SexIs Round-Up 18

SexIs Round-Up 18

LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
We’ve got your weekly reading material right here all wrapped up in one place-The SexIs Round Up!


The Whore Journals: Part 19—Moby, Then The Pig-Man
The latest installment of The Beautiful Kind’s escort adventures.

Stretching the Envelope: SexIs on the Scene at Mr. International Rubber

Hot boys in rubber invade Chicago!

Tuesdays With Nina:The 50-Year-Old (Sort of) Virgin

Nina addresses the concept of virginity when a 50 yr old man asks her “does it count as sex if you pay for it?”

More Bang For Your Buck: It Gets Better

Buck relates his experience with bullying as a kid as he participates in the “It Gets Better” project.

Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Celebrating the Body Erotic

Sinclair Sexsmith reminisces about his past experiences at erotic energy retreats.

Secrets of a Sex Writer: Sleeping With Married People

Rachel Kramer Bussel tackles the ups and downs of sleeping with married people.

Porn Club December Selections Are In!

There’s a new club in town and it’s all about dirty movies! Porn Club announces it’s December selections.


Ten Ways to Tell He’s Not Into You

You think he likes you, but you’re just not sure. Maybe he’s not into you at all. The Bloggess has a few signs you can use to tell if in to you or not.

Dr. Tuppy Owens: The Sensual Patron Saint of the Disabled

Who gives a damn about the sexual needs of Americans with disabilities? From the lack of media attention, it seems nobody. But Dr. Tuppy Owens, a British global ecologist and sexual maverick, has advocated for sexual freedom and tolerance in her country since the late 1960s, following her acclaimed work in ecology in Africa and Trinidad.

God, Sex and Ecstasy

“If you are using the power of sex for egoic purposes, no matter how refined and pure your ego, sex will reinforce the consciousness you’re coming from. Every act of sex will drive you deeper into separation. Partner, solo, ritual, group, loving, healing, using: doesn’t matter what kind of sex.”

Married...With Sex Toys: He Plays, She Plays

Hey look, it’s Alan & Michelle, two of our favorite toy reviewing couple! They’ve moved over to SexIs to write a toy review column once a month and this is their first, a review of the Couture Bliss Rechargable Egg!

And don’t for get the news…oh it’s been a busy week in sex:

Protestant Royalty Comes Out; Portman May Be Raunchy; Topless Protesters in Ukraine; Eau de Pumpkin
Placebo Works for Women in Sex Study; Stay Positive; Iran’s Penis Cemetery; Tina Fey’s Remarks too Snarky for PBS
Facebook Glitch Flags Female Users for Fraud; Erotic Coffins in Germany; Situation and B-Pal Make PSA
Playboy’s TV for 2; How Women Orgasm; Beyoncé’s Heat is Pretty Hot, Actually; Porn in a Cup
First Transgendered Sorority Rush in Texas; The Irrelevance of Marriage?; Sex Robots Soon Hitting the Market

That’s it, that’s all we’ve got for this week!

Keep an eye out next week for Midori, Veronica Monet and a brand new column launch on Black Friday from Roland Hume (you may know him as contributor Red Roulette!) called the Devil’s Advocate!
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Wow, now those are some interesting topics. I hadn't ever fully comprehended what SexIs was but I'm definitely scheduling some time to read a few of those!
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