The “WANDrous” Gee Whiz Attachment

With high-end quality and reliable performance, the Gee Whiz attachment for the Hitachi provides a cost-effective method to turn your Magic Wand into a 100% silicone G-spot stimulator for achieving fully relaxed orgasms.
Best quality material. Hands-free use. Well designed for stimulating clit and G-spot
A little expensive and requires a vibrator for full usefulness. Looks like a sex toy.
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extremely useful review
To my frugal mind, paying 75% of the price of a vibrator for an attachment for that vibrator just seemed like too much to spend. I read reviews and debated quite a bit before finally ordering the Gee Whiz attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand. I don’t know how many orgasms it takes to amortize the price of a toy, but the Wand and Gee Whiz combo must have paid for themselves several times over by now.

The Gee Whiz is a 100% silicone cup and dildo combination that fits the head of the Hitachi (over the original white cover) thus transmitting the Wand’s vibrations to an insertable, curved, four inch (10.16 cm.) semi-realistic dildo. The side of the cup has a firm prominent raised ridge that extends partway into the dildo section for stimulating the clit. The small (4.25 inch/10.795 cm. circumference at the widest point), smooth, and comfortably shaped dildo, while not visually realistic, does have a sensual feel reminiscent of the real thing. The silicone is soft and translucent, lined with random swirling blue threads. It’s attractive and pleasant to touch, but not discreet. It looks like a sex toy.

Ringing the cup opening is a flared lip that serves as a handle to help remove the clingy cup from the Wand head. While the outside of the toy is smooth, the inside of the cup has a slightly rougher “unpolished” texture that helps the toy adhere to the Wand. When fully on, the cup leaves exposed less than a quarter inch (half centimeter) of the white Wand head and stays firmly in place during use.

The entire cup and dildo are very soft and flexible, but I treat mine gently so as not to risk cracking or distorting it in any way, so I can’t say how sturdy it might be if you were rougher with it. In that vein, the toy is packaged in a cylindrical box that is recommended for storage to protect its shape, but I never liked keeping it there. I’m too impatient after washing (simple antibacterial soap and water) to let it dry properly, so I hesitate to close it up, still moist, in a plastic box. I keep mine in a drawer and, in over a year, it’s never been distorted or picked up dirt or lint. I keep the box for travel, though, just for the extra protection. I don’t share the Gee Whiz, but it carries a material safety rating of 10 for “impeccable hygiene.” Either sterilize according to the guidelines for silicone, or use with a condom for safer sharing or if used anally.

Like all silicone, the toy feels slightly tacky and generally cooler than room temperature. It has a slight odor and taste but you have to really be sniffing and licking to notice it, which is not really taking advantage of its best qualities. For that, warming in the hand and adding a little water-based lube (no silicone-based lubes with silicone toys, please) gets it ready for use.

It took a few tries to figure out how to fit the cup, the Wand, and my body all together. After a couple of failed attempts, I worried that I'd wasted my money. No more. There are other ways to use this toy, but here’s one method for using the Gee Whiz and Magic Wand for a fully relaxed effortless orgasm.
First, assuming the outlet for your Wand is on the right side of your bed, place the Gee Whiz cup on the Wand head with the dildo at between a 45 and 90 degree angle from the switch. For example, for me, I’d begin, holding the Wand out from my body and looking at the switch, with the dildo at 10 o’clock, already warmed (if I’m that patient) and lightly lubed with a water-based lube.

Then, comfortably lying on your right side, the dildo is inserted so that the ridge rests firmly against the clit. The Gee Whiz is so modestly sized and smooth that it can be inserted with very little physical preparation; but add fantasy, foreplay, lube, intercourse with a partner, etc., as it suits you. Once the toy is inserted, lie comfortably in a spooning position with the thighs closed around the inserted toy. It’s well-known that a relaxed body will experience greater sensation in orgasm and this is where the Gee Whiz really shines since it requires no effort once inserted and switched on. This side position allows for easy access to your backside as well. A partner can spoon or go in the backdoor. With a partner or alone, a butt plug can be added for double penetration play.

Once everything is inserted, the switch is easy to reach (for me, with the Hitachi, always low), and once the switch is activated, the Gee Whiz allows for a completely relaxed-body-no-hands-at-all-if-you-like orgasm. From this position, it’s easy to gently tweak the sensations and still stay very relaxed. You can slightly contract the thighs around the massage head, gently shifting the vibrating ridge against the clit, or you can lean the lower hand against the end of the Wand handle to slightly shift or rock the dildo head against the G-spot. The upper hand is free to caress a spooning lover or tap an anal plug.

Each body is different, but, for me, the ridge snugly fits against the clit when the dildo is fully inserted and the entire toy transmits the vibrations of the Wand quite well. I usually have to use a towel or blanket between me and the Wand, but this dampens the vibrations to a comfortable level. As far as noise, the Hitachi is noisy but this does quiet it a bit. Of course, YOU may be noisier with this combo, but we don’t have a Bee rating for that.
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  • Contributor: Alicia
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: CenterOfTheWorld
    Excellent review. . . my girlfriend and I are looking forward to trying it out now!
  • Contributor: CenterOfTheWorld
    One quick question. . . you mention it being cooler than room temperature. . . is that going to be an issue? Everything else sounds great. . . but I don't want to make my girlfriend uncomfortable. . . well. . . in a not on-purpose kind of way, anyway. . .
  • Contributor: PolyGirl
    Awww, how sweet is that? If you're using it with her, you can always warm it in your hand or put it under the covers with you while you do... something else. Silicone warms up pretty quickly. She might even insert it cool, some people enjoy that, and then it will warm to body temperature within... I'd say... 5-10 seconds.
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Nice review

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  • Contributor: 00
    I've got this attachment to my Hitachi. I've had it for about a year now and find that I don't use it as much lately as I did when I first got it, but it is still pretty good. It's a little wobbly and not too firm, but does a pretty good job.
  • Contributor: Online
    good review.
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    cool thanks
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    I love the fact that it is soft and flexible. Plus great material! Sounds like a catch! Thanks for the review
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    great review I think we will add this one to our collection
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