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I'll just take real flowers, please.

The Bendable Rose seems to be more of a "for looks only" type of vibrator. It's not beautiful to me, but it's OK. For someone looking for something more along the lines of cute, someone just introducing toys into a relationship, experimenting with different speeds and pulses or someone super sensitive, this could be nice. If you're looking for a vibrator that promises orgasm, look somewhere else.
Deep vibrations.
Lots of variety.
Too fat for insertion.
Bendable stick serves no purpose.
Says 10 speeds, there's only 7!
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The Bendable Rose is not a strong vibrator. It is by far the weakes I've owned. This makes it hard to say exactly what this would be best for. Keep in mind, I have a very sensitive clitoris. I'm talking sensitive enough to be excited by hands only through a pair of jeans! Sorry for that image, but I am trying to make a point here.

For someone who is new to vibrators or looking into a variety of speeds and pulses, this might be good as it comes with a nice variety! If you're looking for a clitoral stimulator, skip this unless you are super sensitive. It could be a good forplay toy for couples, although we preferred our stronger toys for this. One thing I can say is that this would be great for someone who's just introducing toys into their relationship since it's not intimidating and the rose gives it a cute look rather than something scary. It is large for my size though. Inserting this was not an option for me and believe me, I tried! The fattest part is 5" so if you plan on getting this for insertion, I would suggest making sure you can handle it first. Something about the way it's pointy then suddenly very large creates a major problem for me when trying to insert.

The non-drag, velvety slick bud does feel nice tracing all over your back and other erogenous zones!
    • Couples
    • Gag gift
    • Solo

Material / Texture

The rose bud itself is made of 100% silicone, it's extremely velvety and soft. It slides right over the skin with no drag at all. I love that part. Just running it over my skin feels nice. The handle is made of a hard plastic. The stem's material is a mystery. The materials are Phthalates and latex free, hypo-allergenic and made of food grade material with a material safety rating of 8. The rose bud is non-porous.

It does collect a slight amount of lint, but not hardly as much as jelly and other materials do. For the most part, it does stay fairly hair and lint free.

The rose bud has a couple of crevices for design. These are not felt during use. The hard plastic handle is ridged making it easy to hold, especially when taking off the cap.

I don't remember this having a smell at all and no taste. It doesn't have texture, but is super smooth with only a slight amount of squish, mostly at the tip. There's nothing too special about the bendable rose, but the idea is fun.

The stem is flexible, obviously. It bends in all sort of directions, but I wouldn't bend it directly in half. The bendable stem is useless for me because it's too floppy, won't hold a shape so you have to apply a lot of pressure to feel vibrations.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Bendable Rose is designed differently from most vibrators. The part that provides stimulation is the small rose bud. The bud is small until you try inserting it which I would not recommend doing. It's not designed for insertion, but when all else failed, I tried and that failed as well! I have never been able to insert this.

The rose bud is at the end. Then you have the bendable green stick. I really don't understand the deisgn to be honest. The stick or stem is not meant for insertion and I found no situation where the bendable stick came in handy. It seemed it would have been better for me if it were not bendable at all since I need to hold it firmly to my lady bits to feel anything.

At the opposite end of the bud, there's a hard plastic handle which also houses the 2 AAA batteries. There's a flat button at the end for channeling through the 7 speeds. It is said to have 10 speeds, but for the life of me I cannot find any more than 7! I'm not fond of the design or the functions.

I would say this is good for beginners more so than advanced users as it has little to offer. For a beginner looking to try new settings like pulses, may find this a fun toy for a while. Without being able to insert this and the lack of strong vibrations makes it hard to have much use for.

I had hoped that the pointy end would make it good for pin point stimulation, but I find the vibrations to be too faint to excite.

As for it being discrete, that's possible unless someone has seen this toy before or actually picked it up. You could leave it out without it drawing a lot of attention. It's fairly easy to hide away in a drawer, but it is long. I keep mine seperate from all of my toys and leave it stashed in a box.

The entire toy measures 11" long with the rosebud being 2 1/2 inches long. At it's widest part, the rose bud is 5", making it impossible for insertion for me.

