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Sugar bumps

Rabbit vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Not So Sweet, Not Terrible Either!

Sugar Bumps was a bit of a disappointment. It's far from a One-Size-Fits-All toy. This thing is monstrous! It does have a few redeeming qualities though. Read on and I'll fill you in on those.
Sturdy, Attractive, Silicone, Various Speeds, Powerful, Waterproof
Noisy, Not Discreet, Large and Awkward Design
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I'm a size queen, but I found Sugar Bumps by NMC to be way too large and uncomfortable for me. Unless you are looking for a massive rabbit vibrator, don't bother with this one. It's intended for vaginal use with simultaneous clitoral action.


The first redeeming quality of Sugar Bumps is that the shaft and clit teaser are made out of silicone, which tops the scale when it comes to being safe for vaginal play. It's non-porous, so no condom is necessary unless you plan on sharing it with your playmate. There is no smell or taste.

The texture is extremely smooth, velvety, with a matte finish and a good amount of drag. There's a very thin seam down the backside of the shaft, but it's so negligible that I almost didn't notice it myself until I turned the toy and saw it in the light. It's slightly soft and bends some in the areas that do not have internal hard parts.

The only other texture on the toy is on the side of the clitoral stimulator that hits the clitoris. There are about 25 small nubs/spikes covering most of that surface, all very soft and pliable.


This is by far the longest rabbit vibe I've ever purchased: 9-3/4 inches total length according to my measurements. The packaging states 7", but that only takes in to consideration the length of the shaft, not the handle. Only 5-1/2 of that is insertable.

The head looks somewhat like that of a real penis, and there are there are two main bulges on the shaft, the largest having a circumference of 5-3/4 inches and located centrally. The diameter is 1-3/4".

The clitoral attachment is about 3-1/4" long, with a wider base to accommodate a separate motor, then it narrows down to a small penis head also. It's flexible where it attaches to the main shaft, so it can be maneuvered without breaking it.


Here's where the toy's second redeeming quality comes in to play. The variety of functions, the power, and the well-designed control panel obviously had more thought put in to them than the sizing.

The control panel is pressure activated and there are two sides to it, because there are two motors! One located in the upper portion of the shaft and the other in the clitoral attachment. There's a power button on each side, then another button below each of those to cycle through the different settings. So technically, you can have one motor just buzzing and the other thumping if you like. There are light indicators also on either side, so you know it's working, or if you are in the dark, so you can match up the patterns.

The packaging describes the settings as follows:
1. Vibrate (low)
2. Vibrate (med)
3. Vibrate (high)
4. Pulsate
5. Surge
6. Inta-Surge
7. Intermittent
8. Escalate Step
9. Roller Coaster Spurt
10. Gradient Burst

The vibrations in both motors are powerful, however the main difference is in the sound. The one in the shaft is quieter, the one in the clitoral attachment rattles. I would have rated the bee a 3 if it weren't for the latter.

The toy requires 4-AAA batteries which are accessed by twisting the handle and pulling out the base. The battery compartment is attached to the base, which is convenient. There's a rubber gasket, making this toy "waterproof". As I say in all my reviews, submerge at your own risk. It lived up to being waterproof in the shower and when I cleaned it under running water, but I didn't try it out in the bathtub. When I submerged it in the sink, a minute amount of water got in between the crack where it attaches, but the seal kept it out of the battery compartment.


Use water-based lubricant only, and have a lot on hand! Cleaning is best done under warm-water with anti-bacterial soap or with a 10% bleach solution. The microscopic fine print on the package says it's dishwasher safe, but do that at your own risk. It will collect lint, so you can store it in the clamshell it came in or however else you like.


I'm really split on deciding how to rate this toy. On one hand, it's powerful, safe, and easy to operate. On the other hand, the size almost makes it impossible to use comfortable without a lot of lube. I'm settling on a 3-star rating. I would have readily given 4 stars if it were a bit thinner. The users personal anatomy is going to play a large part in how well this toy performs. Read on to see what I mean under "Experience".
Hmm...I'm not quite sure what to say. I like it, I don't like. I can get off with this toy, but due to the large girth, I have to do so slowly and with lots of lubricant. The length would be good for thrusting, but the bulges made that task somewhat uncomfortable, as they kept catching on my pubic bone. The next day it felt a little sore in my canal where the bulge had caught.

As for the clitoral attachment, I was forced to use my wrist to press it down against my clit, otherwise it barely touched it.

Overall, Sugar Bumps didn't work all that great for my anatomy. Seems like a waste of silicone and power to me, since the other reviewer noted the same problem. I hope that it works for someone, because it has potential!
Follow-up commentary
After I used this a couple times for my initial review, it was disposed of immediately, mostly due to the ginormous size. I don't miss this piece of lumpy sugar one bit!
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