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Honestly, I’m surprised *more* people don’t try to distance themselves from me.

The Author, with Hugh Hefner, at an undisclosed location
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Zachary Tirrell  

I like the first one. And I want it on a t-shirt. Yesterday.

Sami Keighley  

I like the fourth one and the last one. Smile They both amuse me greatly


I think it's a tie between "This column would be funnier if you were higher" and "This column is offensive to some assholes".

Actually, now that I think about it, I think they're both important. I mean, you need a stoney disclaimer as well as a pissy-disclaimer. I would use those two. That way, you can keep them at the top of the page, and it'll even it all out.

Or you could do a disclaimer a day. Wait, that's too much writing. Never mind. Hey, can we make-up more for you?
What about "Warning: this bitch says a lot of heinous shit!"

NeCole Brownewell Scott  

I like #7 with the Nightline reference.


The last one - it is perfect!

And, people HATE to be told what to do so your readership will undoubtedly increase exponentially!

And yes, you are now supreme ruler of the internets! We bow before you - please grace us with your insanity!


The "Shut up Jenny" one is best. It has the most, smallest text, just as any disclaimer should, and is therefore the least likely to be read.

Win for SexIs (no liability for Blogess comments), win for Blogess (a disclaimer nobody will read) and a win for cope (first ball gag and/or necklace).


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I like the fourth.
Then I like the second-to-last and the last one.
I can't decide which one I like best overall.


I like them all but death by stabbing is the best. Put them all on some tshirts with the blog website and let all of us sport the ones we like !

Keep it up ! /Cheers to Sexis and EdenFantasys for not trying to tone down the only blog I actually like.


I like #'s 1,4,7,& 10! They are all pretty hilarious though. Glad to here they aren't going to try and change your blog, one of the few interesting ones out there.


I need #8 for all the douchebags on my blog!!!


I'm loving all of them. Favorites are the last three though. Absolutely Fabulous! I'm so glad they didn't try to rein you in. That would have been very sad. Keep up the awesome writing! Loving every second of the insanity!


I just love this collumn i just recently found it and its hillarious ty!


Psh, They should be proud you are freaking fantastic, even if you do say some off the wall shit, which only makes you that much better!


I love the one about Fantasies being spelled wrong. LoooooooooooooL


Has to be the "Clarification" one. Haha, that made me laugh far too much! - Another fantastic article!


The fourth is my favorite, but i enjoy just about all of them.


The caution one with nightline mentioned is my favorite. And I am new to this place, but already falling in love with hilarious and clever bloggers like you. Thanks for the article and looking forward to seeing more.

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