Humor » Satire, Dick jokes: "Your Ballsack is Not a Bother"

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Your Ballsack is Not a Bother

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Four products you might be better off without:


Contributor: Kayla

I totally would want the condom with a ruler on it. But it's a metric ruler. And that ruins it.

Contributor: buzzvibe

I checked out the PantyO webiste earlier this week. Yeah. I'm with you on that one. And all the others, come to thing of it.

Contributor: J's Alley

Umm....just wow. That whole ruler thing could seriously hurt a lot of guys' self esteem. I won't even go there with the panties.

Contributor: Jeff Schult

I'm betting the ruler isn't ... you know.


Contributor: Meggie Mouse
Meggie Mouse  

The Kegel undies are just too much!!! I mean, really.

Contributor: A Vapid Blonde
A Vapid Blonde don't like the word panty... I super duper love the word panty, especially in them. HOWEVER, add to it the word hose and I am done...dead and done. Bye.

Contributor: biddymcbidson

dude...for some reason i actually clicked on "before & after pictures" of the ballsack surgery. it comes complete with grammatical error-filled descriptions like this:

"This is a 41 year old man. He was interested in Testicular Enhancement surgery for year. But he was very willing to have the biggest size possible. After the surgery he was very pleased to know that he has readched his life time dream of having his package as large as he can."

i haven't laughed this much in weeks

Contributor: Charles Celeste Hutchins
Charles Celeste Hutchins  

The ball prosthetics are also used by female-to-male transsexuals. A small ballsack is fine, but a lack of one could be embarrassing.

Contributor: Lee Allport
Lee Allport  

Um, yeah. That PantyO underwear is not only annoying but it is way freaking expensive. If I wanted a pair for uncomfortable and expensive underwear I'd just go to Victoria's Secret.


Contributor: P'Gell

OOOO, I LOVE the word "panties." When I first started living with My Man, he called my panties "shorts" and I thought he was talking about denim SHORTS, like I wear in the summer, and it got very confusing and I had to explain to him that women don't call their panties "shorts." Only now, years later, there are "boy shorts" for women and that only confuses him more.

Contributor: Sera

The condom with a ruler on it actually sounds cool.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

Ballsack reconstruction and vagina surgery... what the fuck is with people?



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