-hot-cold-hot that turn me on. Because the Heart Warmer is able to stay warm for around a half hour this is a fair amount of foreplay.

What's even better than having ice cubes and the massager used on your nipples is having them used on your clitoris and labia. Whenever he teases me with the freezing ice and then the heat from the heart, he waits until I'm dripping with melted water and my own juices to fuck me senselessly with his throbbing cock. This is not a game we play every day but for those occasions when I feel a little more daring than usual we certainly enjoy our temperature play. An added bonus is using a blindfold, you're unable to tell whether he'll be using a cold ice cube or the hot Heart Warmer... and ah, it's fun!
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  • His scarlett
    great review!! i have added this to my ever growing wish list!! it just looks so pretty and sounds like a lot of fun too!
  • Nashville
    It is fun, it's more than that though. Besides being a great warm-up for sex it's a great way to help my muscles to relax.
  • Kitty Kat
    Oh wow, sounds like a great product... although I'm noticing a theme of 'small'. What are the dimensions?
    As a fellow PCOS sufferer I really appreciate your looking at it from that angle. Great to know it has multiple uses... I might just have to show your follow-up commentary to the other half. Smile
  • Nashville
    Kit, it fits in the palm of your hand. However, if small isn't your thing, Linens and Things carries an almost exact replica that is just a bit bigger than the one shown here.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Another great one!

    sorry someone rated this unfairly!
  • LikeSunshineDust
    Great review! Adding 2 to the wish list Smile
  • Trashley
    What a score! Such a cutie, too..
  • PuplePleasures
    I have PCOS as well so this sounds amazing.
  • darkkitty
    Awesome review!
  • Mary-Anne-Xun
    Very nice!
  • stars
    thanks for this review!
  • puglove
    Fantastic review, thank you!
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