SexIs Round-Up 20

SexIs Round-Up 20

LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
SexIs Round-Up!

It’s time again to take a look at what’s been going on at SexIs Magazine this week…

HIV Cure: Premature, Overstated Optimism or Medical Miracle?—by A Modern Love Muse

Recently, the media swarmed around a story of a possible HIV patient cured in Germany. As with many stories of this kind, the devil is in the details. This cure may or may not be usable for other people. The jury is still out, but meanwhile, the media may have given millions false hope. A Modern Love Muse examines the fallout and ramifications of what happens when the media fails to provide responsible and accurate information.

Devil’s Advocate: Is Blogging Worth the Risk? Part 2—by Roland Hulme

In the early days of blogging, writers only had to “self censor” if they thought their mother or pastor might be reading their ramblings. Now, it’s all too common to find employers perusing your posts, too…and taking notes—which is why many bloggers have decided the only way to be secure expressing opinions is behind the mask of anonymity.

Worst Sex Advice Ever by The Bloggess

Never let it be said that the Bloggess isn’t an overachiever. When sent an article entitled the “Worst Sex Advice Ever,” she didn’t take it as fact, but strove to lower the bar, exceeding the article’s standard of poor advice and coming up with what might possibly be THE Worst Sex Advice Ever!

Check in this week on our awesome columnists for advice and insights galore:

Tuesdays with Nina—Nina Hartley
Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend—Sinclair Sexsmith
Shame Free Zone—Veronica Monet

And of course, the news… was sexy indeed:

“I Am Gay” Billboards Confront Issues in Upstate New York
Psychotherapist May Be Fired for Gay Conversion Therapy
Some Guys Allergic to Their Own Semen
Valentine’s Day Stuff Banned in Iran
“Twilight” Star Plans Halfway Houses for Sex Workers
Playboy Coming to iPad
Same-Sex Parenting More Prevalent in the South
Gays, Lesbians Now Allowed Visiting Rights in Hospitals
Weight Gain Due to Birth Control Debunked

Next week, keep an eye out for …

The Whore Journals Epilogue—what was The Beautiful Kind thinking? What did she learn? How has she changed?

Video Interview with April Flores and Carlos Batts who talk about Artcore, their new movie and Alt Art Porn for a new century.

Cole Riley interviews Lawrence Ross, author of Money Shot: The Wild Nights and Lonely Days Inside The Black Porn Industry.

The Appetites Project celebrates…bananas!

The Naked Reader Book Club meets Tuesday night, 7p.m. EST on the Community Forum! Interested in being a book reviewer? Email Laurel!

That’s all for this week! Stay warm and have a cozy weekend!
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