SexIs Round-Up 09

SexIs Round-Up 09

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Hope everybody had a relaxing weekend – it’s time to catch up on Sexis and get a peek at what’s ahead for this coming week! We’ve made it easy to do with the Sexis Round-Up!

Ever wonder which cities have the sexiest culture personality? Midori, frequent traveler and sex educator, has the dish on which cities she thinks make the sexiest destinations in Midori’s Postcards from a Sex Nerd: The Sexiest Cities, Part 1.

Cherry Trifle leads us into the world of African-American erotica with the question “If we describe erotica as a vast palette, what role then does color—or more specifically race—actually play?” in part 1 of her two-part series.

Tuesdays always start with Nina and this week it’s no different – she’s talking 69, the good, the bad and how to improve upon what some consider to be the ultimate oral adventure.

Grant Stoddard is an underdog of the sex-writing world. An accidental sex-pert, his sharp pen and self-deprecating style have kept fans rooting for him since 2001, when he launched a sex column at—despite his limited sexual experiences. Tuesday, Sexis offered you the chance to get to know Grant better in his Man Project interview with Rabbit White.

Sinclair Sexsmith carries us into hump day with his geographically philosophical musings on space – he brings us along for the ride as he goes from New York City to Seattle to Juneau, Alaska.

Kal Cobalt explores the legacy of Angels In America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes in our latest instalment for the AIDS-–The Arts and The Legacy of Activism Project

If things are getting a bit too serious for you, never fear, The Bloggess has come to your rescue with an indepth look at the Pros and Cons of Most Exoctic Places to Have Sex.

Then, Tucker Cummings gets our juices flowing with her exploration of the relationship between food and sex is Eat Your Heart Out: The Sexualization of Food and Food Culture.

Yvette Safire brings us one last laugh for the week with a look at our treatment of male and female stereotypes in the world of TV situation comedy in TV, or Not TV...What’s So Funny About Idiots?

If you’ve not been keeping up with the latest news, the SexFeed has been quite busy with coverage of Mel Gibson’s melt down, the promise of Enrique Iglesias’ nude jet skying, the GOP crushing on Rachel Maddow and George Lucas’ declaration of space as a panty-free zone, the continued wait on Prop 8 and the release of Gary Gates’ Gay/Lesbian Index, the banning of gay zombies, stone-age dildos and Playboy’s new safe-for-work ventures, as well as HIV Vaccine news, China’s recent opening of access to some sex websites and sacred popcorn. You heard us right… sacred popcorn!

Lot’s of great stuff to read and we’ve got more on the way…

A Sneak Peek Into Next Week!

First, the Naked Reader Book Club discussion is back! If you have never attended, check out our last discussion, two weeks ago. We had erotica authors, community members and Alison Tyler herself in attendance for several hours of lively discussion. Don't miss our discussion this week – join us anytime on Tuesday, July 27th from 7p.m. EST to 11p.m.

We will be talking about two great titles: Can’t Help The Way That I Feel, edited by recent community interview subject Lori Brant-Woolridge. and Making the Hook-Up, edited by Cole Riley.

Also not to be missed: The Whore Journals, Part 11 – the ongoing saga of one mid-western, single mom turned escort, Part 2 in the Naked Reader Book Club series on African American Erotica by Cherry Trifle, Sam Benjamins thoughts on chastity for men and as always, the dish, the dirty and the informative goodness from Buck Angel, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sinclair Sexsmith, Kal Cobalt and laughs aplenty from the Bloggess.

It’s going to be a great week!
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