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Crying Turns Men Off. Seriously.

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Chemical signal in women’s tears apparently says, “Not interested.”


Contributor: DeadIzzy

I wonder about a couple of things with this study. One how old were the tears when the men smelled them Maybe they were filled with bacteria and smelled bad. hahaha. Second and I am serious about this one. How close were the women to ovulation. If you watch the science of sex on Netflix they talk about women who are closer to ovulation pretty much being sexier. Perhaps more pheromones that scream fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. would be produce and captured in the tears and there by making men more arroused. Another thought is since tears are salty, might the salt content of the tears deteriorate the pheromones in the tears? Just a thought.

Contributor: Jeff Schult

I think I could probably tell that a sobbing and distraught woman wasn't exactly up for some sex without having to smell her tears ... nice to know that I've been right all these years.