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Wild G reviews

44 reviews
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44 reviews

I do like the toy because when vibrating to give me an orgasm it is not stingy on material to reach the clit and the bulbous end which is inserted is big enough to make me feel good.I'm very happy with the Wild G. I tend to gravitate towards large toys, and this one is certainly large enough. Large enough to put a big grin on my face.

This toy is worth it! As my first vibrator, I have had fabulous experiences with it. I would recommend it to any friend who is interested in trying out a vibrator. The size might be intimidating, but you will love this toy as soon as you've tried it.

Overall, if this toy were still in stock, I would purchase it again. It's still my favorite, regardless of the mishap in the bath.

Overall, I like this toy. I use it many times a week. It works mostly as a solo toy, but will also work well with a partner. The different settings it has gives it enough "power" to push you over the edge. I would recommend this to any of my girlfriends at our next gathering!

Your search is over. If you have to manipulate your vibrator to hit those spots you crave try the Wild G, it is MUCH more than just a G-spot stimulator.

The Wild G is a great vibe whether it's your first rabbit style vibe or you are an experienced toy connoisseur. This is a great toy with multiple functions and multiple speeds. It should satisfy anyone's tastes.

Cal Exotics had a good idea when they thought of this toy, but the internal design is a little scary. It's great for clitoral stimulation and a good start for multiple stimulation. It's a low quality toy at a high quality price.

The Wild G is manufactured well, made of a moderately safe material, and isn't too loud. This clitoral arm is placed perfectly for me, and even if it doesn't sit perfectly for someone else, it's so flexible that it can easily be placed correctly. Size queens with like the 5 1/2" circumference of the wave designed shaft, but it may be too girthy for beginners. Overall, I think this toy is a good addition to a toy box.

It's a great basic toy to have in your arsenal. I can't really find a reason to deter anyone from buying this--it has done right by me for years.

All in all, this is our absolute favorite dual action vibrator. It is long enough, wide enough and has great power, settings and vibes. When we want to reach the climax we reach for the Wild G. It always comes through for us. It's great for couples and solo play. Our absolute favorite vibrator.

This toy shines in the department of higher quality toys because in other rabbits, the pearls get jammed a lot and these don't. There are 9 beads total to make the toy rotate. I like the ease of use from the control panel being on the handle of the toy. Clean thoroughly with warm water and an antibacterial soap before and after ease use. If you use this in many orifices with partners, Make sure to use a condom because of the material.

I would recommend this toy (as long as you're not planning to use it in the bath) and I may be ordering my second, as I haven't found a replacement I like as much as I liked this one.

The Cal Ex Wild G is a great dual stim vibrator, curved for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. It's well contructed with a bead section that you can count on not jamming up. It is made of TPE which is somewhat porous but also provides a nice cushy feel. The clit arm is quite strong and well shaped. It's not the type of toy you can just throw in your purse, but is a good fit for a first rabbit as long as you can handle the girth.

This is a great toy for couples or for personal use. It will give you the opportunity to experiment with that hard to find g-spot. Just keep in mind it is a mystery, so just keep playing with the toy and trying it in different ways and angles. You will find the spot and be very happy in the end.

It's not going anywhere, but it's not my go-to toy either. I like it in the shower or bath, where my partner doesn't have to feel intimidated by the bells and whistles. It doesn't do anything for my G spot but does produce great orgasm.

I tend not to like toys like this, but gave this one a shot and am very glad that I did. The toy is easily usable and something I would recommend buying. It is a different feeling from normal vibrators and definitely worth playing with.

This is a nice toy to look at, but it simply wasn't designed for my body. Vibrations are nice, and so are the controls, but this was not a favorite.

My wife and I would definitely choose this item again. While it does have a downside with the adjustability of the insertable g-spot stimulator and its overall size, it certainly makes up for in its variety of speeds/rotations and strength of its vibrators. This is definitely a toy we will be using on a regular basis.

I like this toy, I really do... It got the job done every time for me. But the fact that both Wild G's that I've owned have stopped working less than a year after purchase really puts a damper on the whole experience. And it really didn't help that Cal Exotics doesn't care at all about customer dissatisfaction. I don't think I'll be buying this toy again.

