Dr. Laura Berman dilator set - vibrator kit by Cal Exotics - review by Miss Anonymous

Vaginismus?...Vaginal disfunction?... Or training to become a size queen?

Dilator set is just a wonderful addition to any womens collection. Especially those who suffer from vaginal disorders. Unlike most dilator sets, these dilators vibrate. It is a nice added feature. They are not waterproof, so you have to be careful when washing them. It does come with a textured sleeve for those who want to add a little texture, but some may find the texture to be a little extreme.
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Dilators can be used for many different reasons, and they are primarily used by women for many different reasons. Vaginal dalators are best used by women in a personal, or privet setting. When I mean privet, I mean a setting where you are alone, or with the special person in your life. The vaginal dalators doesn't really stimulate anything, although they vibrate. Vaginal dilators can be used by women who suffer from vaginal disorders. It can also be used by women who really don't have vaginal problems but want to advance to larger dildos. Although it won't get you to size queen status, it will make getting there a little easier.
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    • Couples
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    • On a bed only
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Kegels

Material / Texture

The dilator set is made of plastic. The plastic does not have any type of taste, smell, or texture. The dilators are made of plastic. Plastic is non-porous and phthalate-free material with a firm, smooth textures. Plastic can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol. The dilators does not have any type of texture. The lack of texture is perfect for something like this. The lack of texture allows for easy and comfortable insertion. Most dilator sets are not made to add any extra stimulation, so this dilator set was not any different. The dilator set is perfect for anyone it does not matter if you are a beginner or someone more advanced. The dilators are hard, so when you are using it, you should use caution so that you don't mistakenly hurt youself.

The dilator set also comes with a silicone textured sleeve. The sleeve was added so that you have the option to add some texture to your dilation sessions. With the sleeve being made of silicone, it will not hold onto any extra bacteria. It is extremely odd how you get these smooth untextured dilator, and you get an added textured sleeve with extreme texture. The texture is not something that is subtle it is it bit much. The textured sleeve is not perfect for everyone, but some may enjoy it.
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    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The dilator set has an average shape. It is not something that is too extreme and non intimidating. I do wish that the smaller size came in a slight smaller size, for those who can barely insert a finger into the vaginal opening. The set is pretty easy to hide because you can stack them before storing it away. You can also get a small pouch and store them in there. You can hide it under the pillows, or your bedside table. You can also hide it in your dresser under some clothing.

The dilator set comes in a few different sizes, to suit every womens personal needs.

1. Diameter: 0.75"( 2 cm)
2. Diameter: 1.0" ( 2.5 cm)
3. Diameter: 1.25" ( 3.2 cm)
4. Diameter: 1.5" ( 3.8 cm)
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The smallest of the dilators is attached to the handle. If you want the next larger size, you just take the next larger sleeve and attach it to the base and locking it by twisting it into place. Once the next sleeve up is attached you do not have to worry about it coming off no matter how rough you are with it. If you are need to travel with it, it should be pretty easy. You do not have to worry about setting off any type of alarms or anything. The handle of the main dialtor is quite large and very sterdy.

The sleeve that comes with the dilator set fits over most of the dilators except the largest one. This can be a problem if you want to use the sleeve on the dilator. You can not even force the sleeve on it. If you even tried to force it, you risk ripping and forever ruining your sleeve. The sleeve also has (Like I've stated before) a lot of texture. The texture is a high raised bumps, and they can hurt.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

The dilator set does vibrate. I personally do not see why it would need to vibrate, but it does. I'm personally guessing that the added feature of vibrations takes away the medical aspect of dilation. It also adds a little extra pleasure. You can also use it to help you reach orgasm in the process of training your vaginal muscles. The vibrations are located throughout the whole thing. Its felt most in the middle of the dilator. The controls to change the vibrations are located in a decent place. I can see how a couple of women would have to remove the toy to change the setting because the bottom where the controls are, are too far away.

