Oh, Vr5.5, how I love you.

This whimsical little rabbit vibrator is truly awesome. It's one of those vibrators that really should be able to work for most people (in my opinion); the flexible clitoral arm will allow it to fit multiple anatomies. It's also powerful, easy to care for, quiet, and waterproof. If you don't mind the lack of pressure that the clitoral arm offers, and the lack of patterns, this one is worth a try.
Beautiful color, Unique shape, Powerful, Quiet, Can be locked, Waterproof
Only one color option, No patterns, Clitoral arm doesn't offer a lot of pressure
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The Jopen Vanity Vr 5.5 is a fairly unique toy. It is, of course, meant to be used a dual stimulation toy, as it is a rabbit style vibrator. This means that you insert the larger end, and then allow the smaller end to stimulate your clitoris. It works great when used in this fashion, but that's not the only way to use it.

You could use this toy for clitoral stimulation, if you don't mind the extra length. Personally, I'm a clit girl; I like clitoral stimulation a lot more than G-spot stimulation. So, I regularly use this toy for only external stimulation. The powerful head of the shaft feels amazing on my clitoris, although it doesn't offer pinpoint stimulation.

You could also use this toy for anal use, regardless of your gender. I, personally, have not used this toy in that fashion, so I can't say how it feels.

Beginners or advanced users; couples or solo players; male or female... what are you waiting for? This one has something for everyone.

Material / Texture

In a word? Amazing. The material is just wonderful. It's made of body-safe silicone, which rates in at a 10 on EF's safety scale. So, the material is SUPER safe; it's hypoallergenic, latex-free, non-porous, and phthalates-free -- pretty cool, right? Not only is the material very safe, but it's also amazing to the touch. I freakin' love the feel of Jopen's silicone!

As soon as I touched the material for the first time, I felt like I was touching something luxurious (which, let's be honest, I was). It was velvety soft, and oh so smooth. Honestly, I love the feel of this material so much that I've just spent about 10 minutes caressing it, simply because it feels so nice against my fingertips. The texture is completely smooth; there are no ridges or bumps, or anything like that.

The material does have a very slight drag, but that doesn't impact how amazing it feels. The toy still glides fairly smoothly through my fingertips, and I only ever feel the need to use a very small drop of water-based lubricant. Now, along with having some drag to it, this toy does also have a seam -- which was a bit of a disappointment, considering the high price point. The seam goes right down the middle of the toy, and it can be felt with my fingertips. I cannot feel the seam while the toy is in use, though, and that's really what matters anyway.

Moving on; the silicone on this toy covers the entire toy. This means that you don't have any plastic bases to deal with, or anything like that. The silicone is a thin layer, so you won't get the "squishy" feel that some other silicone toys may provide you with. You will, however, get some flexibility in the clitoral arm, which is nice (it means that the toy will be able to better accommodate a variety of individuals). The shaft of the toy has no flex to it at all -- just keep that in mind if you prefer your internal toys to have some give to them.

Now, this IS silicone we're talking about, so yes, it's going to pick up lint like crazy! It's not quite as much of a lint magnet as some of my other silicone toys are, but you're still going to want to give this toy a quick wash before each use.

In regards to scent and taste? I do notice a very slight powdery scent when I hold this toy right up to my nose. It's not an unpleasant taste; nor is it strong. It's just there. While I did detect a scent, I haven't detected any strange tastes from this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

This vibrator really is beautiful. It's whimsical, yet not exactly discreet. It reminds me a little of a music note, but it's still obviously a vibrator. I would still say that it's travel friendly, though; it's small, and it has a travel lock.

This is a fairly small toy, so it's going to be easy enough to hide. Its total length is only about 7", so it's quite small. The insertable portion of the toy measures 4 1/2" long. This insertable shaft also measures 1 1/2" in diameter at its largest point (the head), and 1/2" its thinnest. The clitoral arm measures 3" long, and it's about 1" wide at the widest point.

Here, take a look at how this vibrator measures up to other Jopen vibes:


The insertable shaft is VERY firm; it doesn't bend at all. It has a large bulbous head, which can be a little uncomfortable to insert if I'm not really turned on. Once I'm in the mood, it's amazing.

The clitoral arm, on the other hand...
Well, as you can see, it's very flexible. In fact, that photo doesn't even show it being bent back as far as I can. I can basically bend it all the way back, but there's really no reason why you would need to bend it that far.

I have a love/hate relationship with the flexibility of the clitoral arm. On the one hand, it makes it so that this toy can easily accommodate wide range of anatomies. On the other hand... well, it makes it so that you just don't get much pressure at all from the clitoral arm.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibrator is fairly simple in how it functions.

It's rechargeable, so you don't need to worry about batteries. To charge it, you simply push the little prong into the charging port. The bit that goes into the toy kind of reminds me of a needle, really -- it's long and thin. Getting the plug into the port can be a little difficult, and you will need to use some force to get it all the way in. Don't force it TOO hard, though!

Charging the toy takes about 4 hours, and the charge seems to last a REALLY long time.

The Jopen Vr5.5 is operated by two buttons, and has two motors.

These buttons are found on the lower portion of the front of the vibrator. Basically, they're right on the "handle." The top button controls motor in the shaft of the toy, whereas the bottom button controls the motor in the clitoral arm. You can operate both functions (clit arm and shaft) at the same time, or you can operate them independently.

To turn either of the arms on, you're going to want to simply press one of the buttons. Then, to turn the power up a bit, press and hold the button again. If you don't hold the button down, the toy will simply shut off. As the amount of power increases, the button will flash with a red light; that red light will become a steady light when you get to the highest possible setting.

