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Adult Industry Can't Resist the Famous Weiner

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Just what you wanted. 'The Wonder Weiner,' for your phone. Uh-huh.


Honestly, I think Anthony Weiner needs to be made president. Look at all the good Clinton has done the USA. Look at what Clinton is famous for. Look at all Obama has done for the USA... and the supposed rumours as to what his skin pigmentation would imply for a member.

Let us just make Anthony Weiner president here. In fact, we all know voting does nothing, and the real reason behind our foreign policies... so lets just merely elect the American Citizen with the largest member as Commander in Chief. Anthony Weiner getting the first stab at this new plunge in how to elect a President.

As honestly... what he did is not really at all that horrible. It merely is bad because he is not a normal person--but a celebrity. And celebrities do not wrong... because if they do something to suggest they are normal... well, they are not normal, they are better than you, ergo, they do not wrong.



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