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Learning and exploring sexuality can be fun and thrilling, though some experience pain and discomfort along the way. This set helps to alleviate that pain and discomfort as well as give an introduction to vibrators of different sizes. If you or your partner suffer from painful intercourse, the dilator set is a worthwhile investment and well worth the time to provide comfort and ease the discomfort that intercourse or other play may induce.
Easy to use, powerful, excellent learning tool.
Uncomfortable silicone sleeve.
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Have you experienced problems with inserting toys that are a bit more girthy than slim toys? Have you experienced painful sexual intercourse with your partner? Are you looking to slowly work your way up to being able to play with larger toys? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may want to consider this beautiful dilator set. This set is perfect for beginning masturbators who have not yet experienced sex toys. It is also perfect for those who have gone without sexual intercourse for an extended period of time and are looking to warm up and work the inner vaginal muscles to relax more for insertion of large toys. The dilator set is also great for foreplay and warming up, as it vibrates as well as provides a gradual sizing system to stretch the muscles of the vagina.

The dilator set is also good for women who experience discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse. The dilator set comes with three sleeves that can be placed onto the wand itself to gradually work the vagina into handling more girth. The wand itself comes with a slim attachment built in that is perfect for beginning use and to ease the discomfort that may be felt during intercourse. Relaxing and stretching the vaginal muscles, though, takes time and this set provides a set of different sleeves to help gradually work you into more comfortable, pleasurable intercourse. Do not expect immediate results, though, as the dilator set requires regular use to be effective in working the pelvic and vaginal muscles.

This set also vibrates which if you are seeking an item that will provide pleasure that you can manipulate in regard to sizing and girth, this set may be up your alley. The vibrations are powerful enough to relax the muscles as well as provide a rather earth shattering orgasm once you reach that point of no return.
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Material / Texture

Upon removing the dilator set from the plastic bag in which it was sealed, there was no smell apparent. The silicone ribbed sleeve was virtually scentless as well. The dilator sleeves and wand are made of hard pink plastic which serves to leave the set rigid and unyielding. No matter how hard you move it around or attempt to bend it, the plastic will not bend and will hold its shape throughout continued use.

The silicone sleeve, however, does bend and also has the ability to attract lint, hair, and other bits of things that can come off of blankets, sheets, clothing, and other such items. The silicone is soft and does stick to the plastic surface of the sleeves if applied. Be warned, though, that once the silicone sleeve is slipped onto one of the plastic sleeves, it is a bit difficult to remove. It also does not fit on the smallest portion of the wand, the insertable length that is attached and non-removable.

While the hard plastic sleeves are wonderful for beginners and advanced users alike, the silicone sleeve is not. I found the bumps on the sleeve to be a bit painful along the inner walls of my vagina and caused more stress for me during masturbation and dilation than relaxation and pleasure. Even with the application of lubricant I found it difficult to not only slip into the vagina but painful to remove and even move around inside. If you are inexperienced with sex or have not had intercourse in quite some time, I would suggest leaving the sleeve aside and adding it into play once you have become more comfortable with easing the largest sleeve in and out of the vagina.

Both the plastic and the silicone are able to be sterilized, though I would suggest using a condom on the silicone sleeve if sharing this set. The silicone is not hard like most other toys and has a bit of a jelly feel to it. Just for safety measures, use a condom with it and clean it thoroughly after use.
    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The dilator set comes equipped with a wand with a built in attachment, three different sized attachments for gradual muscle strengthening, and a ribbed silicone sleeve that can be placed on the three removable attachments. The wand itself has a vibration function controlled by a dial at the base as I stated before. There are three different levels of vibration available by turning the dial slowly. The noise factor of the dilator set varies from attachment to attachment. The attachments easily slide and lock into the base above the handle of the wand. They are made to stack on top of one another as you gradually move from a smaller attachment to a larger one. If you fail to remove the smaller attachments and instead just place the larger attachment over the one built into the wand, the noise is extremely loud and not discreet by any means or stretch of the imagination. I suggest making sure to stack the attachments as you progress rather than removing a smaller one and just placing the larger one on the wand.

Now, let's talk a few measurements. These are rough estimates, so please don't be too critical. I measured to the best of my ability. I also gave the different attachments different bee ratings, though the overall factor is a 5/5.

The portion of the dilator that is attached to the wand measures at a length of about 4" and a circumference of 2.75". It is slim and easy to slide into the vagina. This is the best way to begin using the dilator as opposed to jumping right in and using the larger attachments. The vibrations can be felt the hardest and heard the most in this portion of the wand.

The smallest removable attachment measures at about 5" in length and roughly 3.25" in circumference. This attachment is a bit larger than the stationary portion of wand, but is still easily inserted into the vagina and is comfortable for use. If you have not had intercourse for a while or are working to stretch your muscles, I would suggest using this attachment as well as the stationary portion to work your muscles before moving onto the two bigger attachments. The vibrations are not as loud, due to being stacked on top of the stationary portion, though they are just as strong with this attachment.

