Spotlight on Earth-Friendly Products (and a contest!)

Spotlight on Earth-Friendly Products (and a contest!)

Kayla Kayla

Did you know that Earth Day is this week on April 22nd? Did ya? Well, now you will because EdenCafe is giving away some downright amazing prizes in celebration of Earth Day! 1st place will allow you to choose your choice of a wooden dildo or vibrator! How amazing is that? I'm jealous of that winner! 2nd place is going to win an Earth Angel vibrator, and if you are lucky enough to win third place, you'll win a Solar Bullet. What amazing prizes to celebrate Earth day! Have you entered the Eden Cafe Sexy and Green Giveaway yet?

Not only are we doing an amazing contest, but did you know we have some amazing earth-friendly toys on EdenFantasys, too?

Just like our contest is featuring, we have some amazing wooden dildos sold on EF as well. Wood dildos are shined with a special shine, so don't worry about splinters! They come directly from the Earth, and they are hand-carved for your own pleasure. We have some amazing wooden dildos from Hardwood Dildos as well as Nob Essence. These sexy dildos come directly from the Earth, and they are made in small batches to minimize the impact on the planet. Some of our highest rated wooden dildos include the Smooth S Shape, Handcrafted Wooden Dildo #197, and the Turned G-Spot. We also carry some of the amazing wooden vibrators sold by Don Wands in the Treeze set. The Treeze Realistic and the Treeze Ribbed are both amazing-looking, Earth-friendly dildos.

We sell a lot of organic-ingredient lubricants as well. This items are body-safe by taking out harmful ingredients, and they are infused with organic herbal extracts and oils as well. Intimate Organics, Sensuous Beauty, and Sliquid all make body-safe, Earth-friendly lubricants. Some of the highest rated ones include Sliquid Organics Gel, Sliquid Organics Natural, and the Love Balm.

Glass dildos are earth-friendly because of their long life-span and their natural material. We have a lot of glass dildos available here on EdenFantasys including ones made from Phallix, Xhale, SSA Glass, and Don Wands. These body-safe dildos can last a lifetime as long as you take good care of them and keep them away from hard surfaces and don't drop them. Some of our highest rated glass sex toys include the Bent Graduate, the Topsy Turvy, and the Deep Water G.

Rechargeable vibrators are earth-friendly as they reduce your consumption of batteries (which is something most sex toy owners use quite a bit of!) Many rechargeable vibrators are also made from higher-quality, body-safe materials as well and are usually built to last which keeps users from needing to replace them as often. We have a ton of rechargeable vibrators made by various companies such as Bcurious, LELO, Jopen, We-Vibe, Womalia, Fun Factory, Jimmyjane, Vibratex, CalExotics, JeJoue, and many more. Some of our highest rated rechargeable vibrators includes the Jopen Vanity Vr2, We-Vibe II, and the Lelo Ina.

We have two pretty unique green vibrators on EF as well. One is the Solar Bullet. This vibrator is a remote-controlled bullet vibrator. At the tip of the bullet, there's even a little light! What makes this bullet vibrator so unique is that it is powered by the solar panel! Yes, that's right, a solar panel! The bullet even detaches for discreet charging during the daytime. It takes eight hours of charging in the sunlight (why not a windowsill?) to give you a full hour of playtime!

This toy gets good reviews as well. OpenMindedinOhio says “I do like this toy! It is a heated bullet, which is not my preference, but the vibrations are strong and consistent.” HollyWood says “This little beauty is pretty cool and definitely worth the money. Just think of all the money I'll save on batteries! I'll definitely be checking out more products like this and seeing what kinds of attachments I can find that will work with the power cell!” babyblujems gives it a good rating and even says “I have recommended this product to friends and plan to keep doing so. It's great to spice up the bedroom and it makes the solo time amazing as well.”

The other amazingly-neat and green vibrator we have is the Earth Angel. This vibrator actually uses a small hand-crank at the base of the vibrator which removes the need for batteries or recharging. It's made from recyclable plastic, and it doesn't take much effort to power this vibrator! 4 minutes of cranking will give you about a half-hour of pleasure while 8 minutes gives you about a full hour of use. Wow! I think I want to win this one!

