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Hot for Bozo: Giving Clown Sex a Chance

2003 Porn Clown Posse
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Clowns are people in silly costumes with squeaky noses who entertain children. Klowns are people who “entertain” adults wearing the same silly outfits.

  Froghole the Klown ...

Is the draw to klown-sex that clowns are creepy?

Froghole the Klown: I have played with people who are afraid of clowns and some who have no fear. I like the variety of playing with either. When fear is involved, it can be very powerful. It really accentuates the victim status of your partner. It’s the same rush as rape play; in many ways it relies on the same dynamics. Klowns CAN be scary, but not all klowns like scaring people or have an aura of fear about them

Evil Clowns Need Love TooWhat is klown-sex?

Everything from balloon fucking (I never knew an animal balloon would penetrate a pussy until I tried) to drawing a fly on someone’s ass for the purpose of trying to kill it all night. I love to keep a squeaky toy at my crotch level so it goes off when I dry hump. I have had hilarious and amazingly hot high-pitched dry humping sessions. I appreciate using “funny” implements to beat someone with: rubber chickens, cat toys, colorful clothespins. These are all innocent-seeming items, but I can make someone call their safe-word with any of them.

Klown sex can be anything. It is often silly. Sometimes, it’s mean and vicious. But even at its most mean, it is still pretty damn silly. Having someone in full klown perform a thorough beating cannot be completely serious, even if the klown involved is acting serious as a heart attack.

I think what throws many off is that we think clowns are for kids. Mixing childhood and sexuality is seriously taboo.

My klowns (The Porn Clown Posse) have strict rules about children. If we see a youngster, we immediately go from “klown” to “clown.” No messing with kids (or cops, but that is a slightly different story). We try not to scare kids, because it is just not right, it can really do damage.

Anything that connects childhood or innocence with sex will be disconcerting to a large section of the population. The klowns I roll with like “wrong.” They want to take your brain and give it a twist. Some adults lack the imagination to tell the difference between someone who pretends to do something and someone who wants to. There is a difference in pretending to seduce a “7-year-old” who is actually a willing and consenting adult.

Is there a Juggalo crossover?

I think I have seen a growth in the number of klowns and I assume Juggalos see klowns as possible kindred spirits. My klowns often make Juggalo jokes about inbreeding and rednecks, but confide that there might not always be much difference between them and us. But, I see a lot of difference: My klowns always have a plan. They are performance artists with pervert hearts.

How did you get into klowning?

Maybe six or seven years ago, I saw a Porn Klown called Achtung! Then I saw a performance by the Porn Clown Posse. They were playing with needles while the audience played Strip Bingo. It resonated with me. They were wrong and silly and doing whatever they could think of.

How does being a klown change your sexual self-confidence?

It is easier to go crazy behind the greasepaint. There’s a little swagger. Sometimes, really cute girls notice me while I’m in klown. I have a friend who is impressed at how much action I get … but you get what you put into it. If you pour your creativity and emotion in, it can be great. I like to klown a lot, not only because it’s fun, but the more you do something, the more you figure out. Honing the craft is it a beautiful thing.

  Boggle the Clown ...

Clown ChicksWhy klown sex?

Boggle the Clown: I have always loved it when sex was more fun, light-hearted, silly and innocent. I always loved moments during sex where my partner and I would just start laughing. Even before discovering my clown fetish, I had a fetish for laughter and silliness. Klowning was just a way to further emphasize that.

How does Boggle change sex for you?

Sexually, I feel more confident when I know the sex isn’t going to be taken so seriously. I’m very clumsy, so if I do something goofy or silly, I love being able to just laugh about it and move on. It takes away a lot of the pressure. Since I made my klown character, I’ve generally felt more free and comfortable in myself. Even when I’m not clowning, I know I have that outlet.

Does clown fear affect your fetish?

I was actually scared by clowns as a child. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of phobias turning into fetishes later in life. But now to me, clowns aren’t scary, they’re innocent, fun cartoonish characters.

Why are clowns scary?

I think it has to do with a clown being human, yet looking alien. We can’t see their “true face.” We know they’re acting, they’re unpredictable and spontaneous. This makes people uncomfortable.

I know for many pro clowns, they’re not supposed to show an inch of skin or any semblance of being just a “normal human” underneath. That may be a big part of why it is also arousing … they’re so alien and they leave us with unanswered questions .

Part of the reason that klown sex seems controversial is the connection to childhood.

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about that. I actually love clowning for innocent reasons far more than sexual. I am able to clown for children without feeling “wrong” about it, though I doubt I ever could clown professionally, because of my klown. It is a way for me to feel like a kid again, but it has nothing to do with the sexualization of children.

Tell us about the transformation process.

Putting on my face paint is a spiritual process. I don’t feel I’m wearing a mask or covering my “normal” self, rather, I’m seeing another aspect of myself surface. It becomes visual as the face paint progresses. And I feel more like my true self... colorful, whimsical, cartoonish and tacky.

So what is klown sex all about for you?

When you let your imagination go, the possibilities are endless. It can be sensual in not directly sexual ways. For me, it’s all about the foreplay. You can paint each other, use balloons for all SORTS of things and whoopee cushions have a very pleasant vibration when squeezed just right!