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This is My JOB, People

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OMFG. This is epic!


Laughed till I got tears in my eyes. You made my day! Thanks.


You are awesome in every way.


Frank's pretty sprakly and impressive. I'd wear a confidence wig too if I were Bella.

Mrs Finn  

omfg but the hilarity that would ensue if you DID take them through airport security!! I would TOTALLY do that.... and I would take video because that kind of stuff needs to be shared with the world!!!


Oh, this is so awesome. Love it!


The one with the porn-stache is now taped to my office wall. I also cut and pasted the picture onto my desktop. If I could I would make an icon of that and use it EVERYWHERE. It is so fantastic, I can't even speak anymore.


This was truly, truly amazing!!!!!


Love it. Really inspiring, in a sort of sidewards, stilted way...


This made my day.


Um, how come you are way better than me at everything? I just shoved my 12 inch glow-in-the-darker in my bag for later and made some condom earrings instead.


This is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Ever!
I laughed my whole way through this, with my mom in the next room. It was pretty hard (høhø, see what I did there?) to explain what was causing me to hyperventilate. She just looked at me in disgust and then sighed.


I think I wet myself from laughing so hard. My staff ( get it, STAFF) already thinks I'm insane but now they are more than concerned because the words Dildo Decorations really have no place in my office. Until now.
Thank You!


I laughed so hard I cried!


Oh my dear god, this is so funny!!


to help you with your work


I think Dildo dolls should be a side job for you, imagine making them into celebrities. See you have something going for you. And whats with your hubby he wont help you with 4 dildos when you need help?!


I don't care how old this article is, I almost cried laughing



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