SexIs Round-Up 08

SexIs Round-Up 08

LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Boy is it hot outside! Best plans for the weekend are to stay in and read Sexis! We’ve made it easy to do with the Sexis Round-Up!

Monday we had The Whore Journals – TBK’s account of her life as a sex worker. This week, she reveals her experience with her first foot-job.

We also had Sam Benjamin’s insightful look at the mainstreaming of adult-film stars in
Deconstructing Sasha Grey: From XXX-treme to Mainstream.

On Tuesday, Nina Hartley tackles the concerns of a woman diagnosed with hypothyroidism and her resulting inability to achieve orgasm on Tuesdays with Nina. She has consulted sex expert, Dr. Robert Lawrence, for tips on how to cope with a thyroid that’s putting a damper on your sex life.

The next installment of the Man Project has arrived with the fascinating interview of Buck Angel. Known as “the man with a pussy,” Buck Angel has become a cultural icon. He’s a successful porn star—who’s addressed audiences at Yale University.

“Look at your partner when you’re communicating with them. When you decide to do something, pay attention, commit to it, and follow through. These are the kinds of things studying swing dancing continues to teach me.”– Sinclair Sexsmith has some newly minted wisdom and insight on life after returning from swing dance lessons.

Rachel Kramer Bussel, gives us another glimpse into the dating life of an award-winning erotica author in Secrets of a Sex Writer – A Little Bit Poly

Thursday it’s time for your Bloggess fix with her latest stab at predicting the advice from Cosmo magazine – this time she’s got a list of the Six Worst Things You Can Say to a Guy.

On a more serious, but no less entertaining note, Kal Cobalt digs into the complicated subject of Internet Censorship in Plugged In.

“One day,” she says, “I thought: I’m gonna sit over something and I’m going to see exactly how much comes out of me—because I thought it was a gallon. I thought I was bleeding to death every month. I wanted to actually see the amount…I’m just going to sit over great a canvas and make a painting out of it while I’m at it.”

That was the beginning of “The Period Piece,” a project in which (Lani) Beloso, already a painter/photographer, created 13 canvases with her own menstrual blood, representing a year’s worth of cycles. She wasn’t making a statement—she was just wanted to make the pain worth something.

And, as always, SexFeed has been feeding us the sex news and keeping us on the escapades of Roman Polanski, Playboy Magazine. Bristol Palin, Lindsay Lohan, and Pamela Anderson!

And that’s our week, people! But what’s coming up next week?

A Sneak Peek Into Next Week!

Next week, keep your eyes out for new articles from the Man Project – an interview with Grant Stoddard, The Naked Reader Book Club – on African-American Erotica, and the AIDS – the Arts and the Legacy of Activism Project – an article by Kal Cobalt on Angels In America.

Have a great weekend–stay cool!
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Sammi Sammi
I have a lot of catching up to do!
♥ Amanda ♥ ♥ Amanda ♥
Me as well. I have been so busy this last week. I am up for some reading. Thanks for the Roundup!
Kayla Kayla
Such a great week on SexIs!
Splendwhore Splendwhore
Ooh, there've been a few good articles that I missed! Thanks for posting.
Maiden Maiden
I am a new fan of Sexis. Very interesting articles. Keep up the good work!
Lady Venus Lady Venus
I could use some good reading material! thanks!
Lustful Dreams Lustful Dreams
Been offline for the past week I have a whole lot to catch up on!
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