Sexis Round-Up 10

Sexis Round-Up 10

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We’ve had another great week on Sexis and it’s time to recap and give you a chance to catch up on anything you might have missed with … The Sexis Round-up!

This week, in The Whore Journals, The Beautiful Kind has scheduled herself for not one or two sessions, as she usually does, but four adventurous sessions with Pete, Repeat, Santa Pervert & The Dentist.

Cherry Trifle delves into the fascinating and complex arena of African American erotica in Coming in Colors: The Landscape of African-American Erotica, Part 2 - From launching the niche to going mainstream, black writers are finding their market—and it’s not necessarily defined by color lines.

You know your friends are kinky, but when they show up with bruises, do you fear they are being abused? Does it seem strange, worrisome or flat out wrong to you that some people enjoy pain during sex?

Nina Hartley takes us down an interesting path this week as she discusses her personal experience with BDSM, and fills the less kinky among us in about people who like a good spanking on Tuesdays With Nina.

Sinclair Sexsmith is examining his relationship with New York and the greener pastures on the West coast. Should he move, has he out grown his relationship with New York? He ponders that and more in Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: The Grass is Always Greener in the West

More Bang For Your Buck: Censorship and Obscenity tackles not only the obscenity charges against John Stagliano and his company, Evil Angel Productions, but the overall chilling effects on the adult entertainment industry and the fear of being prosecuted for your chosen profession.

Rachel Kramer Bussel let’s us into her bedroom as she explores the ramifications of Letting Someone Into Her Bed

Vagina hair. It’s Tricky. Thankfully, we have the Bloggess to sort it all out for us…kinda.

Oh, technology. You bring us fabulous new discoveries, connect us with humans across the globe, and make sex scandals much, much juicier. What once were salacious accusations without evidence are now proven indiscretions displayed in excruciating detail, thanks to the way technology has insinuated itself into our most intimate moments. How do you keep your naughty bits out of technology’s bytes? Kal Cobalt has some strategies and examples to learn from in Plugged In: Sex Scandals Made Easy.

And finally, Sam Benjamin explores the reasons forChastity for Dudes and thinks it’s a really good idea….no really. We’re not joking. Ok… yeah, we didn’t believe it either.

And in this week’s SexFeed: Civil Activist Hugh Hefner, the Origins of Modern Sex, Deep Throat Sings Off Broadway; Hasselbeck’s Lonely Lesbian Theory, Increasing Support for Same-Sex Marriage; Apple Censors Bestseller List, First Transgendered Model in Vogue, Tom Jones Tops Eminem; Celebrities in the, News...Nude News? and Historic Gay Booty Found, Kardashian Says No to Fan’s Surgery.

Lot’s of great stuff to read and we’ve got more on the way…

A Sneak Peek Into Next Week!

– Naked Reader goodness in the form of Erotica 101.
– Elizabeth Boesky explores the idea that gay marriage may not be the only path to equality in Just Say I Don’t: Gay Marriage Story.
– Em and Lo offer up Sex Advice for Grown Ups
– Liz Langley profiles Museum of Sex curator, Sarah Forbes
– And Mandy Van Deven takes a look at Indian cinema through the homosexual looking glass in Queer Bollywood

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!
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