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Polyamour: A Soulful Slant on Multiple Sexual Lovestyles

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How many of us think of ourselves as polyamorous? Some do, of course, but probably most of us think of ourselves as monogamous. Yet, how many of us can claim we've loved just one person in our lives? Likely, not many. So, are we truly monogamous or are most of us serially polyamorous?


Lynda Belle  

My husband and I are very monogamous in our love for one another. This is a brilliant article. Though I have loved before and I am his 3rd wife he is my 1st husband, we have loved each other before we met and we will love each other through all time; which makes us soul mates. Notice I say our love for one another is monogamous, that is the only definition that truly applies or you could say we have a nontraditional marriage. I think your article is spot on.
Brightest of Blessings
Lynda Belle


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