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Define This - That Marvelous Moment Right before He Cums

Define This - That Marvelous Moment Right before He Cums
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It doesn't have a name and it doesn't last long. But there's that sudden moment where you know it's going to happen - and paying attention can make you feel great!

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I LOVE this article.

You describe that moment so well. I wonder if the Japanese have a word for it?

Thinking about it really makes me miss giving head to my best friend. I like performing oral on dildos, but this moment (among many others) is sadly missing.

Another moment I love about giving blowjobs is that moment right before your lips touch the cock for the first time. Delicious anticipation!


it's that first sip of a killer margarita!

ice swallow  

Could it fractional bliss? That fraction of a second before you feel the bliss of his orgasm.

Jul 6, 2:26 pm


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