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Top Ten Strangest Stuff People Sent Me This Month

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Every month I am flooded with emails from friends and strangers with the subject line “Saw this and thought of you,” immediately followed by the most fucked-up, confusing shit you could ever possibly imagine.



"Super sonic rocket socket."



(re: #2)

Caroline Pollock  

I'm gonna have to go with "Downtown Dining and Entertainment Place." Sounds uber classy!


I'm curious of what was on #9, because the link says the listing doesn't exist.


Those vajayjay songs are pretty awesome, but they aren't a patch on my personal fave, []
Map of Tasmania, by the lovely and talented Amanda Palmer (ok, technically it is vulvar, but I like the idea of ditching that whole word and embracing the vaginal). Enjoy, and yes, you will find yourself humming it tomorrow =)


I absolutely love #3! Bust that cherry like a slutty queen!


people are annoying! Everyone calls it a vagina - it may not be technical but that's what we call it - it's a metonym. Who the hell would wear a 'vulva wedding dress'? no one. but a vagina dress.....
by the way - that upskirt pic made me laugh so hard I peed a little.


I thought the Great Wall of Vagina was actually kind of cool.



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