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Top Ten Strangest Things for January

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Every month, tons of strangers send me links to things that cannot be unseen. Then I carefully curate a list of the most WTF links that you probably need to know just to be able to keep up with popular culture references. Think of it as educational.


The Banana Candle link goes to the Great Wall of Vag, which is beautiful, but still.


I was going to mention the same thing that what you want us to see more than anything else on the list isn't there!

Serena Shirley  

This is "giant chocolate penis" all over again...this MIGHT be it []




I'm seconding BBW Talks Toys: There are no banana candles.

sheri winston  

These are great! Lucky you that folks send you all this wacky stuff.
Love these ones, especially much:
3. After all, they came out of one (most did, anyway), why not wrap ‘em up in one?
4. Excellent bad primer
9. I love it but there are VULVAs not vaginas. Sorry, I know it doesn’t work with the pun but it’s a pet peeve of mine! Bugs me so much that I blogged about it. Sorry, I’m a sexual anatomy geek and I am not ashamed!


Boo number 10 isnt working. But yes, number 5 is indeed awesome and cracks me up every time I see it.


I'm kind of excited by the Soft-o-Meter. I'd like to sleep in the pouch of a cloud kangaroo.


It's not a banana candle, it's a Saturdae!



You highlighted the wrong tampon craft! Did you not see the freaking earrings??? So much worse/better/omg I am going to show everyone. What do these people smoke before coming up with this stuff?



too funny

Vailey Girl  

Love the vagina wall. So neat to see that there really is no "normal."



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