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Apple-Approved App for Gay Conversion Condemned

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Exodus International's "ex-gay" for iPhone, iPad offensive to more than 127,000, so far.



Like most things in life, it's fairly simple - If you don't like the app, then don't install it!!! Likewise, if you don't like the TV show, then don't watch it! I've been on the gay rights side long before it was fashionable to be so, but I'm really getting ticked off with the "goad them into submission" grouping in things nowadays. Some people do NOT agree with homosexuality, that's thought and speech are great! Too many people are trying to squash anyone who doesn't believe as they do these days and I'm really getting sick of it - have given up on several activism ventures because of it as well.

If someone wants to put this app out, then that is their ignorance - more power to them. If someone actually wants to install it, then more power to them as well - although I can't see someone with such a Neanderthalithic attitude even being able to operate an iPhone.


Just uuugh. I mean seriously, theres no reason to create an app like that. -.-


Word on the street is this app has been pulled from the app store.

I do not see it in there myself.

Apple has a good track record of removing such apps, even if they're improperly approved in the first place.


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