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Dear Redheads: I’ll Take Your Sperm!

Anya Garrett
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Shopping for a potential mate and a potential sperm donor involves evaluation of very different sets of information. When choosing the DNA material to pair with yours to create a child, what's really important and how does it different from choosing a potential life partner?


Contributor: Ivy Wilde

All other things being equal, I'd actually prefer sperm from a redhead. I think redheads are sexy.

Contributor: Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

Rachel - as a Militant Ginger, I'd like to thank you for your openmindedness about our ginger genes. ;-) And, just for the record, my new baby is a redhead and he's cute as a button.

Contributor: darlingdynamo

My husband and I are both gingers and amazingly sexy and will probably be having ginger babies very soon. Thanks for backing our sexy up. xoxo

Contributor: Teacookie

I'd want ginger sperm =D!! I don't want a mini me thats lame! I'm dating a ginger never thought I would but NICE!!!!! lives up to all the rumors.