Go enter that amazing EdenCafe contest and let me know which type of Earth-friendly products are your favorite?
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Wooden Dildos
Antipova , Kayla , Sammi , Waterfall , leela , Lummox , Dusk , Jobthingy , null , x cherri , Pixel , Toys in Love , Eucaly , Adriana Ravenlust , cherryredhead88
Wooden Vibrators
Organic Lubricants
Kayla , Lady Venus , ♥ Amanda ♥ , MaryExy , wetone123 , Shellz31
Glass Toys
Antipova , DeliciousSurprise , Kindred , sexyk515 , gone77 , padmeamidala , Kayla , Gunsmoke , Sammi , Waterfall , YoungSpunkyLove , leela , Lio , married with children , Lummox , Dusk , Jobthingy , Lady Venus , Lithaewyn , sexyintexas , PiratePrincess , Lucidity , MaryExy , wetone123 , Kdlips , null , x cherri , Pixel , M121212 , darthkitt3n , stlouisxxx , Adriana Ravenlust , cherryredhead88
Rechargeable Vibrators
Coralbell , Lily Night , Kindred , Darling Jen , Leila Eden , Kayla , Sammi , SamsDelight , Lummox , Rossie , Jobthingy , Lady Venus , ♥ Amanda ♥ , Lithaewyn , Jimbo Jones , liilii080 , PiratePrincess , Lucidity , MaryExy , wetone123 , null , Upskirt , Shellz31 , Pixel , Taylor , M121212 , darthkitt3n , stlouisxxx , Adriana Ravenlust , cherryredhead88 , Hadespark , DreamWolf
Solar Bullet
Sammi , Modern^Spank^Anthem , pinkcupcakes , wetone123 , M121212
Earth Angel
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sexyk515 sexyk515
love the glass i want the wood
gone77 gone77
I'm a total slut for glass toys. Rechargeables are cool, too. Wood is OK, but I really prefer glass.
Leila Eden Leila Eden
Rechargeable toys are the best!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I love glass! I only have one rechargeable, the Yooo, but I have plans for more. Wood is on my list, Turned G and P-spot and handle are very high on my list.
Sammi Sammi
I really love wood - the shapes and styles, especially of Nob Essence. Glass and rechargeable are great too - and I do think the solar bullet is pretty cool
SamsDelight SamsDelight
Love rechargeable. Not so sure about the wood toys but they would be worth a try. Love the look of the wood though.
leela leela
Hardwood Dildo #197 is my favorite. I even (gasp!) like it better than my NobEssence piece. It's just a perfect size and shape for me.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Another glass whore here. I love it. Wood is VERY high on my to try next list. And althought he idea of a hand cranked vibrator is an interesting, it just does not appeal to me. I dont know what it is.
Lithaewyn Lithaewyn
I don't have any wooden dildos yet, but I absolutely love glass and rechargeable vibes.
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Havent tried wood but I adore glass!
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by Jobthingy
Another glass whore here. I love it. Wood is VERY high on my to try next list. And althought he idea of a hand cranked vibrator is an interesting, it just does not appeal to me. I dont know what it is.
I love glass too. Wood is pretty comparable to it depending on the finish of the wood.
liilii080 liilii080
I would love to try a wood dildo but I don't have any yet.
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I would love to try wood. Its at the top of my list
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by PiratePrincess
I would love to try wood. Its at the top of my list
Wood is definitely an interesting material. Don't forget to enter the contest to win some!
Kdlips Kdlips
Shellz31 Shellz31
I love organic lube and rechargeable toys!
Kayla Kayla
This contest is almost over! Make sure you go enter if you want to win some neat, new toys!
Taylor Taylor
I think the earth angel is a super cool idea. I just don't think it would work for me. If it was in a different shape I think I would get it.
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
I love my glass toys.
Eucaly Eucaly
I've tried glass before and love it, but I'm very curious about wood.
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