The medium removable attachment measures at about 6" in length and roughly 3.75" in circumference. This attachment is longer and has more girth, so I would suggest being sure you are ready to move on to using this next attachment before you use it. If you feel discomfort or pain while using this attachment, switch back to the smaller attachments for a bit longer. This attachment will stretch you more, but you do not want to be completely uncomfortable while using the dilator. The vibrations while using this portion of the dilator, stacked on top of the smallest removable attachment, are not as loud and are a bit more centralized in the head of the attachment rather than the shaft.

The large removable attachment measures at about 7" in length and roughly 4.75" in circumference. This is the longest and girthiest attachment for the dilator. I found it difficult to insert myself due to the fact that I am not highly sexually active. Even with the addition of lubricant I found it highly uncomfortable to squeeze in and my muscles rebelled in a way. If you are not completely comfortable maneuvering the medium attachment or fitting it inside, I would not recommend moving on to this attachment. The vibrations in this portion of the dilator are centralized almost completely in the head and is the quietest due to being stacked on top of the three previous portions.

The silicone attachment is a bit of a pain to work with. It can be slipped on to any of the three removable attachments, though I find it to be useless and cause more pain than necessary. Also, it is hard to get on to the attachments as well as remove. You need to proceed with caution as well with placing the sleeve onto the attachments if they are coated with lubricant that is not water based. The sleeve can only be used with water based lubricant and any other kind can ruin the material. Again, I used the dilator without the sleeve and found it to be quite a bother instead of an enhancement.

For beginners and those who have not had intercourse for a while as well as those who experience pain and discomfort during intercourse, I would recommend sticking with the first two smallest attachments for the dilator set. I would work with those portions for a while, quite possibly a month, before moving on to the medium sized attachment and working more with all three attachments before graduating to the largest one. For advanced users, I would suggest this set if you want to work the vaginal muscles more or prepare your partner to be inserted with a rather large toy that he/she is not entirely loosened up or prepared for.

This toy is definitely not easy to hide and takes up quite a bit of space. It is not discreet by any stretch of the imagination, so store with caution if you are traveling, moving, or just placing in the home.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play
    • Realistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The location of the vibrations of the dilator set vary from attachment to attachment. The portion that is stationary vibrates the hardest and the vibrations can be felt through the shaft as well as to the head equally. The smallest removable attachment is similar, though the vibrations are a bit lighter due to the fact that the attachment is stacked on top of the stationary portion. The medium attachment, when stacked, has vibrations located more in the head rather than the shaft and they tend to be lighter than the smaller two portions. The large attachment, when stacked, has vibrations almost completely in the head and vibrates the lightest of them all.

As far as noise, the bee factor for the attachments are as follows:
1. Stationary - 5/5
2. Smaller Attachment - 5/5
3. Medium Attachment - 4/5
4. Large Attachment - 3/5

The controls for the vibrations are easy to use as they are controlled by a dial at the base of the wand. The vibrations are the greatest factor of this set along with the locking feature of the attachments when placed on the base. The one thing that takes away from the set is the silicone sleeve, though that does not have to be used at all with the set and can be discarded.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

The plastic that the dilator is made of is compatible with any type of lubricant, though the silicone sleeve is only compatible with water based. That is the only finicky part about using the dilator set if you intend to use the sleeve.

Both the plastic and the silicone sleeve can be cleaned with toy cleaner and warm water or antibacterial soap if you do not have toy cleaner. The set comes with a sheer purple cloth bag with a purple ribbon drawstring for storage. Simply place the dilator wand and attachments inside, along with the silicone sleeve, pull the strings to close the bag, and place in a drawer or wherever you store your toys.

This set is in no way, shape, or form hard to care for.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The dilator set comes packaged in a diamond shaped box that is rather large for the contents. There is an instructional flap velcroed to the box that provides information about the product. On one portion of the box, there is information about Dr. Laura Berman and the Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection, the producers of this product. There is a lot of information provided for this set that makes it well worth the time and money.
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


Having not had intercourse in months, I found this set to be highly useful in working my vaginal muscles and making it easier for me to use bigger toys that I own. The set has helped me work past the tightness I experience from lack of intercourse and has helped me to strengthen my muscles as well as loosen up for other toy usage. It is a great product and I am so glad that EdenFantasys sent it to me, for free, to review.
Follow-up commentary
The dilator set has aided greatly in stretching my vaginal muscles a bit for play with my bigger toys. Seeing as I'm not sexually active with a partner at this time, the set helps to keep me a bit looser and accommodating for my toys with a bit more girth. Again, if you suffer from painful sex or want to keep yourself a bit looser in those times between partners, I highly recommend this set to you.
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