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Boys' Toys; Dating’s Deadliest Dealbreakers; Scotland Yard vs. Sex Ads

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Marketers want to erase the stigma of sexual aids for men.


to short for an entire article? In all three cases there are ways to elongated and add to these paragraphs.
1 science, the colors that men see which are blue, silver and black if I remember right. Men are intuned to movement it catches their eyes, they focus on one items and block the rest that they deem unimportant.
2 wait wtf does prince have to do with anything did they really check our age group? -_- why don't you write out the common dating script first then list the akward moments.
3 how bout some info about how the advertisments are geared towards people. Here in the USA they sell toothpaste with sex, other countries have a differnt approach. Here you need to be sexy and etc. but you can't have sex toys on your facebook with out some one throwing a tantrum. Plus no nudity in the US though you can run around with band aids.
Also I am sure the scams are run a bit differntly over there. maybe a few links to news clips about raids or investigations to give the reader more info if they are intreasted.

I rarely read entire articles on here because I tend towards documentaries not self help, smut mags, gossip and life experinces. Unless it involes something I'm intreasted in like cultures, arts, crafts, animals, music, I really don't care about others emotions for I don't know them. I become intreasted in others when they share a common intreast with me. So please don't tease with short bits that could be discussed at length with more info avaible.


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