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The Last Dirty Little Secret

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The Man Who Won't Eat Pussy - Fact or Fiction?


Contributor: pennyf26


Contributor: evie.amor

Nice article I have this problem with my guy.

Contributor: Sangsara

men who wont eat suck and yes there are lots of them - generally their necks apparently hurt too much

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

unlike our jaws...

Contributor: gothicwhispers

I don't have this problem with my man (he loves it) but I think a lot of the reason many women are not more forward about it is b/c they are kind of "taught" in a way, to be ashamed/concerned/worried their vagina smells/tastes bad etc ad they don't want to risk an awkward situation.

Contributor: Amberlin09

I don't have this problem. There are times when I tell him not too (I know crazy right). But I also have no problem telling him what I want or like. I guess I am just one of the lucky ones (that or a bitch that likes things done my way).



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