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Weight Gain Due to Birth Control Debunked

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Scientists say the Pill is not to blame.


Contributor: Cream in the Cupcake

I dont believe this. BC pills trick the body into thinking its pregnant so we store more water and fat. Ive definatley gained weight since starting on BC but depo provera cause me to gain almost 20 lbs.

Contributor: Airen Wolf

I believe the annecdotal evidence far more than what happens to a monkey's metabolism. Even though I am a firm believer that we should be listed as animals and part of our ecosphere we are NOT monkeys and the firm fact is that many, many women report that they not only gain weight on the pill but also lose their sex drive up to the point where they lose all drive to do anything. Then again the scientific community has made a multibillion dollar business out of treating women as though they don't know their ass from their elbows....if we believe them we'd have no G spot, no need for a mammogram and a simple orgasm would cure all that ails us....

Contributor: socceras

birth control

Contributor: Tiffany Rose

birth control has deffinitly made me put on more weght ... this article is bullshit



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