I tried using this for neck/back massaging, but found it useless since the vibrations are faint and with the bendable stem, you cannot apply enough pressure anywhere to feel the vibrations well. The rose and I just don't mix well. It has potential to be a good warm up toy for forplay, but the vibrations are lacking severely which leaves me more than frustrated.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bendable rose has 7 settings, but I remember the container saying it had 10! I even counted again for the review and there is absolutely 7 settings only. There is a nice variety of pulsing patterns and several steady ones. The variety of deep vibrations makes me desperately wish those vibrations were stronger so I could enjoy this.

The vibrations are located in the rose, but can be felt in the stem too. On the highest steady setting I can feel a deep, nice vibration, but it's still hardly noticable without firmly pressing it to myself. I truly hate the push button at the base! I've never had problems with the settings buttons on any toy, but this one is a pain! It's flat so it's hard to feel and it's hard to tell if I've clicked it or not unless I'm pressing the bud firmly to myself to feel the change in setting. Another major problem I have is trying to turn it off. I cycled through the setting at least 3 times the last time trying to turn it off! I finally had to unscrew the cap just to turn it off. This is not good for emergency situations when you need to quickly turn it off.

With all the issues I have with this toy, it turns out to be the quietest one I have! It's virtually silent. It can't even be heard with someone sitting on the bed with me!

It takes 3AAA batteries and they last a good while. I really couldn't use this toy long without getting frustrated so it has not gotten much use, but the batteries will hold up for at least a good 45-50 minutes. Mine held just fine for that long.

It is waterproof, but I found it even harder to feel the vibrations in water. The cap is not like the usual threaded ones, you screw it and it has something like a lock feature. It's unique and you can be sure it's properly closed this way.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

The Bendable Rose is silicone so silicone lubricants should be avoided. Water based is compatible with this and do remember to keep this away from direct contact with other toys to be safe. It's very easy to care for, especially if you decide to not use it again. To clean the Bendable Rose you can toy wipes or simple warm water and soap. Cleaning takes only a minute.

I store this alone in a box since it never gets used. You could store it in it's original packaging, but I found it took up less space without it.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


It's been close to a year or longer since I got this, but I remember it coming in a clear, tall round plastic package. It had words on it in red I believe, but I do not recall what they said. It also had a small red satin bow on it which was slipped over the round container by it's elastic band. It's cute and I actually ended up using it as a hair bow for our 2 year old!

I don't recall it coming with instructions. The package was tasteful, a nice plastic conatiner with a pretty bow and no tacky nude photos to ruin it. This would be perfect for gift giving if you know someone who would want to recieve it.

I don't think I would call the packaging discrete because I remember clearly, it saying "10 speeds" so it would be obvious that it's a vibrator, but I don't remember anything that would make it not gift-worthy besides the toy itself.
    • Would make a nice gift


While I was very disappointed with this toy's vibrations, I really didn't expect much by looking at it so I wasn't horrified that it did nothing for me. It simply didn't excite me and I didn't much expect it to. It will not fit my petite size. I guess my feelings towards it are pretty nuetral. I'm not all that upset with it, but thrilled would be the last word that comes to mind. If I would've expected more, I would've been let down. The part that disappoints me is when I try using it, I can feel that the vibrations are deep and very nice, but so very weak. I can tell that it would've been pretty darn good for clitoral stimulation had I been able to feel the vibrations.

I do applaud Evolved for adding such a variety of speeds and pulses to this useless rose though.

In order to feel anything I have to press firmly and the bendable stick doesn't allow this very nicely. This is the only toy that I've gotten that my partner wasn't excited with. It provides absolutely no stimulation for me and doesn't even serve as a warm up! Now, if I could only get a little warm up with this, I'd be happy. My partner lost interest as soon as we tried inserting it after the vibrations had failed. I was more determined and broke it out daily for a couple of weeks to give it "one more shot." I have come to terms with the fact that me and this rose will not make it together. The thing is, with all of my Evolved toys, I've been left breathless! So this was a different experience with Evolved toys.

I had to give this 2 stars only. I simply could not find a reason to give any more stars. I gave the two stars for the nice deep vibrations, the quiet sound and the variety.

I gave it one bee because it's truly that quiet. Like I said, it will not be heard even if someone's in the same room! My partner can't hear it while on the same bed as me, but then again the vibrations are weak so that may be the cause for such a quiet sound.

I gave one vroom because it's not strong enough to be felt on most external areas and I wouldn't even recommend it for forplay as my too-sensitive clitoris won't even respond to it. None!
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