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Top Ten Strangest Things Sent To Me This Month

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Each month I’m flooded with people sending me links to things that make me question my sanity. Then I pass it on to you. Much like "The Ring." Except no one dies. Probably.


Regarding #10, confused as to how siamese changes to tabby in mid-labor.


Hell, I'm wearing my Cuchini now! It's all about C.A.C. Chicks Against Camel-toe. Thank you for that. I forever in debt to you...and so is my camel-toe free va-jay.

Bageria Bubasti  

I'm confused as to how #10 isn't #1 in the weirdest thing! That's just...I'm with you...NO ONE gets paid enough to figure out the why's of that!


I got totally distracted by the celebrity camel toe pics. Kelly Ripa's camel toe is going to haunt me in my sleep. OMG my eyes! MY EYES!!!

Worst thing I've ever seen. Ever.


So, how long before one of the more daring sex toy companies makes a silicone, vibrating, strap-on version of the dragonfly penis?


If you thought 8 was weird check this out: []


Thanks Jen! I just order my first Cuchini! I just hope I don't get one of the ones that was returned.

Karen Jake  

Here's a video I saw yesterday on Halloween and I immediately thought, "I bet the Bloggess has seen this, and if she hasn't, she really would get a kick out of it." It's called 'Big Bad Wolf', by Duck Sauce:


Neat. I should make some cartoons about Cuchinis !


I love camel toes!



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