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Overall, the Magic Wand is just magical. It works for my wife. It works for me. It's easy to use. Easy to maintain. It does its job when called upon, and never has disappointed. Out of the several toys we've purchased over the years, the Magic Wand is always a dependable go-to for that fast release.
Powerful and super easy to use.
Has to be plugged in. The vinyl head can not be sterilized. Strength may be too much for some.
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First impression

The Magic Wand was always one of those mystical vibrators that you would see all over the place in porn, and you knew one thing about it. It was powerful. Hell, anything that has to be plugged in is certainly expected to deliver the goods. The funniest thing, though, is how unassuming the box for the product is. It has the clean, simple qualities of any product you would find at a retail store, but what lies behind the cardboard casing is anything but "simple". The unit in the box is hefty. You can tell immediately that it means business and is going to deliver power to wherever you put the semi-soft vinyl head. There is a 6-foot outlet cord that should be plenty long for whatever play session you are having.

First Use

My wife was looking for a new vibrator experience since she hadn't been too fond of the simple, cheap, plastic, 2xAA battery ones that most adult stores sell. Since the reputation of the Magic Wand is pretty well known, I decided to pick it up for her.

We decided to have a little fun after receiving it, and I wanted to use the Magic Wand on her. I quickly cleaned the head of the wand with some mild soapy water. Since the head of the Magic Wand is vinyl, a porous non-sterile material, my wife kept her underwear on. We were not immediately sure of the strength of the "High" and "Low" settings on the wand. Curious, we went immediately for high. It was way too much for her, and she couldn't handle that much stimulation. I switched it to low, and she was moaning and writhing around almost instantly. The deep rumbling vibrations did the trick for her and she was climaxing pretty quickly. After this first experience with the wand, it has pretty much been her go-to vibrator any time she wants to masturbate.

Further Experience

The Magic Wand was initially a toy bought for my wife, but I was very curious about using it on my penis. There are a lot of nerve ending similarities between the glans of the clitoris and the glans of the penis, so I wanted to see how it felt. I undressed, was erect, and, similar to our first time using it, turned it on high. The high setting was immediately perfect for me. The high-intensity vibrations surging through the vinyl head to the glans on my penis were intense and sending shivers all through my body. After some experimenting in positioning, I found that placing the head of the wand right behind the glans of my penis was the perfect spot, and I often achieve a hard full-body climax after a few minutes. The orgasms are intense, so I only bust out the magic wand every now and then to keep the sensations special and rewarding.

Maintenance on the unit is incredibly easy, depending on how you use it in play. The soft vinyl head can either be popped off for cleaning or just wiped down with some mild soapy water and a towel. Obviously, make sure the unit is unplugged when cleaning.

We've had the wand for years, and it has never let us down yet!

Vibration Map

The semi-soft vinyl head is where all the powerful vibrations come from, and they taper off the higher up the unit you go. If you are someone with carpal tunnel, or sensitive wrists that a lot of vibration irritates, from my experiences with the wand, if you are holding it in the middle area, around the setting switch, the vibrations are minimal enough, even on high, that you shouldn't be affected.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

For both my wife and I, the orgasms are hard and intense, and some of the best we achieve through masturbation.
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