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Rate Me — Not: Why I Don’t Want to Know How Many Stars Your Ex Gave You

Anya Garrett
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These days, you don't really have to go on a first date with a total stranger. You can Google, you can hunt them down on dating review sites, you can get a glimpse into who they are before you ever get a glimpse of them at all. But is this really the best way to get to know someone, or the most accurate for that matter?


Very good points; I absolutely agree. Part of breaking up with a person involves emotionally "moving on--" not just from *them*, but sometimes from the lifestyle that you had with them, or the personality you cultivated in their presence. Whether such changes are a function of their influence, your shared environment with them or even something as mundane as their financial status, your life changes when you split, and so can many behaviors and attitudes. I've known people (including myself) who became unrecognizable versions of their previous selves when they dated a particular person (and later reverted back to themselves when they realized the extent of the monstrous transformation!) and any reports of their conduct from that now-ex should be treated worth a grain of salt, even though they may have been 100% accurate at the time.

With that said, though, some aspects of a person's personality never change (until they personally decide to do so), and stay constant through relationship after relationship. Regardless, the only "detective work" I will willingly conduct is interpersonal, through people I know and trust, and even those rumors (which *is* what they are) should again only be taken worth a grain of salt.

Great article!


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