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The Naked Reader Presents: The Role-Play’s The Thing

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  Love at First Bite

Take the vogue of vampirism. It’s popular to be a bloodsucker right now (actually it has been for about 30 years) and part of the reason is that the creatures’ ancient allure makes them perfect stars for a sexual fantasy.

“We all love those moments when we can feel larger than we are, more expansive, and the vampire image invites this, because it appears to be an extension of what human beings can be,” explains Dr. Katherine Ramsland, associate professor of forensic psychology and criminal justice at DeSales University, and the author several vampire books, including The Vampire Companion: The Official Guide to Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, (written with Anne Rice).

“Vampires are mysterious, sexy, dominating, transcendent, powerful,” she says, “yet seem to have knowledge about things that mere mortals cannot yet know. In a role-play, we can give ourselves up to this in total surrender and absorption; we can hunt it down and conquer it with human weapons; or we can step into the vampire’s skin and see through its eyes, creating reality in whatever way we see fit.”

“Role-playing today’s vampire enables people to express outrageous and exaggerated behavior, from sex to power to manipulation to control,” says Rosemary Ellen Guiley, paranormal investigator and author of three books on vampires, who sees vampire role playing as improving on the skills of our ancestors. “[It’s] a more direct way to experience life through the ‘skin’ of another personality. It is the ultimate escapism,” she says. “Vampires rule. They have it all. In a world where people feel increasingly oppressed from all directions, vampire role-playing can provide an adrenalin rush of freedom and excitement.”

  Your Second Life

There’s a difference, of course, between a little light game playing and setting up a more elaborate scenario with characters, costumes and motives—aside from having great sex—and even locations. Online role-playing, whether it’s adult or general audience, can be another way to get into the spirit of the thing.

“Krsna” is a Guardian of Darkrose, a time-traveling island in Second Life with an underlying vampire theme (The Kingdom of Darkrose blog will give you an idea of their fine literary sensibilities). Darkrose is not a sex “sim” (simulation), so don’t come in bringing your custom-designed demon wang and expect a warm reception. (No kidding, you can buy custom genitals in Second Life, human or otherwise, at a shop like Xcite). If you were looking for some atmosphere and role-play practice, though, a vampire narrative sim could help.

Of course there are also numerous adult fantasy areas in this user-created world that you can explore for scenes (and fun), like the popular Gorean communities full of the slave girls of Conan-type men, or the all-lesbian sim, Isle of Lesbos.

In a sim you can explore your dominant side, your furry side, your intersexed side—without doing it for real. Sims are also great, Krsna says, for people who can’t get out, who are handicapped or confined to their homes physically, but still want to explore new things sexually.

One big difference between the sim world and the real world: The Rules. Krsna used to work at a Second Life escort service for women where she played both male and female characters, and there, she says, the limits that people want respected are listed on their profiles.

“You’ll see things like ‘no mutilation’ or ‘no forced rape’ or ‘no permanent scarification’ … and those will be their limits and in an escort situation they may drop a note card on you and say “This is what I’m looking for, but I won’t do this or this, this and this.”

Krsna does understand exactly why so many are drawn to the eternal sensuality of the vampire fantasy.

“There’s something just inherently erotic about vampires, and that’s why adults are drawn to them. Some of the most erotic things we have posted are about vampire feeding, as opposed to sex, and I think it’s part of the ultimate sexual experience to be completely consumed or completely consume your partner, to become one with somebody in such a physical way.

“I think that for people who fantasize about being controlled…the ultimate control of the vampire—that they can read your mind, they can ‘glamour’ you, they can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do, they can enthrall you—those are all really desirable. Maybe S&M isn’t your thing, but you are really turned on by those ideas. Vampire role-play would be a place you could experience that.”

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