If you decide that you want to decrease the power a bit, you're going to need to turn the toy off and start all over again. That's right; there is no way to decrease the power without turning the toy off first. Thankfully, however, turning the toy off is a simple task; you just press the button once, and voila!

Both motors of the toy are pretty rumbly and deep. I'd rate them both as about 1 vroom and 1 bee on the lowest setting, and then at 4 vrooms and 2 bees on the highest. The vibration settings are all steady; there's no patterns to it at all.

The Jopen Vr5.5 is waterproof!
Despite the fact that this toy does (what appears to be) an open charging port (see picture below), it's completely waterproof.

Charging port
Somehow it manages to lock water out! I'm not sure how it does it, but it really is waterproof. I have fully submerged this toy multiple times, and it still works just fine.

You can lock it!
Another awesome thing about this toy is that you can lock it. If you just hold both buttons down at once for a few seconds, the toy will go into a locked mode. This means that you will be unable to use the toy without unlocking it. Unlocking it is easily done; just press and hold both buttons for a few seconds.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for this toy is an easy task. First of all, it's totally waterproof, which means that you can fully submerge this toy to clean it. Secondly, it doesn't have any little nooks or crevices that could potentially trap lube, bodily fluids, etc; it's all just smooth.

There are a few different ways you can go about cleaning this toy... You could use antibacterial soap and water, a toy cleaner, a toy wipe, or you could wipe it down with a bleach solution. I, personally, use soap and water, and I haven't had a single issue from doing this.

In regards to lubricants, I would suggest using a water-based lube with this, as some people say that silicone-based lubricant might degrade the material. I don't know if it really will, but I really don't want to find out by ruining my toy.

For storage, I suggest using the storage pouch that came along with the toy. The pouch IS huge, but it does the job of keeping the toy protected. Just keep in mind that you're probably going to have to give it a quick rinse before each use even if you do store it in a pouch, as it is a lint magnet.


This toy comes in a nice package; it's white with the vanity label on it, and then a picture of the toy on the back. The box is a fair bit bigger than the toy, so I don't really feel like it's a great choice for storage. That being said, if you have the space, it makes an awesome storage box. It should be noted that the box is not really discreet, as it does have photos of the toy on the back.

Inside of the box, there's a nice little insert which holds the toy firmly in place. This little insert helps to keep the toy safe during shipping.

You'll also find a little insert which provides basic instructions for ALL of the Jopen vibes, which is really a great advertising strategy. You'll also find the charger and a large storage pouch, of course.

Personal comments

This toy comes with a 1 year warranty right off the bat.

You DO have the option of extending that 1 year warranty to a 10 year one. To do this, you go to the Jopen website and register your product. You're going to want to do this BEFORE you throw out the packaging, because you will need to enter a number from your box.

The 10 year warranty is an okay one -- it pretty much entitles you to getting a replacement Jopen vibrator (of equal or lesser value) at %50 off, should yours stop working in a 10 year time period.


Okay, so... I almost didn't buy this toy. In fact, once upon a time (only a few months ago, in fact), I swore that I would NEVER buy a Jopen vibe. I thought that they were overpriced, and that they couldn't possibly be worth all of the hype. Then... well, then I decided to pick up a different Jopen vibe on sale (the Vanity Vr6.5), and I fell in love with it. Within a week, I had ordered this one, along with a few others, on a 40% off sale. The price was just too good to resist!

The first time I tried this toy, I was a little disappointed. I had to really play around with it to get it in just the right position, and it didn't work as easily for me as the Vr6.5 did. A few days later, I tried it again. Oh my God. I was in love. Once I knew the positioning that worked well for me, this little toy got the job done in literally a minute flat. The best part? It involved NO effort on my part.

Since that second time, I have had many orgasms with this toy. There are days that I need to be patient and enjoy playing with it for 20 minutes a time, and then there are days that it does the job almost instantly.
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  • Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Glad you gave it another go and tried it again. Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for the great review and pics! You have quite the Jopen collection. If you could recommend only one of these, would it be this one, or the 6.5?
  • Contributor: Herzer
    Thanks for the great review. Interesting design.
  • Contributor: Zombirella
    I like the 6.5 and have been thinking about getting this one. I like the picture with all of them, it helps get a better idea of each!
  • Contributor: Rossie
    I personally find the 5.5 better than the 6.5. The bulbous head of the 5.5's clitoral arm has a lot more coverage than the 6.5's. I hated the way the pointy tip of the 6.5's clitoral arm poking my clit!!!

    Thank you for the awesome review!
  • Contributor: KrissyNovacaine
    Great review!
  • Contributor: purpleflower1972
  • Contributor: Kitka
    Awesome review on this Jopen! I had considered this one for a while but figured it wouldn't work for me, thanks for sharing your review and photos with us!
  • Contributor: Living Doll
    Great review! Thanks so much for the photos!
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for the answer, SMichelle, and for your input, too, Rossie!
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    What a fabulous review! Love those pictures & your comment about the stiffness of the shaft portion & the bulbous head are some of the things that are really important for me to know. You do such a great job, thanks!
  • Contributor: Hummingbird
    Superb review, I purchased the 5.5 because I had such success with the 6.5. You detail it extremely well in your review! Great close-up and comparison photos!
  • Contributor: Purple Lover
    Very great review! I like this one too, but it took some time to warm to it. I have the 4.5 first and I love the flutter action and pressure plus the power! Once I got the positioning right with the 5.5 I love it. It's great how each vibrator is different, I think.
  • Contributor: SydneyScreams
    I have the 6.5 and have been wanting another jopen ever since. Thanks for the review...this one is definitely on my radar now!!
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    So insightful!
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    Thanks for your input
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