I find the Wild G to be worth every penny. Its got the size and power I was looking for and I don't think I will get bored with it for a very long time, if at all. It's made from high quality parts and materials and seems to be sturdy and well built.

Some toys can help bring you to an orgasm. Some toys can even bring you to an orgasm on their own. This toy launches you on an incredible journey of orgasm after orgasm that only ends when you are too tired to have any more. For me, I was looking for a substitute for my husband while I keep him locked in chastity . . . With this toy in hand, he may be locked for a VERY LONG TIME!

This powerful, waterproof, dual stimulation vibrator is great for solo play. The simple controls and price make it a great vibrator for the beginner or advanced user!

The Wild G vibrator is the favorite rabbit in our collection, and at the cheapest price. I consider this toy a 100% Best Buy for overall quality, value, effectiveness, and price.

This toy is extremely easy to use and is a great beginner vibrator, but it can also live up to the expectations of more advanced users. It has quickly become one of my favorite toys and is reliable for a quick fix when needed. It is an economical buy for the functionality it offers and is distinguished from many of the other jelly rabbits by being made from a more people-friendly material.

This is a great toy when you're a single gal. It does everything you need. It can tease, tickle, and penetrate. It's fantastic.

If you are looking for a basic rabbit vibe that will do the job without looking scary, this is the one.

I think this item is definitely worth it because it really hit all the right spots and had me orgasming in no time.

Once this gave up the ghost, I purchased a higher-end rabbit made of 100% silicone. If you've never used a dual stimulation vibrator, this will give you a great ride!

This is a fabulous first time toy. However, you may find that the vibe is too strong and you orgasm too fast at first! I've found that I need something with more g-spot stimulation nowadays, but I'm definitely keeping this toy around as my old faithful.

Does its job quickly for anyone who needs both clitoral and vaginal stimulation to orgasm. Perfect for any woman that needs an extra special something while alone or with a partner.

Ride the Wild G! This wavy purple wonder packs some high buck features into a low buck price point. This is our local tried and true, guaranteed orgasm machine. It's priceless, and irreplaceable all at once.

The Wild G is fabulous! In my opinion, this is the best gift you can give your lover, a good girl friend, or yourself. Open the door to a whole new world of orgasms you never imagined!

The Wild G is my favorite rabbit. I've used it many times and never gotten bored. It has a variety of options to please any user.

Clitoral stimulation is amazing with the Wild G! The multiple finger massagers hit all the spots and it has plenty of power with 3 different settings.

I'm a girl that is pretty hard to please when it comes to my toys, I find alot of them just dont hit the right spot or are uncomfortable to use, and I lose interest in most quite soon. The Wild G is not one of those toys. It hits all my spots (except for the G) and I love the multi-speed vibration controls. This is a toy I've used repeatedly and still have not grown bored of.

The Wild G leaves something to be desired. The beads cannot stand up to clenching and the clit stimulator produces weak vibrations. The TPR gives off a strong chemical odor.

Overall I would definitely suggest this to anyone who enjoys having the clit tickled and fulfilling the g-spots needs too.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Wild G. My approach to this vibrator was totally experimental, but I absolutely fell in love with it! The size might be intimidating, but it is totally manageable (and more importantly, pleasurable) even to a delicate lady like myself.

This Wild G is amazing because, it will stimulate your G spot, the beads will make your vagina and labia quiver, while the clit attachment will send you over the top all at the same time.

This vibe was an overall bad experience for me. The strong power of the clitoral stimulator only added to my frustration because it sucked in all other aspects.

If you are looking foe a vibrator that is easy care, easy to use, and provides surprisingly strong vibrations and wonderful curl-your-toes and arch-your-back orgasms, look no further.

The Wild G is a pleasurable vibrator which stimulates both the G-spot and clit with strong functions that are consistent regardless of whether the other function is turned on; however, a few improvements could be made.

I could not be happier with this product! Love the different options that it provides. Even though I do rotate in a few other toys, this is now my favorite.

When I was done, I was spent. My heart made my body quiver so that it made the water shake more than the vibe had. I melted into the water in the bathtub, draping my arm over the rim so as not to drown.

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