The dilator set is pretty loud. It is much louder then I personally would like it to be. As you progress to the larger sleeves, the vibrations go get much louder. The loud vibrations are because the sleeves do not hug eachother. There is actually some space inbetween, so it causes the dilators to hit eachother making the vibrations louder. On the highest setting, the vibration can be heard through a closed door. The dilator set does not have any outstanding vibration setting. It just has your average low, medium, and high settings. It's controlled by a turn dail at the bottom. It runs on two double A batteries. The dilator set is not waterproof, so you can not take it into the shower, or the bath tub.
    • Easy to use
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

To care for the dilator set you can clean it with mild soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner. When cleaning you cannot fully submerge it because it is not waterproof. If you did fully submerge it, it would bess up your battery compartment, and you will lose your vibration functions. If you do not want to take a chance with water, you can wet a cloth and just wipe down the dilators. If you are planning to use lube you can use any type of lube if you are not using the sleeve, but if you are using th sleeve, you should use water based lube. I can say cleaning can be a bit annoying when you are using a smaller size dilator. The lube and body fluids can get into the locking compartments. If you do get anything down there, you can take a Q-tip and clean it out.
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    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


The package is not too discreet. The package has pictures of the item on the front and on the back. It also has some information on the doctor he created this set of dilator. It does not scream vibrator but looking at it you can tell what it is. You can use the box as storage, but it would be better if you did not it would take up less space. When you open the box, the dilators are inside of a clear plastic bag. You can use the bag as storage.
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    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

For those of you who don't know, this is how to properly use dilators (so I was told by my doctor).
*** These photos aren't of me***

Step 1: You need to be as relaxed as possible to minimize discomfort. A common mistake is to spread your knees as wide as possible. This actually makes insertion more difficult because it tenses the muscles in the thighs and lower abdomen.

Place your feet about the width of your hips apart and bend your knees at about a 45 degree angle. Move your knees apart only enough to get your hand between them
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Step 2:lubricate the dilator you will be starting with. NEVER insert the dilator at a downward angle. Always insert at a flat or slightly upward angle, as if pointing toward the navel.
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Note for caution!!! Never insert the dilator at a downward angle to get it under the pubic bone!
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Step 3:
If you are using straight dilators, begin rotating the dilator back and forth about a quarter to a half turn in each direction while applying gentle pressure to ease the dilator into the vagina. Alternatively, you can rotate the dilator in one direction while applying pressure. The rotation will make insertion easier. Once the dilator is inserted, relax your legs by bringing your knees together and straightening them as much as you can. You may roll over on your side with your knees slightly bent if you wish.
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These are the tips I use when using any type of vaginal dilator..


I've never really used dalators before. Although, I'm supposed to, I never did. I suffer from a sexual disorder called vaginismus. It is when the pelvic floor muscles do not relax, and this allows nothing get into the vagina. Vaginismus does always prevent you from having sex, but it can also make sex extremely painful. I was not lucky enough to even have discomfort in sex, I just COULDN'T have sex. Most of the time vaginismus is mental, Which can be brought on by MANY different things. From fear of pregnancy to a history of sexual abuse.

I do have moments when I go through months and months of no sigh of vaginismus, but then it pops it's ugly little head up. This forces me to have to restart the dilation process, which is the treatment for vaginismus, along with therapy and other treatments(medication).

I have a whole set up for the dilation process. It starts off with a nice warm bath to relax my body. I also warm up the dilators. I get a hot cup of water and I place the dilators inside of the water allowing them to warm up. Nothing is more scary than cold plastic. It reminds me of the doctors office. I place the dilators in head first leaving the handle sticking out of the water. Do whatever you need to relax yourself. Turn on soft music, light some candles.

Once relaxed enough, I lay back and apply enough lube until I'm happy, and start to slowly insert the smallest dilator. It does take a few minute to get the smallest fully in, but the most important part is to be patient and relax. If you do not relax it may not work. I normally spend about two or so days on each size, sometime I can move through them quickly and sometimes it takes me a couple of weeks, but it ALWAYS worth it.

I have not yet used these with a partner. I normally use them on my own because it is less stressful. You can use them with your partner, but it depends on your own comfort level. It does not matter if your just dilating to take on bigger dildos, or just to help treat a vaginal disfunction. I did not use the vibration settings. It annoys me and makes inserting them into an already overly tight vaginal opening a million times worse. It may work for some women, but for me it is an added feature that I do not personally need.
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