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New Potential Male Birth Control is Promising

New Potential Male Birth Control is Promising
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How about an ultrasound to make your sex safer?



I think this is pretty twisted. The risk of sterilization is WAY too major here. I can take a pill. He can wear a rubber. It's not that difficult. Why one earth are we wasting money using sonic waves on mens nut sacks just so we can take less responsibility for our reproductive habits?!


Because more options are better. Not all women can use hormonal birth control methods without horrible side effects.


And sorry, but not everyone can use rubbers. Some people are actually allergic. It's still responsibility, no matter which method you choose. You'd have to go in for this treatment, and it looks like the goal is for it not to be permanent. Which means more than one trip to the clinic to have this ultrasound done. Sounds like a responsibility to me.


I'm one of those women who can't use any form of hormonal birth control, and my man has extreme difficulty with condoms (and we've tried A LOT). We take the greatest care we can with our reproductive habits with the limited methods we have. As the article very clearly states, more research will be done to ensure this BC method has limited negative effects like sterilization. This isn't "wasting money" for irresponsible people; it's valid medical research to give both men and women more options for safer sex.


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